31Orange Park, United States
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My self-summary
i need the ocean. i need to find a woman(women) to share my life with. i am married to a lovely man. but he's not nearly equipped properly to fulfill all of my longings. after all, he's only a man. ;)

.poly. .bisexual. .masochistic. .submissive.

i'd love to find a third for our relationship. <3
What I’m doing with my life
being filled with wanderlust. recently was found on the beaches in Cali. just spent a week along the beaches of Mackinac. perhaps soon to be wandering the beach in NC? or perhaps the sands of Arizona??
I’m really good at
-•- not getting enough sleep \\ i'm an eternal night owl
-•- procrastinating
-•- admiring natures beauty, thunderstorms are my absolute favorite. closely followed by sunrises (a rare occurrence to catch one for me,) sunsets, CLOUDS, and just rainy days in general
-•- co-parenting with my ex-husband (when his new wife isn't calling the shots)
The first things people usually notice about me
my husband? i call it animal attraction. women (and men) are just drawn to him... sometimes i feel a little left out, but i know how much he loves the attention. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
...books... some of my favorites are very dirty. most of them are poly and/or kink oriented.

...movies... grandma's boy. the gamer. tucker and dale vs. evil. zombieland. practical magic. queen of the damned. the devil's rejects. mary poppins. grease. burlesque. the notebook. the holiday. the saw movies. final destination. the eye. white noise. the avengers, thor, iron man. the craft. mr. & mrs. smith. the happening. fight club. usually anything with johnny depp, angelina jolie, or robert downey jr. i like to watch movies, obviously my interests span across several genres. dinner and a movie sounds great. ;) i'm in love with, TRUE BLOOD. closely followed by ONCE UPON A TIME. big bang theory. elementary. currently watching big love. rock/alternative/classical/celtic/oldies pretty much not very adventurous in this department. i want to be though. um, faves are pizza, chinese takeout, and... yeah. where's your favorite place for either?
Six things I could never do without
my children, cliche yes, but they count as 4.
my husband. 5
my cell phone? 6
oh, and the word 'fuck' -- as in fuck the rules -- makes 7! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-o- what color to paint my nails next. right now they are teal with sparkles. they remind me of mermaids. i wonder if mermaids have ever been 'real'? if they were, where did they go? if they were not, what caused the myth? yes. my mind actually travels in paths like these.

-o- how trivial we all are in the context of the universe. yet how significant we can be in the lives of those around us.

-o- astrology's uncanny ability to relate to my daily life's events. thanks for the heads up stars. at least give me something good once in a while. fuckers.

-o- past life regression. reincarnation. paranormal activity. no, not the movie. i've honestly had odder things happen in my life.

-o- BDSM. sex-positivity. why on earth am i a poly bisexual submissive masochist..? just why?! again the universe is playing head games with me. fucking fuckers.
On a typical Friday night I am
refereeing the 'what movie will be watch tonight' match with my three eldest who are 7, 10, and 12. typically i win. ;-)

having a family bike ride. making goop. planning to get to sleep before two am because I work Saturdays, but it NEVER happens! haha. #nightowlforlife

my youngest, who's is almost two, also keeps me on my toes. very family oriented here. who want's to bake and watch movies??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sometimes i avoid sleeping so I don't have to dream. since I have no control over them, sometimes certain things occur in them that I wish did not.
You should message me if
-o- you are interested in a casual three way with my husband and i, or, one or the other. i like to watch too. ;)

-o- you are a strong independent mother/mentor that would like to share some jewels of your wisdom. right now i need all the love, and peace, and zen i can get.

-o- you like to play dress up. i was never taught how to be a girl. no makeup lessons, no hair styling, accessorizing, dressing to suit me. and, i sorta have a hard time figuring it out. i do however own a curling iron, and i have used it a total of four, yes FOUR times. ;) (i'm pretty proud of myself for that) but, i want to learn more.

-o- you want to find someone with a kinky side. you likely won't find one with the wild streak i have. you have a fetlife profile. looking for a dominant female with a penchant for giving pain.

-o- you are bisexual, bicurious, or a lesbian female; or a couple (of any combination of the above stated) who does not mind my married with children state, and you are looking for a little interaction.

-o- you are looking for weight loss partners in the area. i am not a petite woman. but i would like to be stronger, slimmer.
The two of us