30Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
-I am indeed a radical fact-heavy extreme-personality queer with many great traits who wants a super responsible cerebral relationship for kiddos etc.

-all-genre non-genre hero

-zen idealist type A personality. no you probably don't like that , statistically

"You have the capacity at any given moment to be the support, mentor, love, partner, and guide that would benefit you the most." - me reminding me and you. DON'T BE MAD, BRO, and no stalking, please

I'm an information sponge artist/writer, hypothetical thinker, philosopher, scientist, pansexual, renaissance woman as they may say. Nurturer and destroyer. I can like about any subject in depth.

Pro-active. Into creative empowerment. you know, the mind pushed. blown. opened. freed. trained. used. relaxed into a trance. transcend n shit.
But well scheduled.
What I’m doing with my life
-brokering and sales concepts , as well as active artist and writer hoping to pioneer all around ideologically, propagation-wise. (consider: Jesus was a couchsurfing salesman)

-ambitious to a height of depth. But there's some Zen in the resource calculations we can not do

-stuff I have done: camp with horses, weightlift, calculus, write science fiction, tutor, ferment, scheme, lucid dream, tinker, design, one line in a film, help others efficiently ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
depends on the scenario.

i'm usefully logical.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
--I don't really idolize anybody. You do, though. You clingy assholes.

--media and I have an odd relationship--- the majority of the time i want to work on my own stuff. And in many objectives, of course aesthetics don't even matter, give or take form following function

T. Rex, The Cars, Butthole Surfers, Black Sabbath et al, Fiona Apple in small doses, the ramones, old country, outsider, Gershwin et Al., Historic and some global, Kraftwerk, Silver Apples, Elton John, dance hits, soundtracks et al, and a bunch of misplaced hits and niches.

--food:: experimental weight-lifting near-vegan fermented-flavor-junky penny-pinching skinny-bitch-wannabe of the world, that's my poem about that

--movies:: documentaries, a few brainy games, etc.
good filmy films. Criterion, Breillat etc, Miyazaki, Kubrick, and other psych surrealists, comedy, Wes Anderson or better, coen bros, charlie kaufman, science. Portal 2. Catch me if you Can, Watchmen

I don't do much TV, most of it dilutes, gimmicks, and overdramatizes what I care to see, but writers are smarter these days.

--Theme:: green living, permaculture, green energy, DIY, sustainability, consumer awareness, alternative living, historical tribal methodologies

--world news. Even harder: world reality

--Reading:: darker, lighter, wackier, Pearl S. Buck, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Amy Tan, (auto)biographies, history, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Aldous Huxley,
Octavia Butler, Philip K Dick, both Tom and Thomas Wolfe, and other unique books, -- reality is often stranger than fiction, it's true, I've met enough manic geniuses to know.
Vonnegut, the beats/ashcans/etc, yeah, but I want to know more modern bruisers and cruisers, like Russell Banks etc.
Devil in the White City 👌
Freakonomics style, transhumanism, business and concepts et al, philosophy et al, some pulp, subculture, lbgt , human rights. Postmodernism. Sometimes art criticism .

--All science, most history, etc : inventors, math, chemistry, physiology, health science, the nervous system, logic, electricity, engineering, physics, cosmology, outer space (I value it but I don't crave Mars currently)

--fitness -- working my damn core

--Art: asian, Egyptian dynasties, Memphis modern, contemporary bizarros, various through the decades, period study, surrealism, conceptual art, apps

Beyond the media:

If I get bored off my ass I'm teaming up with a third party intelligence or mediation agency or something. they take design degrees, right

Pure Mathematics, Self Actualiziation, Autodidact, Asshole, Communal, oneness, woke, wokeness, centrist kinda
I spend a lot of time thinking about
contexts. --cosmic perspective
Global perspective
sciences. Scientific method plus empathy.
the perfect posse. :)

if I did not have/need a self: What is possible?

Survival of the fittest! :Also see Idiocracy

And of course I am easily preoccupied with aesthetics and being teacherly
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
upon hearing the word "adulting" I cringe. Tho recently someone claimed I was misinterpreting some uses of the word.
You should message me if
you're thinking: teammate

I like empowered wise people , to do this whole mating thing with. Hotness helps

I don't wanna over-empower the OKC bot, but what's with all these low match percentages? I read the questions, it's pretty basic stuff. You hate that I avoid beer, i get it. you hate queers? Avoid me because I am radical queer. Etc .
The two of us