32Houston, United States
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My self-summary
I am creative, sensitive, intuitive, and one can usually - fulfilling the generic checklist of typical Piscean characteristics - find my head in the clouds! However, I am also very pragmatic and good at solving problems.

Moved back to Houston from Brooklyn NY a couple years ago and I am STILL jazzed to be back! I have fallen in and out of love, repeatedly, with this city and am constantly looking for friends with whom I can share new experiences and find the best drinky brunches here!

I love anything retro (from 1920's chic art deco through glamorously shallow 1970's, and especially the classy mid-century modern in there), from housewares to clothing, decor to hairstyles.

I am open-minded, giving, and protective; I am also hard-headed, opinionated, and always running late...

I am what I am :)
What I’m doing with my life
I work in eCommerce for a local jewelry store, take metalsmithing classes a couple nights a week, play in a band with my bestie, take care of my recently widowed father, and design/sell my own jewelry on the side- this about sums it up :). Houston has presented some great opportunities to me and I am loving it all!

I get by because I surround myself with good friends and inspiring people. I also spend a great deal of time by myself, which I only recently started to utilize in productive ways. I can be quite lazy and have no problem staying in bed on the weekends, leaving only for a good drinky brunch, then coming right back to watch a good movie and fall asleep again. I also live for spontaneity and find that the best times I've had occur when I put myself out there and expect nothing.
I’m really good at
Color accuracy (which, though it may be interesting, is quite useless in all practical realms of life), functional aesthetic, jewelry design, matching things (how generic can one be?), styling outfits / photoshoots / interiors, and putting together anything that either requires or aspires to have aesthetic stimulation.

Also the people skills: listening, seeing all sides of a situation, being empathetic, mediation, and giving advice (even if no one wants to hear it).
The first things people usually notice about me
My curly hair and extravagant flair! Outlandish outfits, sass, class, and a warmth that is simultaneously charming and penetrating.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Geez- there's quite a lot that I like, and to sum it up: if it is funny and/or it makes me feel good and/or it is far out/strange and/or it looks pretty/is visually stimulating- chances are I would like it. But some specifics: Twin Peaks (OMG YES), Venture Brothers, Columbo, King of the Hill, Daily Show, House of Cards, Mad Men, Archer, Metalocalypse, Mighty Boosh, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Murder She Wrote, Golden Girls, South Park, and many more that I am forgetting at the moment...
Love horror films (looking to expand my horror repertoire!), prettymuch anything by Quentin Tarantino, anything by Wes Anderson (yes please all day everyday), anything by the Cohen Brothers (Big Lebowski = one of my fave movies of all time), anything by Guy Ritchie, old school Disney (I have a soft spot despite the sexist portrayal of the female characters), cheesy 80's movies, Clueless (don't judge me), documentaries about almost anything (culture, history, music, religion, art, food, geography, etc etc), and again, MANY more that I haven't listed here.

Hmmm, I don't read as much as I'd like (don't we all say that?), but I am an avid fan of of anything Sedaris, Robbins, Vonnegut, Heinlein, Palahniuk, and narrative non-fiction. I especially LOVE foodie memoirs: anything by Ruth Reichl is at the top of my list.

I grew up on Classic Rock, so there will ALWAYS exist a huge soft spot for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, and Creedence, amongst others. Currently my Pandora work stations incorporate a mix of trip-hop, elecronica lounge, chill feel-good beats, and hyped up vocals with dancy rhythms (Morcheeba, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Ladytron, Massive Attack, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, CSS, Bitter:Sweet, Roisin Murphy, Moloko, Daft Punk, etc etc). On any given nice Sunday, I prefer to live it up with some classy jazz brunch tunes, a la some Ella, Frank, and Louis.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisine. And cheese. And chocolate. And kale. And biscuits. And sushi. And soft pretzels. Mmmm.
Actually, I enjoy pretty much all food, and will try a new genre anytime.
Basically, I love food. And I highly enjoy sharing good food with a group of good people that have good taste.
Six things I could never do without
1. Color
2. My family and "curated" family of friends
3. Functional aesthetics (I seem to be repeating myself a bunch here)
4. Conditioner (an absolute must for the curly girly)
5. Sunshine (be it pouring through my curtains as it gloriously does on all non-overcast mornings, beaming when riding around town with the windows down, shining down when spending quality time outdoors - hikes, picnics, swims, etc - or painting the sky at sunset)
6. Recreational fun and relaxation (dancing, getting goofy, laughing up a storm, imbibing some adult beverages, playing games, watching a good movie, and so on and so forth- a girl's gotta get down somehow)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Color, color relativity, texture, bodily ornament, the reasons why we all adorn / identify ourselves similarly / uniquely (trend coexisting with personal taste), relativity (in general).

