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My self-summary
I am the youngest of three brothers and three sisters, who range from four to fourteen years older than me. My parents came to NYC after World War II, from West Virginia, myself and all my brothers and sisters all grew up in The Bronx, NY. I am the only one born and raised in the Bronx, My four older brothers and sisters were born in West Virginia. I grew up with two girls, who are four and five years older then me.

I am a much older life form who has come to your world to help the people of earth to grow, learn about the universe and get them growing in the right direction. I learned that I was not a regular person from a man by the Name of Lawrence Livermore, Lawrence Livermore was part of the Manhattan Project the project that built the first nuclear bomb he was in his late teens at that time, he learned this by elevating his level of intelligence ( his knowledge of the universe) to about level 12. Older life form meaning I have live 20 million life times, some humans on earth have live at most 50 or 60 life times in some instances a little longer. It took me about 200 years wile in my natural state which is energy, to become a part of your world. With out that planing the fetus Matthew Hye would have died at birth. I have evolved beyond matter in my natural state I am all energy. This is what the universe does to you after about 2 million lifetimes.

I am currently living in the NYC shelter System, and I have lived in the shelters since June, 2007 I formally lived at 38-08 Beach Channel Drive Farrockaway Queens, NY. For those you who are not familiar with this location, this address is about three blocks from Rockaway Beach and the Atlantic Ocean and three blocks from Beach 36th Street A train,

What I’m doing with my life



2, 3, 4 Talismans
4, 5 Virgin paper and formula for dove’s blood ink and quills
6, 7, 8 Tables for summoning sprits of the earth, throne sprits and a table for summoning
all sprits.
9, 10, 11, 12 Various general citations on summoning and controlling all sprits.
12. Incantations for binding and dismissal of all sprits.
13, 14, 15 Seals for summoning Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth
16. Individual incantations to summon and control Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.
17. Best times to summon sprits,
17. Incantations to summon Yog Sonthoth
18. About, Yog Sonthoth
18. How to hold tables, seals, incantations or other figures when summoning sprits.
19. On the nature of sprits and where they come from and what purpose do they serve.
20. What type of stores to find items you need and final note


The reason I written this booklet to help people understand a little of what is going on in the world around them, to improve there quality of life and, extend your life particularly those suffering from serious illness. The ability to cure all disease and extend life is here in this booklet. The subject matter magic I have some knowledge of having practicing magic for over the past thirteen years. Jehovah is what you call a throne sprit there are a number of throne sprits. Jehovah can be summoned and controlled just like the sprit Lucifer, in actuality they are good friends Jehovah and Lucifer.
I got into practicing magic because someone put a spell on me call the great-itch it is a powerful spell or hex where various parts of your body is made to itch very-very intensely. The focus of the spell in a male is the scrotum or balls they swell up and itch non-stop, intensely. I knew that it was magic and who was behind it what I had to figure out was how to stop them. After a lot of reading books I decided to try some dragon’s blood oil it helped and burned like hell, because the itching made me sore. From reading I learned about another oils, an oil called spell breaker oil. This oil smelled so bad at first I refused to put it on my body it smells like something dead and rotting eventually, I tried it the itching stopped right away. Then I went after, using magic, the person who was trying hurt and destroy me.
The magic of summoning sprits is far more powerful than spells like the great itch. Sprits have the ability to heal every illness and disease that a human can have. You can even change your body chemistry to where you can live for thousands and thousands of years, and never experience illness or disease again.

If you would like to read my book of shadows or (book of magic) and change your life and start to learn a little about what it mean to be human. Send me an email place in the subject line for email MAGIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE.

You can write me at,

Matthew Hye
111 Sunken Garden Loop
New York, NY 10035
Unite States


Email me,

I am currently waiting for the courts to give me my property, which is all I need to get out of the shelter system. The NY State Courts has had the ability to give me my property since late June 2011, why the courts has not given me my property is related to me being rewarded 396. BILLION DOLLARS by The NY State Courts at the rate of 30,000,000 per day, This is because the city of NY has failed to help me get out of the shelter system, and the city of NY is responsible for me being in the shelter system, so the courts awarded me thirty million a day for the past four years.

I am married to Brandy Norwood and we are both looking forward to starting a family, Brandy said I (we) can have at least three children. I meet Bandy Norwood thew our involvment with BLACK NATIONALISM and thew Issac Hayes who was once the leadership of BLACK NATIONALISM.
I’m really good at
Understanding a persons (people) true motives.
Staying three steps ahead of my enemies.

Knowing who to make friends with and who to stay away from.

I am really good at changing civilizations and get them going in the right directions, which I have been doing for a very very long time.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am really tall and big, from the tip of my center finger to the end of my hand is 9 1/4 inches long, and one inch thick, that type of big, and I have been loosing my hair very slowly since my late 20's
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Empire Earth Series by Issac Asimov
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
Nineteen Stars a Study in Military Character and Leadership by Edgar F, Puryear Jr. I have read about 200 books in my lifetime and I have a medium to large collection of books, novels and text books.

I do not have a favorite movie, but I have 300 to 400 movies in my collection. My favorite type of movies are science fiction, action adventure and horror.

Star Trek and Star Gate SG-1

I love r&b, soul, pop and jazz
I really love Brandy music, this is my favorite song is
(Have you ever)
Brandy Favorite is (Angle in disguise)

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and a good bottled water.
Six things I could never do without
The Love of my family and the love of Brandy Norwood
Some Solitude
Being Honest
Being myself
Problem solving
A good Challenge
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I worrying about how my complicated life has affected the lives of all my family, and how my life has affected the lives of those around me. I spend a lot of time thinking about how human civilization does not have the ability to deal with it's social problems, I have learned this while living in the NYC shelter system. The social problems for the people earth are only going to get worse.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having dinner and getting ready for bed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Living in the NYC shelter system has taught me a great deal about human behavior and mental illness, which is a very important experience for me.
I do not need the 396. billion dollars the courts has awarded me.
You should message me if
want to ask questions
want to talk about life, religion or me, or just talk
Want a penpal
hate me
angry at me
want to kill me ( I am used to this one)

are a gold-digger
looking to date me
want to have sex with me
You are on OkCupid because you are after some money
want to ask stupid questions ( I will deal with this one)
The two of us