33 Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
My MBTI is:
ENFJ - Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging
(Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Sensing)

Hello :) My name is Michaela (mi-k-la)

**I am not interested in being a third wheel, in joining an existing couple in fulfilling their sexual fantasies. I am not interested in dating anyone over 40. Sending me messages with rude, gross, sexist or degrading words are not ok. They will get deleted immediately and you will be blocked. I'm tired of garbage and am only seeking those who are genuine, sincere, single and serious about a potential relationship.**

☆☆With thst being said:
First things first. I'm a nerdy girl...I'm a free spirited wild child at heart <3 I'm a mother, I'm a sister, I'm a daughter, I'm an auntie, I'm a friend and I'm a lover XOXO
Oh...I am also a vivid dreamer☆°•.¤
I'm firey, I'm sassy, I have a dry sense of humor. I'm witty, I'm optomistic, I am human~ ☆☆

Let me tell you...being in my 30's has felt sureal. It feels really really good. As a women my body feels hightened...as in all my senses. It feels like an enternal awakening <3 I feel more humbeled to life...to it's expierences and to it's people.

My number one passion in life is Dancing <3 I took 15 years of ballet...tap...and jazz growing up. Dancing and performing make my body and soul happy <3
I am very close with my family. We spend as much time together as we can. My Sister is my best friend <3

I am bisexual. I was raised by two women and that bond feels comfortable and very warm <3 Women can be wonderful and beautiful and can be amazing lovers in the bedroom.

I am empathetic, caring and very social. I can also be sassy...sarcastic and stubborn. I am an amazing lover. I'm passionate. Very touchy feely and love cuddling. I'm no where near perfect. I am aware of my faults, and strive to work on them.

I am a fan of texting :) saying what you want to say (as little or as much) when you want to say it is nice. I dig it when guys like texting as well. When they like to leave little messages letting you know they are thinking about you.
Phone conversations are wonderful :) I cherish the phone calls I have with the people who make me happy <3

I like people who are confident but not over cocky. People who can be both strong and gentle. I love my nerds but no wimps please. I love the kind of people that are...say out at a dance club...aren't the best dancer out there...are kinda nervous about it...but hear a song they love and just go out there and dance! People who say...fuck it...I'm going to do what I want to do and not worry about what anyone else thinks of them.

I tend to spell things incorrectly which I am fully aware of. It's not because I'm lazy or don't care, it's because I just spell things the way they sound. It's ironic because my Mother was an English teacher for 33 years. If the spelling thing really bugs you that bad, then I don't know what to tell you. Look else where I guess.
I use "......" a lot. It's a way to separate thoughts. Kinda like a comma. I don't know why I do It, I just do.

I am not a super high maintenance lady. Don't get me wrong, I love nice things when I have the $$ to afford them, but I work hard for all of the things I have and have lived with having next to nothing before. The things that keep this girl happy are team work in a relationship passion and compassion.
What I’m doing with my life
On the journey to true inner peace...fulfillment and awareness...

I consider myself to be a pretty open minded woman. Just be straight up and I will as well~
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair and my smile :+)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I know I know...everyone always says this..but it's so true...I love all kinds of music :) I was a raver of the 90's...I am huge electroinc music junky...trance...techno....dub step...house... I <3 it...DJ Rap...Flux Pavillion...Motorcycle Boy...Juno Reactor..Daft Punk..Eifil 55...Tiesto...Digweed..Laidback Luke...Donald Glaude.. Deadmau5...Robert Miles..I am into some Industrial KMFDM...She wants Revenge....Skinny Puppy...I totally dig my diva's...Mariah...Janet...Erika Badu...India Arie...TLC...Salt N Pepper...Mya...Alyiah...Missy Elliot..My ultimate favorite singer in the world is Sade <3 She is so classy...her music is so deep...her voice drips sensuality when she sings. Boys II Men...Red Hot Chili Peppers...I love oldies..The Beetles...the Doors...The Eagles.. Jonny Cash...Billy Idole...Michael Jackson..Eric Clapton...Sting...Seal...Queen.... I also enjoy classical music..the Nutcracker Sweet is one of my favorite symphonies <3 I love sweet beats with funky sounds....and I'm a sucker for female vocals :)


☆Updates 12/31/15:
The Dead Poets Society, The Awakening..

Swordfish, The Illusionist, Waking Dream, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Devil Wears Prada, Weekend at Bernies, Goonies, Sleepy Hollow, Interview with A Vampire, Fight Club, All of Miyazaki's films (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke), Armageddon, Holes, The professional, American History X, The Negotiator, Marry Shelley's Frankenstein, School of Rock, Princess and the Frog, Robots, The Pirates of the Carabbean movies, I'm a Pixar fan (Wall-E, The Incredibles, Up, Toy Story, Finding Nemo....), The White Castle Movies,

**TV Shows** (I don't watch TV any more)
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Fringe, Mad Men, The Office, 30-Rock, The Biggest Looser, Ingenious Minds, Storage Wars, American Pickers, So You Think You Can Dance, I'm a big Gordon Ramsay fan (Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares), Intervention, Stan Lee's Superhumans, My Name Is Earl,

I enjoy a variety of foods. I do eat meat. Unfortunatly I am allergic to shell fish :( An allergy I acquired at the age of 12. I love eggs, I love cheese, bacon (OK I'm a big breakfasty food person), I like steak, chicken, Asian (BBQ pork mmmm), I am not much into sushi but my son loves it, I really like having salmon with lemon and butter, rice pilaf and corn on the cob as a dinner. I love having an egg over easy on my burger, I love making chicken or beef stir fry with fresh ginger and other veggies, I like jasmine rice, macaroni and cheese, lemonade and strawberry lemonade, I can drink coffee, but my body doesn't do too well with a lot of caffeine, I love tea, Chai, hot cocoa. I love fruit and the resfeshing watery sensation that a lot of fruites give to me.. Strawberries, Kewi, Bananas, Oranges, Green Grapes, Plums, Rainier Cherries, Watermelon..
You should message me if
☆•*You possess a good soul*•☆