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Tests they’ve taken (109)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Priss (DBLD) Take it!
The Politics Test Centrist Take it!
The Slut Test 61% slut Take it!
What is your otherkin type? Kintype Indicator Test! Polymorph Take it!
The REAL Reason You Want A Boyfriend Test -- WITH PICS!! You Want Your Soulmate! Take it!
Quiz- Which Tarot Court Card Are You? Queen of Swords Take it!
The Heart Test Rogue's Heart Take it!
The What is Your Patronus Test Rat Take it!
The Smurf Personality Test Poet Smurf Take it!
The Classic Dames Test Joan Crawford Take it!
The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test Elmo Take it!
The Five Temperaments Test You are mostly Sanguine Take it!
The What Will I Fall In Love With Test You want a LEASH. Take it!
The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test The Antichrist Take it!
The which philosophy suits your personality? Test Synthetic Perception, by Kant Take it!
The HOT or NOT, rate these men! Test Naughty Men Take it!
The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test Bellatrix Lestrange Take it!
The Comprehensive Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse test. Conquest Take it!
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test The Executive Take it!
The Soul Mate For You Test INTJ Take it!
The Fantasy RPG Class Test The Blood Hunter [Wa] Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test INTJ The Mastermind Take it!
The Ideal Girlfriend Test Strong Girlfriend Take it!
The Beautiful Male Faces Test Old Blondie Take it!
The Alignment Test Chaotic-Evil Take it!
What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be? The Tabloid Trash Take it!
The Elemental Balance Test Blaze Take it!
The Spiritual Element Test Light Elemental Take it!
Semonides' Female Types Test The Weasel Take it!
The Animal Archetype Test The Rat Take it!
The Golden Compass Daemon Test Boldly Honest Soul Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test ENTJ - Commandant Take it!
Which Changeling Are You? Beasts Take it!
The Chess Mess Test The King Take it!
The Which Lost Character Are You Test Sayid Take it!
The What country are you? Test North Korea Take it!
The Religion Founder You Resemble Test Mohammed Take it!
The Japanese Demon Profile Test Mukade Take it!
The Brutally Honest Personality Test Scumbag Take it!
The Literary Character Test Estella Take it!
Which Tarot Card Represents Your Higher Self? Test Justice Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Romantic Lover Take it!
Which Lolita Fashion style should you wear? Hime Lolita Take it!
The Where You Should've Been Born Test New Mother Russia! Take it!
The Who is Your Type Test Brainy bitch Take it!
The QUICK Four Elements Personality Test The Plasma Dragon Take it!
The Final Fantasy Job Class Test Dancer Take it!
Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test You are a Were-Rat! Take it!
Sexual Love Personality Test The Hidden Lover Take it!
Chocolate Personality Test Cherry Cordial Take it!
The Jung Type Death Note Test ENTJ Take it!
The Which Anime Character Are you? Test Harry Take it!
The 4-Variable Buffy Personality Test Glorificus Take it!
The "What's Your Romance/Martial Arts Style?" Test Muay Thai Take it!
The TEKKEN, what kind of fighter would you want to be? Test Baek or Asuka Take it!
The Ragnarok Character Choosing Test WIZARD Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Desert Eagle Take it!
Which Sailor Senshi are you? Sailor Mars Take it!
Disney Princess Personality Test Ariel Take it!
What is Your Anime Persona Quiz Character with a Strong Will Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Class Clown Take it!
The Mythological Profile Test Troll Take it!
The Reactive-Dogmatic Personality Inventory Iota Take it!
The What Chess Piece Are You Test A White Knight Take it!
The Mythological Goddess Test Hera Take it!
The Harry Potter Husband Test Mrs. James Potter Take it!
Which SOS Brigade member are you? Haruhi Suzumiya Take it!
Recipe Book for Life and Introspection VPSC - Sweet Potato Pie Take it!
The Which DoTA Hero Are You? Test Naix Take it!
The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test You are Hera! Take it!
The Are You an Anime Fangirl Test Class "C" Fangirl Take it!
What Kind Of Gamer Are You? TSPD - Platformer Take it!
The Which Greek Goddess Are You? Test Circe Take it!
The Why Do People Hate You? Test Anal asshole. Take it!
The Avatar: the Last Airbender Bending Test Fire Bender Take it!
The What's My Thing Test (V2) You're a QUIZMASTER Take it!
The Test of Worship (What is your Idol?) You worship GLORY. Take it!
The Touhou Extra Boss Personality Test Yukari Yakumo Take it!
The What Sushi Am I Test Eel Inside-Out Roll Take it!
The Socionics Test SLE - Sensing Logical Extratratim Take it!
The What Type Of Sexy Are You? Test You scored 54% Classy n' Chic, 55% Smooth n' Sleek, 60% Rough n' Ready and 67% Wild n' Fiery! Take it!
The RPG Class Test Smart Paladin Take it!
The Beverage Identity Test Beer Take it!
The How Old is Your Ideal Partner Test Slightly older! Take it!
The Which Lolcat Are You? Test SurpriseAdoption Cat Take it!
The Fashion Style Test Fashion Artist Take it!
The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test FOSSIL FUEL! Take it!
The Historical Figure Love Test Vincent Van Gogh Take it!
The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz] Gryffindor Take it!
The Best Comic Book For You Test Catwoman Take it!
Which hott celeb are you meant to be with? Josh Hartnett Take it!
Which cute boy in J-drama Hana Kimi would you be with? Quiz Kayashima Take it!
The Superior Final Fantasy Character Class Quiz The White Mage Take it!
Test yourself: What alignment are you? Neutral Good Take it!
Test: The Side of You That's Locked Away Is... Vulnerable Take it!
The Sorting Hat Test Hufflepuff Take it!
The Mana Color Test The Political Philosopher - White, Red and Blue Take it!
The Despot / Small Woodland Creature Test Joseph Stalin the Woodchuck Take it!
The Handsome Faces Test Exotic and Feminine Take it!
The 4-Variable IQ Test Mathematical Take it!
The Which Movie Character Are You Test Forrest Gump Take it!
The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test 6 - the Questioner Take it!
The "What's Your Inner Blood Type" Personality? Test Blood Type B Take it!
The Best Thing About You Test Compassion Take it!
The What Kind of Girl are You Test Awesome Girl Take it!
The Romantic Kindness Scale Variable Multiple Choice Test Let's just stay in! Take it!
The Perception Personality Image Test HBPC - The Visionary Take it!
Refined Socionics Test 2.0 The Craftsman (SLI) Take it!