40 Glasgow, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I try not to judge a book by its cover and think that reading profiles isn't the best way of getting to know someone but that being said there's no harm in outing the following.

Here are a few things I enjoy and some insights into me:

Outdoor activities-

Quad biking, bungee jumping, mountain bike etc. Recently climbed/Ben Lomond and went on an off road Segway safari (albeit not on Ben Lomond!).

I look really cute when I wake up. And by cute I mean homeless.

Going out. But not too often.

Playing guitar.

Writing profiles about myself.

Staying in. But not too often.

Catching up with friends and family.


Pulling the legs off spiders.


Spending lazy Sundays feeling overwhelmed with guilt about de-legging the spiders and as a result trying to glue the legs back on them.

Music: including RHCP, The Kills, Sly and The Family Stone, Matthew Herbert, Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, Postal Service, Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Prince Billy, Silver Jews, PJ Harvey, Blur, The Swans, Yo La Tengo, Pearl Jam, Au Revoir Simone, Michael Franti, and on and on. In a not so nutty nut shell I have quite a varied taste in music but can't tolerate happy hardcore!

Hope that gives yoy an idea of 'me'. So if you enjoy laughing, smiling and would allow me to make up words when playing scrabble drop me a message. x

P.s. No shell suit loving, Burberry wearing nedettes. Believe me, we won't get on.