36 Los Altos, United States
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My self-summary
I am profoundly happy with where I am in life, and deeply content with who I am as a person. There is not more that I could ever hope for, besides a partner to walk/dance with for a few steps or the rest of this path we call life.

I have been a seriously competitive athlete my whole life. One could probably break down my life into periods defined by the sport I was training in. I am used to spending 4-9 hours a day training. My body, and work schedule, can't handle that kind of routine anymore and I train 2-4 days a week.
I have had more jobs than you would believe.
1st job - horse poop scooper and dead cow remover (6 years old). I have also been a Special Ed teacher, Diving coach, Swim coach, Rock climbing gym owner/manager/coach. I have worked in transplants removing hearts and eyes and stuffs to save lives. I was a medic, a massage therapist, a business management consultant, a neuroscience researcher, and I even once wiggled my butt in skimpy clothes for a few dollar bills and a whole lot of laughs, but it was just the once, and it was for charity.

A true child of Silicon Valley, I have always been an entrepreneur and started a number of moderately successful businesses. The first was when I was 7 (around $600 a month as a kid is pretty good) . The funny thing is that I am not very financially driven; there is not much I want that money can buy. I could live in Hillsborough, but I would want a 600 square foot ultra-green passive house that had no central heating, but did have lots of skylights. The best times of my life are spent sleeping in the dirt or in my car (I hate setting up tents) and climbing all day. Nothing that I do costs that much money.

I am a non-traditionalist that places significant value in education, but less in degrees. I tend to do well with very educated types: MDs, JDs, PhDs, but I do not discriminate. I personally did not go University until I was 26.

My politics are hard to define. I used to be rabidly libertarian. I believed that the government screwed up everything they touched, and I believed nobody had the right to tell anyone else what to do, what to eat, or who to love. I have learned that fiscal conservatism and spending on social services are not mutually exclusive. Certain prevention programs and support systems make the government money long term. Let's look at the broken mental health system; people that receive proper support and medication for their mental illnesses are perfectly capable of being safe contributing members of society. In fact more than 40% of the Stanford Medical School class is receiving psychiatric services. That is far above the norm. OK OK offtrack but. Schizophrenia is not a life sentence to raving off in a corner and living on the street. Schizophrenia is perfectly treatable and I have no doubt you have worked with a few that had it and were managing it well without you ever knowing. If these people receive proper medication and support they can be productive members of society. Leaving compassion out of it (not that we should) with access to treatment they can and generate tax revenues for the state rather than possibly living homeless because they can't get their meds. California is financially vibrant, to great degree, because of the historic power of the UCs generating high skilled workers and inventors of technology. All of these services are worth investing in, not only because they are the most humane things to do, but also because they make financial sense.

I am an all inclusivist; I have no idea what that means, I just made it up. I believe in neurodiversity, physical diversity, gender diversity and social diversity. I grey up in in the polyglot city of San Jose hearing Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese, Punjabi and Hindi spoken regularly.

I try to live up to the ideals of the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world," and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I am a dreamer that keeps both feet firmly planted on the ground (that is unless I am flinging myself through the air climbing on rocks). I work tirelessly hard at whatever I do because I firmly believe it will make the world a better place. I feel that the world put me through fire that strengthened and educated me. I feel blessed and that it is my obligation to use my skills and experience to give back some of what the world has given me.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a reasonably successful start-up supporting students who don't learn the same way everyone else does. Essentially, we study the brains of our clients and determine how they process information most efficiently then help them figure out their way to learn. I have big dreams of where this will go and we are going there almost faster than I can really keep up with. long ago I passed my financial need mark and have set a salary cap for myself. Everything past that goes back into the company. I work insane hours, not because I want any more money, but because I want to grow this puppy into an empire that reforms our broken system of education. I have perfect flexibility with my time, but choose to spend it at work most of the time. If we meet up and have fun, though, I will have no problem giving you enough attention.
I’m really good at
Flinging my body through the air with strength and skill.
Learning languages
Creating believable etymologies
Martial arts
Springboard and platform diving
Convincing people to face their self-deception
Making money
Being bluntly honest without hurting anyone's feelings
Sex (c'mon a little healthy confidence is good for everyone)
The first things people usually notice about me
My utter hairlessness.
I am tall (which is not actually true but I get it all the time)
I am very vocal when I climb
How cute and utterly unmanly my dog is
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My heart and soul are already owned by an old dead black woman. Nina Simone speaks to and for me in a way that nobody else every has, except for possibly Pablo Neruda, and Herman Hesse.

I started off as a sci-fi/fantasy reader as a kid with Tolkien, branched out into classical philosophy in early high school, and now read anything under the sun. I love classic literature in the original language (thank God for Google Translate, it used to take so long with a dictionary). I don't know why I am proud that I read all the Song if Ice and Fire books before a Game of Thrones (series) came out but I am mildly so. I am currently working my way through голоса book 1, a 1st year Russian textbook.

I have very very very eclectic tastes in music, I like scratchy male voices (Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits), husky female voices (Nina Simone, Diana Krall), soft sensual sexy voices like anyone singing in Brazilian Portuguese. I fell in love with Argentine Tango recently and particularly dig Nuevo Tango. I grew up drinking from the angry nipple of grunge and classic speed metal, but those two rarely come out anymore. Trip hop and salsa make my small butt wiggle back and forth incredibly out of time to the music.
The six things I could never do without
My dog (I trained her as a therapy dog to work with my students)
A passionate commitment to a goal that I believe in with my whole heart
Past experiences that made me who I am today
Time to meditate and be grateful
Forgiveness - I believe resentment is a cancer that will destroy joy, peace and love (man I am really starting to sound like a hippie)
Energetic movement - I am not a fan of dull repetitive movements. I want to use all of my proprioceptors in the sports of I do.
Hot water - I go a bit nuts without the chance to submerge myself in water. Freud would think it would have something to do with a yearning to be back in the womb. I think it is just that I like to be warm and relaxed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Entropy and black holes
quantum entanglement theory
A better way to teach _______
The list of places I still need to travel: Argentina, Peru, Vietnam, Egypt, Dubais, Croatia, Turkey, South Africa
On a typical Friday night I am
Working or climbing or writing horribly cheesy poetry
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My nickname in highschool was Goat.
I guess the fact that I wear a cowboy hat when hiking or in the desert
You should message me if
You are as comfortable with yourself
You have energy and a zest for life in all its forms
You would like to do yoga, or cook, or climb, or sculpt, or listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, or Says You, or arm wrestle, or kayak surf