38South River, United States
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My self-summary
I'll keep this simple, and let curiosity spin its evil web. Mwuahaha!!! I'm 38 and a single parent. He just turned 14.
I believe...
- in fate, it all happens for a reason, however, I've no clue what that reason is, yet.
- that Karma does exist. Bad people get their comeuppance...eventually.
- that when I put my Ipod on shuffle, that It's my life's soundtrack playing in the background.
- that stressing out won't make the problem go away.
- the children are our future. :P
- in the power of laughter.
- that for everything that happens in life, there's a movie quote or song lyric that perfectly describes it.
- that there's a match out there for everyone.
What I’m doing with my life
This is the part where I get to explain what I do for a living. Yay!!!
If I explain it here, (hopefully you'll have read this. :P) since whenever I'm asked that question... there's usually an uncomfortable silence that lingers in the air after I explain what I do. Kind of like the John Travolta and Uma Thurman scene in Pulp Fiction, the one where they are eating dinner at the 50s restaurant and talking about silence?

I'm a system specialist in the building automation industry. In a nutshell... we control buildings with computers. We find ways to conserve energy which helps save money and the environment. Everything from electric,security, and temperature, you name it and we control it. Now that you kinda have an idea as to what I do, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Ahh... so this a-hole is the reason why I need a space heater in the middle of July!!!" :P

I bring a laptop onto a construction site. It's a mixture of brain and brawn...mental and physical work. The best of both worlds!

I find myself learning and at the same time teaching on a daily basis. No two days are ever alike. It's the challenging days that are the most intense and yet, most fun as well. I must admit that I love what I do.
I’m really good at
smiling... oh, and blowing a kick-ass bubble!
The first things people usually notice about me
"I know you must get this a have such beautiful eyes." Yes, I do have green eyes. (nope, unfortunately, they're not the coveted Big Trouble In Little China green eyes.) Whenever someone has mentioned it, or any other compliment... I say thank you. My father constantly reminded me while I was growing up to accept any compliment humbly & graciously no matter how many times it's been said to you. That's not entirely true... I smile a " Really? Aww-gee-shucks, mam"-like smile. You know that one right? The smile that makes it look like you have no eyes or that you're high as hell? Then I say graciously & humbly as I can.

On a side note... Don't be afraid to pay compliments to people, even strangers. If there's something you notice and like about a person, whether it's a reference on t-shirt or their smile... mention it to them. For starters, it's a great ice-breaker. More importantly, you get the chance to make someone feel all "warm, melty & giddy" on the inside, which indirectly & directly contributes to saving the world & humanity by spreading those good vibes & positive energy. :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've thought about this question a lot and I finally came up with an answer...

I can't play favorites... it would be unfair to the others. :P
Six things I could never do without
A sense of humor

Hair ties

The drop of a bassline. Whether it be funky, kicking, sick, phat, epic, foot tapping, butt moving, body grooving, earth shaking...

A clue

Cologne or some other nice smelling type of product associated with smelling nice...

Dancing to the beat of life...or grooving to the beat of life...or dancing to the beat of the drum...or just plain dancing in general...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How all roads lead to the dancefloor.
On a typical Friday night I am
Something music related, no doubt. I go out to listen to new and favorite artists perform. Or... it could be going to support friends and their musical ventures. Or...on occasion, it's me that's performing. Either way, there will be lots of dancing, funky beats, good vibes, meeting up with friends, and getting bromanced by complete strangers. It's weird, but I kinda understand why. When I'm out, I enjoy my surroundings and the experience regardless of how good or bad it actually is. I don't go out to get fucked up, as I can get my soulful white boy groove on the dancefloor without having to drink. When you don't need liquid courage to get your cha cha slide on, it's quite zen-ish. If you're the type that has to drink in order to dance... It's all good, been there myself. If you're worried about what others think...don't. If 1 out of 10 people are cracking on you and your moves, there's 7 others seeing you have a blast and feed off of that. (That's only 8, yes, I know... You really don't want to know what the other two are thinking. It's for the best if we leave them be. Hehe) I don't go out looking to chase tail. Who needs to do that when there's okcupid,right?!!? I AM SOOO JOKING around right now, (By now, I wonder if you've started to wonder that this boy might have a sense of humor. I'm not saying I'm a comedian, not even close. I think my funny to not funny ratio is approx. 1 out of 7 or was it 2 out of 33? My specialty is quick witted pg-13 one liners that are often corny and pun of a kind. that I think about it, I would totally bromance the shit outta me. (I can't believe I have to add this, but... If you're thinking about messaging me to pimp me out to your buddy cause you think he needs new friends, don't. It never ends well. Someone always winds up getting hurt. :-P)

Thank goodness, this question is about Friday night, and a typical one at that. Could you imagine?? :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You'll have to ask me to find out that one...
The two of us