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My self-summary
Update :: 11/19/2016 I revisiting this site after a 3 year relationship with a really amazing man but it just could not work so I'm looking forward to a new adventure with someone and see where it all goes..if you use the word "caring " or "god fearing man" on here I just get this feeling we won't be a match ( code fake people)....if you like my "ramble"... if you think you can read between the lines enough to want to take a chance..(and for me, one of the best things in life is taking chances) ...does the fact that I can race an ostrich, tie a bull or dive with white sharks make me more appealing or more frightening??? if I say that I love beauty in "things" yet don't need many to make me happy understandable? i dunno.?..I just want to bump into that ONE guy that makes sense and have one of those moments where hours don't matter and everything just sort of falls into place …but in the meantime here I am 'trying' .......a bit about me: blued eyed creative devil( but then, everyone says that don't they? ) but I am, seriously so..authentic, fond of innocent anarchy.....good food ...good wine ...good conversation and even better yes, good people. I tend to not follow the mainstream but the word 'hipster' scares me...more of a leader than a follower I suspect...someday I want to make a documentary...wes anderson films never let me down...wim wenders is my personal hero.....I tend to like smaller films(a secret in their eyes is a perfect example).......I adore music. Hear and see a lot .. my taste ranges are all over the place from: william fitzsimmons, radiohead, elliott smith, bon iver ,tom waits, leonard cohen, other lives, arctic monkeys, aimee mann, ryan adams, wilco, LCD, richard ashcroft(verve) old bowie, nick cave(bad seeds included), , johnny CASH, my morning jacket, ,, first aide kit, lucinda williams, film scores while I take a bath, pogues,nada surf,P.J Harvey ,cat stevens, shins,
Ray laMontange(he does a beard good) ….so many songs catch my fancy this could go on all day ...

not into obsessive anything but I do have a commitment to my bikram yoga..it makes me feel good and thats all I know.

on Xmas day I play scottish bagpipe music until my friends and family beg me to stop...its just so beautiful I cant help it...

very well traveled from the barrier reef to haiti and all the places in between I love Berlin at the moment...I do a lot of work overseas as my production for my business is located in Turkey so life to me is about being a world citizen …

the wild wild west…..dust….empty roads….music blaring...it feels right in my bones

at 16 I traveled the US as a paid shoplifter…think adolescent thelma + louise

I'm sorta "all stars or no stars"…high brow or no brow..it's the middle that scares me….

I live in the hills (beachwood area) in a 1924 spanish money pit so if you can swing a hammer.......just saying....

now, as for you.....other than the fact that I am looking to meet a man not a boy(which doesn't really have much to do with a number), lets just keep it open and simple for now, but I would hope to meet someone that is creative in some way .. clever is maybe better than booksmart?? and a a dry wit would match with mine..please please please be...KIND...playful and straight with me and we should get along just fine....

reading(in book form only) : walker percy…. the new patti smith photo book along with "just kids" her beautiful story….and louse erdrich (love medicine)…

youthful spirit seeking same...I like my life...a lot,I'm a happy sort ..hope you are as well...

lastly...I have magical powers and I am not afraid to use them.
What I’m doing with my life
working on my labels/lines(home,kids, mens) wow'd by how things can just happen...living as passionately as possible...raising my insanely amazing girls...traveling the world....being a solid loyal friend....giving back....going forward.....
I’m really good at
being authentic..its the only way to fly..
The first things people usually notice about me
a siily and rather self indulgent question isn't it? you tell me...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
wayyyy to much to answer in this little box...my life is filled to the brim with these things...TBD....you and I
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the state of things ....


creating things


how incredibly lucky I have been/am
On a typical Friday night I am
nothing in my life would probably be considered "typical" and thats by design...so my friday nights could be a monday night ...I am not into the club and party scene but a good dinner with friends sitting around a table with food wine and stories we share late into the night always works...let me see...this last friday eve I went to see a new doc called PINA then we dug into a big booth at musso's (its a favorite place of mine)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
c'mon over here....get a little closer so i can whisper in your ear......c'mon.......closer…...
You should message me if
you can ride a horse or at least want to try

you're a swashbuckling superhero with serious down to earth sensibilities…..what are the odds ???

last note - if you don't have an image posted I am going to assume you're either married…not ready or an International spy.