42 Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
Have always believed that you only achieve in life what you truly want and that the things you pursue are evidence of what those desires really are.

Am quite the driven individual, but don't measure success by means of titles or material things, but rather by constant personal growth. Prefer to learn something new everyday, to stretch myself in my relationships, to contribute, to motivate others, and in general to make some kind of a difference. I'm opinionated and not afraid to speak my mind, but I always remain open to having it changed. Am an avid participant and observer of life and tend to have a wicked, if not wry sense of humor. Have traveled extensively and would like to meet people who have experienced similar wider horizons. Like to consider myself as fairly balanced - if not, am constantly striving for it.

All that being said, am quite low-maintenance and seek that rare combination of beauty and intellect. At this point in life, the latter more important than the former, having grown to appreciate mental stimulation over appearance.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained - so, drop me a line and we may see where things might lead...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sooo many, and such little space - suffice to say, that I have a multitude of varying interests and tastes... In general terms, prefer things that are well written, thought out, intriguing, and pleasing to the senses...
The six things I could never do without
Hmmm - never been one to adhere to, nor accept limitations, but I'll do my best to condense...
My children
Toothbrush & Soap (desert island would be murder..!)
Sketchbook & Pencil
You should message me if are active, engaged, mindful, intellectually curious and dynamic, fit, and ready for the adventure of a lifetime..!