25Kent, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
hiya. im a pretty ordinary girl. but not really pretty lol. im not quite short but not a midget. i pretty much laugh at anything and everything even if its a bold fat guy tripping over a banana skin. i smile a lot or so i've been told and wel............................... i hav no idea wot else to say about myself so ur just gonna hav to message me and find out. :-). look forward to hearing from u...

I am a bit shy, i laugh a lot, and optermistic
What I’m doing with my life
I graduated from astor college for the arts about 8 years ago and im now working as a manufacturing assistant at Megger Ltd. where i make transformers for a special kind of computere that can calubrate the number of voltage going thru a wire.(Im not smart by the way) lol. Anyway im up 4 sum crazy times n hav no idea wot else to write lol.
I’m really good at
kendo (samurai fighting), horse riding but i don't horse ride anymore. errrrrrrrrrrrrm and every thing else im about average at best
The first things people usually notice about me
well......... i once..... well a few times i've had people cum up to me and say something like "hay your hair has gold in it its really nice" or "what shampoo do you use"
so i think im going to have to say my hair is what people notice about me. but i really don't have the faintest idea how brown hair can have gold in it. it just sounds wierd to me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music.... well i like all music really and im not just saying that i really will just about dance to anything from old victorian ballroom music to the r&b to pop to emo and to the heavy metal of slipknot and linkenpark

Books .... i mostly read sci-fi fantasy's/ adventures/ horror , i also read a bit of manga like- bleach, trinity blood, escaflowne, imortal rain, fruits basket, mars, hot gimmek and i

also like action films, sward fighting films like 'high lander', 'warrior', azumi 1&2', 'king arthur' and crouching tiger hidden dragon'

plus the comedy like 'lee evens', futurama,southpark, family guy and adult swim 'robot chicken' i love it.and of course theres anime.. like - naruto, fruits basket, ninja scroll, karas 1&2, escaflowne, inuyasha, and all of the stuido ghibbly movies, like spirited away or howls moving castle.

food..... its quite simple cos i stick to the simple stuff
Six things I could never do without
1)my phone
2) friends
3) laughter
4) a shower
5) ..........errrm a toilet
6) i don't know anymore
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i don't spend time thinking about things i picture them instead like what wolud happened if i did this and what would have happened if she said this or if those two got to geather i wouldn't have to here them talk to me about how much they like each other behind there backs.
just jenreal stuff really lol :-P. I also kind of get a bit carrid away by the whole ' i wounder how we were created' or 'i wounder how that was made'. stuff like this always gets me thinking.hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm:-{
On a typical Friday night I am
reading, drinking ( im not a big drinker by the way only to mingel with friends or to gane a bit of courage to speak to new, or i go to a mates house party or sleeping if im tired from work. or just sleeping for the hell of it
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i don't get on with other girls i mostly bond with the dudes. i just find girles or females in that mater to well............................theres no nice way to put this but well in this generation girls tend to be more bitchy and dishonorable. i now its a wierd term to use 'dishonorable' but its true. and i don't know why
but im would neve say anything to them. im not one for the whole bitch fighting or slaging each other off... its just not me....
You should message me if
you should message me if u like talking about random, crazy or funny stuff or if ur feeling lonley lol..... or just a new budie to talk to :-) i don't really mind
The two of us