32Gastonia, United States
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My self-summary
First and foremost, I refuse to "hook up" with someone I meet on a dating website... Or ANY website for that matter... Actually, any guy I just met, from anywhere... I’m old fashioned I guess... I won’t settle for less than what I deserve. I value my self worth and will not jump in bed with just anyone. All anyone seems to want to do anymore is hook up... No thanks, not this girl! If that’s what you’re after, I wish you luck, but please move on! :)

Physically, I’m a bigger girl, I’m curvy, thick through the middle, (whatever the proper term is,) but aesthetically pleasing and improving my health and body everyday... I’m far from a size 2, but I carry my weight well. If you want a tiny, super model skinny girl, that’s fine... I totally get it, and since you’re shallow, we probably wouldn’t have gotten along anyway. Again, good luck, and move on!

So far, so good? Great! Let’s continue... I have a pretty awesome personality, I think I do anyway... I tend to ramble slightly, and be very honest, I’m smart and funny, I’m kind and caring, I’m non- judgmental and I expect all that in return. I’m a true southern girl, I’m outgoing, well mannered, & Mama’s love me. I’m the kind of girl who just gets along better with guys, always have, always will... But I’m totally and completely loyal, so I can’t deal with insecurities... I’m a "guy’s girl," I like sports, (any kind of baseball, college basketball mostly, & some football) and doing "guy stuff," but know where to draw the line and give space. I can be your best friend and partner in crime... Just please don’t piss me off, ’cause all this sugar and spice will turn into gun powder and lead in 2.7 seconds flat :) lol...

I love my family, my friends, and sweet iced tea... Pretty much anything outdoors, I’m game for EXCEPT hunting, I just can’t bring myself to kill another living being... That being said, I do like target shootin’, with rifles and bows... I like to make things and use my creativity and imagination... Not like an artist, just an all around creative and crafty person.

About 80 percent of the time, I’m about 15 minutes late, the other 20 percent, I’m insanely early... Just can’t seem to find that happy median of being "on-time" for much of anything, unless it’s something important. So you can’t say I didn’t give you a head’s up, you want me to be somewhere at 6, tell me 5:30 and I should be good :) It’s also come to my attention over the past couple years, I’m kind of a control freak, but I’m aware of it now and have mellowed out a good bit. I try to pick and choose where I assert that side. Also... I love watching those really gross videos on YouTube of people popping zits and cysts and blackheads, anything along those lines really... I know, right? What can I say? I’m just fascinated by them...

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re and uses them all incorrectly in things like facebook posts or emails. Same goes for your and you’re... to, too and two... want and won’t... Yes, I could go on... I love the English language and wish people wouldn’t butcher it the way they do! I love getting dressed up and spending an hour on my hair & make-up, but you’ll usually find me in a t- shirt & jeans with my hair pulled back. I absolutely believe laughter is therapeutic, I love to laugh, whether it be at myself, at someone else, with someone else, or by myself. I will on occasion, eat my dessert first...

Truth is, I know that I’m ready to settle down. I don’t mean I want to marry the first guy that comes along, or even that I want to get married anytime soon, but I’m ready to move in that direction. I’m entirely too old for games and I’m tired of the failed relationships... Physically, I'm not too particular, good hygiene and manners you would think would be a given, but I do feel compelled to include it as a requirement, call me crazy... Preferably someone over 5' 10"/5' 11", in case I'd need to wear heels at some point... The taller, the better... A nice smile, kind heart, similar interests and a sense of humor are always welcome! I need someone understanding and open-minded. If you've made it this far, good for you for being thorough! Prove to me good men are still out there! :) Please?!
I’m really good at
Using my hands and creativity :) I'm also a really good listener... People tend to ask for my advice a lot
The first things people usually notice about me
Hmmm, my smile or eyes I guess... Maybe those are just typical guy compliments though... I personally think I look like a frigid bitch at first glance, but I'm working on that...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Say what you will... the Harry Potter series is phenomenal! I envy her imagination. Most any kind of movies... Not a huge fan of scary movies... Action and suspense movies give me anxiety, but I love 'em. I keep the TV on mostly just for the background noise, but there are a few shows I really enjoy. I love music - I won’t waste your time specifying which kinds... Just believe me when I say I listen to it ALL... Any and all kinds of food, I'll try anything...
Six things I could never do without
I don't really know that there is anything that I truly couldn't do without... Oxygen, Food, Water, Sunlight, Sleep, Skin...
On a typical Friday night I am
Out to dinner or to a bar for drinks... Not really into the whole club/dancing thing anymore... Or I'm completely content sittin' home with a good book or movie... It really depends on my mood.
You should message me if
Well, if you've spent all this time reading my profile, you might as well say 'Hello' :)
The two of us