33Prague, Czech Republic
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My self-summary
I'm an atomic communist from Mars !

...I'm more quantum than atomic, and I've been to Mars once when i was a kid.
This used to also say "I'm not a communist", but, hell, who really knows. I would support that fully automated luxury communism thing. Way things are going, the initial sentence is probably going to be true in like twenty years.

I am a truth-seeker by nature, and the fact that the world is too complicated to be fully comprehended by one mind frustrates me.
What I’m doing with my life
i consider things.

i'm generating tons of ideas and storing them in a mental folder labeled "do this in the future".

Seriously though: I work part-time in a Linux company and i do some freelance programming on the side. I get together with friends in pubs, where we play and sing songs written by other people. I listen to a lot of music in general, play the guitar, Cytus and DDR. I run a couple websites populated mostly by my friends, and try out new things on them (the websites. and the friends.) instead of fixing long-standing bugs. I write software for fun, go trailblazing from time to time, and participate in overnight games where you start at point A and have to decipher the location of points B through Z in order to get to finish before midday next day. Also, I spend a lot of time reading things that other people have written on the internet.
One day when i grow up, i will write my own things on the internet.

I'm also in a happy polyamorous relationship(s?), so i'm not straight after dating. Let's be friends first.
I’m really good at
- writing overly long, well, everything...

- arguing, nitpicking, nagging and being a smartass

- paying attention to details

- solving logic puzzles, deciphering ciphers

- explaining things clearly and understandably
(but only if you ask for an explanation.
usually. most of the time.
i'll stop if you ask me, in any case :e) )

- i have a decent singing voice and can play several instruments rather passably

- oh and obviously programming and basically anything to do with computers. i have a way with those things.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm always wearing headphones.
(well not when i'm with people, that would be impolite. and also i'm not sure whether the headphones are all that noticeable)

when talking online, it's my weird smileys that look like this ;e). the "e" in the middle doesn't mean anything, it's just for distinctive look. but i'm a special snowflake so i keep using it.
(lately i've been switching to the more generic ":)" form. it's one character shorter, after all)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Cartoons in general, be it western animation or anime.
My favourites at this point, apart from Daria mentioned above, would be Ghost in the Shell series, Last Exile, Aeon Flux (the cartoon, not the movie), Avatar: The Last Airbender and definitely Steven Universe.

I consume TV series serially, though. I loved Firefly, Leverage and that british thing ... oh yeah, Hustle, the first two series of House MD... i could spend the whole day here. I loved the Czech Pustina (Wasteland), and recently I also enjoyed Shannara Chronicles and Expanse.

In general, i'm really into sci-fi, cyberpunk and a little of the steampunk aesthetic. Afterwards comes fantasy and horror and the other genres.

Speaking of movies, I'm not really into the big classics like, I dunno, Schindler's List, Forrest Gump and such. I like weirdness like Dead Man or the recent Get Out though.
Also, obviously, more cartoons, sci-fi and silliness. Pretty much everything from Pixar, but who doesn't love that.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow deserves a special mention. Silent Hill does too, along with Men in Black 1 and Ocean's Eleven

Although I don't eat cheese. Pizza cheese is the sole exception.

for music see my profile
generally, it's some electronica (jungle and liquid funk mostly, but nothing wrong with a good house piece), some singer-songwriter and folk stuff, lots of jazz and related (nujazz, swing), with a healthy dose of the other stuff

Perry Bible Fellowship, obviously xkcd, Questionable Content, Schlock Mercenary, Gunnerkrigg Court because it is extremely awesome, Erfworld
Did i mention i like webcomics?

I also like tumblr. I think by now it's a genre, or at the very least a distinct medium.
This got me into ficlets and short-form fanfic.
I don't have a tumblr though and I don't think I ever will. It's fun to consume but its whole interface appals me.

I suppose we list video games here?
Portal series, both for story and for gameplay. I like logic games of this sort: The Witness, Talos Principle etc.
Most hours played goes to Borderlands franchise (yes all of it) and a weird little indie game called Eufloria.
I also actually enjoyed No Man's Sky.

I read a decent amount, but I'd be hard-pressed to list my favourite books. I like Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, the obvious Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. See the genres above.
I don't shy away from non-speculative fiction and classical literature, but it's not exactly my passion. I'm not into books for books' sake.

some random web page on the internets said that i should put this into my OKC profile: HPMOR
Six things I could never do without
you know it, never say never. but:
- my friends
- sunshine (i am solar-powered)
- music
- sarcasm
- something new to learn and explore
- the obvious: water, air, (earth, fire), food etc. just to get to six.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how big systems (like "global economics", "the catholic church", "political parties and voters") behave like coherent entities and how to influence that behavior
systems and emergent behaviors in general
social dynamics
and social justice
evolutionary theories
optimization problems, coordination problems and wicked problems

how to explain things to fictional characters, such as Daria or Data. how to explain things to kids. how to explain things to the ignorant. (that last one is hard.)

Also why people hold opinions they hold and what do those opinions actually look like, as opposed to what the opposing side thinks the opinion must be.

The STALE to STEAL question. Always makes me double-check when i see a different answer on someone else's profile.
Once I even wrote a program to check the answer.
(apparently, somebody made a video explanation: now i'm just wondering whether this is the only explanation)

That tattoo I'm definitely going to get one of these days.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing the same thing we do every night, Pinky. Trying to take over the world!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have trouble recognizing faces (i believe it's a mild form of face blindness). This leads to many amusing situations and stories - for instance, my friends are endlessly entertained by how i can't tell apart characters in movies. Give me two "white dudes with short dark hair, dressed a suit" and i have absolutely no idea which is which.
This also means that I won't recognize you in real life by your photo, unless you have a particularly distinct facial feature or hair style.

Not that private, huh?
Well. I'll come up with something.
You should message me if
you are familiar with the phrase "memetic hazard". Or, if you didn't know the phrase, but you immediately knew what it means and liked it :e)

or if the phrase "well that's just your opinion" frustrates you, and you secretly believe that not all opinions are created equal

or if you love Syncopated City Revisited by London Elektricity
alternately, if you think this video is awesome
or if you think this song is better than sliced bread.

or if you solved level 13 of notpron

or if you have a lot of explained answers. explained answers are sexy.
also if you want to talk about match questions and answers. and if you would love "like" buttons and comments for other people's answers.

or if you play an instrument and want to jam, or invite me to a Guitar Hero or Rock Band party. just don't ask me to play the drums. i suck at that.

or, i don't know, if there's storm outside and it's two in the morning and you're feeling lonely.
The two of us