42Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
I'm 33 and a software engineer. Did college in the very cold and snow filled finger lakes region. Despite not seeing the sun from Oct to may, I liked it. It was quite lovely in the summer!

I'm a pretty active person--Ihike,dive, ski, climb, run, kick, basically I'll try any activity! I'm also a good cook--no light fat free diet foods for me! I do like to cook spicy but can cook up a good ole fashioned southern dinner as well.

I'm straight forward. If I think you look like a total whanker in something I'll let you know however I wouldn't make you change it. I respect other's opinions.... but I would tease you mercilessly about it ;-) and you'd be welcome to do the same. I'm an equal opportunity mocker!

My favorite vacation almost always involves some strenuous hiking. On the couch potato side, Sundays in the winter I'm all about Football.

Hmm I guess I should say more. I'm definitely not the quiet and shy type. I have no problem talking to complete strangers. I'm very outgoing and have a good sense of humor.Even when I'm feeling lousy I keep my sense of humor. Freezing, starving, exhausted, hell even being chased by cows-ok I was freaked but was able to laugh about it! My cheer can keep you smiling even after doing 30 pushups! Quick clarification on that--my humor is not the "sunshine oh golly gee whiz you can do it, when life gives you lemons make lemonade" but more the sarcastic "hmmm I'm about to be run over by a herd of cows, holy crap I bet they can smell that yummy hamburger I ate for lunch! They're out for blood!"

I can be a bit nerdy. We have a Beta fish, I named it Hans. If you get that pun you really should get in touch.

I'm looking for a good natured fellow, someone who loves the outdoors, who doesn't mind getting muddy or freezing their butt off!

I am active, gregarious, and quirky
What I’m doing with my life
The usual--working to make a living so I can spend it traveling to cool places. Going to Malaysia and Czech Republic next! I'm trying to hike all the 50 highest points of the 50 states. Got 12 so far! I spend lots of time with friends whether we go out or someone throws a party. This is where my cooking skills come in handy!
I’m really good at
I can't say I'm really good at any particular thing. I'm one of those people who can try anything and be decent in it but I'll never win a nobel prize or go to the olympics or such! Things I'm pretty good at would be cooking and kicking things off your head. I love to have big dinner parties and cook creative new food many times not using a recipe. I'm also good at going on crazy hikes. So far the Sierras are my favorite place to hike despite my Boston locale. Although I've got to say the Swiss Alps were pretty awsome as well!
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes. It's the irish in me! My smile. Life is good, can't help it. Even when I'm down, it still comes out. My sweet and sadistic nature. heheheh...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pretty open on this one. I like to read a fair amount of non fiction but like the occasional sci-fi. I like biographies. Just finished one on Oppenheimer.Currently reading about how stagnation of theoretical physics right now. Go LHC!

Moviewise off the top of my head Serenity, Batman Begins, Major League, Talladaga Nights, BraveHeart, Aliens, The English Patient, Full Metal Jacket, Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, Master and Commander, Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon, A Beautiful Mind, Touching the Void--may that never happen to me!, South Park.. really I can see anything.

Music pretty standard really, U2, Led Zepplin, Midnight Oil, Depeche Mode, NIN, They Might be Giants but am always willing to hear new bands usually via friends introducing me to their stuff. Also really enjoy classical especially piano and cello. There are some really wonderful movie sound tracks out there!

Food--Anything but fast food. I cook and I mean that. I can make any flavor of mini cheesecake. I really love to cook! Some day I might even write down the things I cook. Only the good ones though!
Six things I could never do without
Taekwondo--Gives me strength and balance. Feynman Lectures-- Comfort food for physicists! Flowers--I love the beauty of nature Coffee--Elixir of life for engineers Flash Light--Never hike with out it Athletic tape--Also never hike with out it. Not as strong as duct tape but more malleable. Holds tent poles together as well as holds bones together!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about creating new food dishes or where I'm hiking next. I also marvel at the human brain. The amount of calculations we do without even thinking of it to navigate thru life. Amazing. And honestly I think about stupid things like what determines if you have an inny or outy belly button? Why do pigeons bob their heads as they walk? Who came up with marshmellows and how? Oh and the usual how did the universe start, are there multiple ones and are we gonna get off this rock before our sun goes all red giant on our asses??

Now you see the reason for the quirky adjective don't ya? Disturbed or intrigued?
On a typical Friday night I am
Either out with friends or getting ready for the next weekend adventure be it skiing, hiking, diving, or party. Unless its summertime in which you mind find me out in my flower gardens or in another country.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have bought quantum physics books that I didn't need for a class. My major was engineering physics-- I just couldn't help myself! Very nerdy I know. I try to keep that underwraps! I do cross-stitch. Yes very womanly of me. Balances out all the other stuff!
You should message me if
You think hiking up Mt. Adams in NH is a nice, fun day hike. You like to travel to other countries.... to hike up their mountains. You're willing to stand in below freezing temps, at high altitude with crazy wind gusts just to watch one of the most amazing sunsets. You like to eat good food washing it down with good wine/beer. You don't mind a girl who on the one hands loves to garden and on the other loves to kick things.
The two of us