Also, how:
- to spend time doing the things that are good for me - that make me a better, kinder, content person. I do not mean that in an egotistical way; it's often quite difficult to unconditionally love yourself the way you are, but I am working on it.

- guilt and judgment are useless and our time here is short, so introduce yourself to strangers around you and you might just learn something about yourself and have some amazingly unpredictable experiences.

- a time wasted only exists if you are doing one thing whilst your mind is elsewhere. I am not quite sure where work fits in here, but we have to survive somehow.
On a typical Friday night I am
A) Going out for dinner and drinks with friends

B) Throwing a themed dinner party with friends (and usually some classy drinks)

C) Dancing and being glamorous (consider yourself warned: almost every Saturday night I go dancing with my bestie, and you would find yourself in a lucky and rare position to be invited along ;) That being said, this question is about Fridays, so feel free to take me dancing on a Friday! Teehee. Anyway, dancing has become something akin to "church" for me - it happens weekly, I channel the spirit, and I leave feeling cleansed and elated; I have absolutely no problem doing this kinda thing both nights of the weekend. Truth.)

D) Relaxing and playing a game of cards / watching a movie / hammer-watching a good series on Netflix or hbogo
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I recently lost both of my parents (a year and a half apart from one another). It's been very difficult emotionally and quite the life adjustment for which I didn't ask... I am still healing and have a lot of newly-acquired responsibilities to fulfill, but I am strong and pragmatic (also, and obviously, emotionally sensitive), and I know - regardless of what happens - everything will be ok.
If this scares you or makes you feel uneasy, please do me a favor and hit that back button in your browser. This is my reality and I am trying my best to embrace it with dignity, gratitude, and love - I really can't allow anyone else's cowardice or emotional immaturity to bring me down.

Also (and on a lesser note), I historically put other people's happiness before my own, but I am also an only child and can therefore think like a selfish brat from time to time.
You should message me if
You have the personality to open the door and the character to keep it open....Haha!

If you think variety is the spice of life, every relationship is a two-way street, and you never want to stop learning from and teaching others.

If you are sweet, considerate, respectful, and appreciative. Typically, I'd say this list would be a given, but as of late I've found these characteristics to be much less common than I'd like... I am definitely not saying one shouldn't use sass and sarcasm for jokes and teehees, but if that's pretty much solely how you communicate, then we probs won't get along....
I love keeping up with the jokes and reppin' a little 'tude from time to time, but I also try to remain in the present, aware of how other people's simple kindness and consideration are supportive to the greater good and contribute heavily to my own positivity. I like saying "thank you" and "please" a lot, and really try not to take things for granted. In turn, when people express the same courteousy to me, I simply melt :)

And, in all seriousness, I will probably find you GOLDEN if you not only CAN, but LOVE to: run with a joke to the moon and back, laugh until you cry, cut loose enough to get goofy and silly without feeling self-conscious, be creative (musically, artistically, etc) or at least appreciate creativity and the arts, and embrace who, what, and where you are even if you are in the process of change/growth.

ALSO, I am not sure why this isn't painfully obvious, but if you're going to put forth the effort to send me a message (whether in response or as an introduction), it would behoove you to not just talk ceaselessly about yourself and/or only respond to my questions about you. If you don't also make effort to get to know me, why are you messaging me in the first place? I want to get to know you, but I find it really annoying when we seem like a good match, yet you merely answer my questions and make no effort otherwise for stimulating conversation.
The two of us