48Marietta, United States
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My self-summary
Over-Educated, under paid, middle-aged (that's just unbelievable to me) who loves the outdoors (except for the bugs), good food
(especially when someone else is preparing it), great music, and my menagerie of wild beasts (2 dogs and a cat)

If you treat me with respect, and actually are looking for a friend and not a mother, the rewards can be many. I can take leftovers and make a chef jealous.
Put up but a few sheckles, and lend me your
strong arms, and I can transform that post-divorce-creepy-man-cave of yours into a warm and inviting living space that won't scare away your pets any longer.

Word to the not-so-wise: Been there, done ain't foolin nobody lover boy, so don't even TRY to play me.....I'm good. Real good. You will loose that game. So just be honest with me and no one (meaning YOU) gets hurt.

I was raised in the deep south (native peach) so I know how to be sweet as candy, and can charm the pants off a preacher, when I so choose. (I can also group six rounds like a navy seal). If you know how to be a companion, I know how to rock your world.
What I’m doing with my life
Seems like I'm starting over in life.....moved back Home recently, so new job, new surrounds, and new status (divorced). Took me some time to really want to start over again....but I am! Finally! Looking to find friends and carve out a new chapter in my life--wanna go for a ride?

I work in hospitality, so I work at making others happy....I am so ready for that cheesy grin to be plastered to my face, you know the one you get when things are going great and your having fun-remember??
I’m really good at
clicking my tongue, removing navel lint/splinters, rubbing the
tension out of your shoulders, color co-ordination, stretching a
dollar twice as far as you ever dreamed possible, transforming a
pile of assorted junk into trendy decor items, making children and
elderly folks giggle with delight, diagnosing those who suffer from
cranial-rectal insertion syndrome and watching grass
grow---everything else I'm just okay.....
The first things people usually notice about me
I have boobs. I don't have 3 eyes. (When they bother looking up
from my boobs). My sense of humor. Everything else about me is
where its supposed to be, and in reasonably good order.(the bits
that count can more than handle the task at hand)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: avid reader of all things fictional....have a hard time with reality, if you haven't noticed yet by my bio.
shows: hmmmm been awhile on a show/play, most guys aren't down with that.
music:love all kinds of music (sorry though this is gonna sting--outside of Country music, I just have never been able to embrace Country--even though I think line dancing and 2-stepping are the bomb to watch)
Food: I love food! Gosh ya know I try to eat something everyday....
Six things I could never do without
my phone- connection to the outside world, and my camera
my puppies-they are the world's best huggers
my eyes-all the better to see you with my dear
my legs- helps when getting around
my arms- aids in providing those hugs I adore
good company-- hopefully encapsulated with good food, good conversation, good wine(or other libations) and an outing or two
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I wish I could lie here, but I spend a boat load of time thinking
about where I'm going (accomplishment wise) and where I've
been--sometimes it's a motivator of sorts, and sometimes it just
self flagellation....
that's where the whole meeting folks thing
comes in...
would love to be spending more time thinking about the finer things in life.....and planning something other than my take over of the universe....

There is an approximately 30% chance I'm thinking about either
chocolate or sex at the very moment you read this.
On a typical Friday night I am
Wow a whirl-wind of exploding excitement---that's why I've chosen to help my fellow man by sharing the limelight that is my Friday Night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not a's hard to announce that publicly, but it's true--- I eat cow flesh and love it ! (Pleasee tell me there are folks out there who still eat steak)
You should message me if
A.) your not being eaten by angry wolves (if that's the case,
please hang up and call 9-1-1)
B.) your wife won't be mad at you (please no angry wives),
C.) you have a phone and it's operational.
D.) you can compose, spell-check and properly punctuate a coherent group of complete sentences into a readable and reasonably entertaining way so as to let me know you are not just another internet ignoramus.

Please be sure to meet all the above criteria prior to messaging
The two of us