35Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Before I say anything else I want to make it known that I would love to meet cool people to hang out with, have some good conversation with, have a drink with, jam with, listen to music, discuss music, go to concerts, something unrelated to music, or really anything at all even if there's nothing remotely romantic involved. Don't hesitate to message me even if, say, you just feel like grabbing a quick cup of coffee or drink and just want someone else to chat with and have no other intentions (dating, anything romantic, etc).

Also- If you see me on your list of "visitors" to your profile and I dont send a message for whatever reason, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not interested in you; it could be quite the opposite. I may just think (perhaps wrongly) that you wouldn't be interested for some reason.



*I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art (photography). Which I guess is almost as useless as a philosophy or religious studies degree.
*I've played guitar for 16 years and counting.
*I always stay up late.
*I'm a total music junkie.
*I'm also trying to learn how to properly mix audio.
*I have a 2tb external hard drive devoted solely to music, which is almost completely full too.
*I could sit in bed and drink coffee, and fall right asleep.
*I seem to have the amazing ability to eat as much as I want and gain almost no weight. Well, almost.
*My youtube channel-
*I can play bass and drums too.
*I know more about the band Nirvana and its music than almost anyone.
*I love collecting multitracks for different songs because I love analyzing them and hearing their isolated component parts. Also so I can learn to play a given song the correct way. I believe 99% if not all guitar sheet music available is inaccurate (even the official versions sold in stores and in magazines) and you can hear a lot of notes not present in any sheet music available for the song; perhaps because they get buried in the full mix. Smells Like Teen Spirit and the guitar solo for Crazy Train are good examples.
*I grew up in Eastern Oregon.
*I want kid(s) someday, but not for a very very very long time.
*I'm constantly amazed at how many drivers up here don't use their blinkers. Does anyone else here notice this? Everyone forgets sometimes, but I almost never see people up here using their blinkers when they take an exit (for example).
*I love old video games.. I even have a MAME cocktail machine I put together a few years ago.
*I actually understand how vinyl can sound better than a CD (in many ways, but not all) now that I have good sound system and speakers. But I think this is mostly due to the way CD's are mastered and little else, not because of the vinyl itself or anything.
*I have tons of hobbies and things I'm researching or learning all the time. A lot of people just don't seem to have any hobbies or interests other than their job and the drama going in their personal lives (for example) and I just dont understand it.
*I have a hard time thinking of what to write for this type of thing, and wonder how many things I'm forgetting to say that would be far more interesting and important to put on here than some of the irrelevant weirdness I came up with.

A few of the things I like:
*Audio/Video tech
*listening (and playing) music
*fast food
*friendly people
*lap dogs
*pretty lights and colors. I can be easily amused at times.
*just sitting around and talking
*Conan O'Brien
*the smell of greasy, deep-fried food in the air
*The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
*making art whether its drawing, taking pictures, or anything
*sitting outside for no real reason... just to relax
*putting french fries in my cheeseburgers
*neon signs
*video games
*readings newspapers/news sites/etc (I don't get people who have no interest in anything going on outside their own little personal-sphere)
*Perry Bible Fellowship comics. They're a great example of my sense of humor.
*smuggling audio/video recording devices into concerts.
*staying in a cabin in the woods/by a lake/etc.
*sleeping in
*Family Guy
*The Simpsons
*South Park

Things I don't like:
*waking up early
*people who don't say "thanks" or something along that line when you hold a door open for them
*going to a vending machine when I suddenly discover I have enough money but no $1's or change
*All the smug, self-righteous hippies/eco-warriors up here.
*not having anyone to "jam" with up here (play music with).
*remembering things I wish I would've added to these lists right after I post this
*Not hearing from you.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't know; I'd have to ask someone.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Tool, Weird Al, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, Rasputina, Ryan Star, The Pixies, Melvins, Fuel, Tantric, Sex Pistols, Bush, Thread, Van Halen, Nine Inch Nails, Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Tenacious D, Tom Petty, Seether, and many more I can't remember at the moment.

Fight Club, Superbad, SLC Punk, Over The Edge, Jackass movie(s), Hype!, Clerks, Clerks II, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, This is Spinal Tap, Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny, American Beauty, MST3k stuff, Dumb and Dumber, Go, The Stoned Age, and everything I'm forgetting at the moment.

(random) Food I like: pizza, chicken strips, cheese bread, fries, hamburgers, steak, and many other things. Not big on vegetables.
Six things I could never do without
*the internet/computers (I'll explain if that somehow sounds lonely or pathetic). I rarely play computer games these days, and have never once played warcraft).
*TV shows
*my guitars
*hmmm... I plead the 5th
I spend a lot of time thinking about
cool stuff
On a typical Friday night I am
Bored at home, or with friends. Or trying to make some.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tell my pets I love them.
You should message me if
-You want to! Would love to meet new friends from here, even if it's strictly platonic. Don't be afraid to message me even just to say hello :) I dont expect a good substantial message from people before I'll respond. Even a "Hi! how are you?" is ok; I totally understand how hard it can be to think of what to say.

-You often go to concerts alone because everyone you know either doesn't like the music or is too cheap to buy a ticket.

-You're new to the area (or even if you're not) and want to meet more people and friends besides people you work with, etc because I certainly know how hard that can be when you move somewhere and don't know hardly anyone else.
The two of us