36Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I always thought that by now I'd be living in my own sustainable, alternative lifestyle community powered by giant windmills in some distant desert, surrounded by friends and artists, quasi-castaways, musicians, writers... and maybe even a bunch of old, chain-smoking card-players or drunken pool hall hustlers to help keep things real. We would hang out all hours of the day, howling and drinking and laughing, entertaining one another to pass the time. When the sun hit high noon and the sweat started to bead on people's foreheads, we'd have a mandatory siesta, hunkered down in the shade, and we'd toss horseshoes and spit tobacco, curse and drink lemonade and have just a grand old time.

I'd have two giant malamars -- beautiful, shimmering dogs, and in the morning I'd drink my coffee, toss sticks from the back porch and watch them run, their powerful legs churning out fist-sized divots in the ground, and when the sun sets they'd run off into the woods and cuddle up with a family of black bears...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ween, Radiohead, Dylan, Scott Biram

Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Vice Principals

Big Lebowski, almost famous, pulp fiction

Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, Wonder Boys, Omnivores Dilemma, Run Rabbit Run, the pump house gang, fear and loathing in las vegas
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the next meal and the next vacation.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing something i will no doubt regret on Saturday morning.
You should message me if
Ok dude... this is it. Your last chance to make a good impression. Stay loose stay loose. Coffee's for closers. Say something that will make her remember you.

Hey... Hey that's a cool haircut. Come here often? No?

fuck! you fucking moron. you sound like a total loser. Think quick dude, recover, recover. Say something clever... She might be still reading right now - ummmm.... Ok ok try this:

Hey... I couldn't help but notice you're still reading. Co-o-oool. Yeah this is a pretty tight paragraph here. All post-modern and shit. Little too self indulgent for me though. 'Course everything seems trite after you've been on stage, jamming with Geddie Lee, in front of a tens-of-thousands of adoring fans.

Nice dude. Nice.

Yeah I'm in Rush. Which guy? I'm the guitarist... Alec.... I mean Alan. Haha. Some people call me alec and some call me alan. It's a little inside joke me and the band have.

What? You gotta go? Wait wait um... Do you want to come back to my place... I'll play you a song or something. Oh you have the CD. Yeah that's cool then. ok. peace

smooth romeo. smooth
The two of us