60Jacksonville Beach, United States
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My self-summary
Overly analytical, by necessity. Brutally honest, but a true gentleman, and a lot of fun; even though I use sarcasm for emphasis. And false modesty isn't among my characteristics. If I'm the guy your mom warned you about, it's only because she didn't want to share.

I crave social interaction and can be cordial with almost anyone, even people I dislike. As much as possible, interactions are positive.

Age is insignificant. Maturity is expected. My lifestyle is very inclusive. And, I can communicate on almost any level.

Polyamorous; not necessarily polycopulative. (There are distinctions.) Additional friends are always welcome; and attitude is more important than anything superficial.

You have the opportunity to discretely check me out, on my job. I'm a taxi driver in the beaches area. My customers know me as 'Taxi Mike'. If you were to call me at 904-307-2626, I wouldn't know if you got my number here or from one of my business cards.
What I’m doing with my life
In many scenarios, the appropriate response is "been there; done that; going again." I'm greatly enjoying my (so-called) "mid-life crisis", being entertained by most ventures.

I meet a lot of people; and many of them need some kind of help. When necessary, I've placed myself in "harm's way", in aid. (Domestic rescues can be a rush.) Within reason, if there is a way to improve anyone's life, I'll do it; with the intent of being helpful, but not an "enabler".

I'm also teaching myself Spanish, again. My hope is to be conversant, by my next birthday; if not, then by the following Christmas.

And, I've replaced cigarettes with a vapor pen. My nicotine consumption continues to diminish. I hope to be nicotine free by my next birthday.
I’m really good at
whatever I set my mind to. What would you like?
The first things people usually notice about me
My charming personality. I can strike and hold a conversation with anyone.

Or something about my hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) the 66 books of the Bible. (Note: I did say 66; not 70.)

(B) most adventure/dramas and almost anything with Tom Hanks (even the 'chick flix')

(C) "reality" shows have me addicted

(D) so long as it doesn't 'twang' (like some bluegrass) or degrade (like some rap)

(E) I'll eat almost anything, after inspection.
Six things I could never do without
air, water, food, shelter, my mind, companionship
I spend a lot of time thinking about
getting 'laid'. (I'm a guy.)

When older women pursue younger men, they're called Cougars. When older men pursue younger women, they're called "ewe."

Some people screw up their lives and get angry at an honest "I told you so."

Sometimes I ponder our existences in the parallel universes created by each decision we make, if they exist.

Why do so many users of a dating website look for reasons NOT to even communicate?

How I'll use the prize money, when I finally get cast on one of the reality shows.

Why women tolerate abuse, confusing controlling for caring. (I'm only available part time; but I'm a better choice than psychopaths.)

Why is a Checker Cab yellow and a Yellow Cab checkered?

Sometimes, when I hear "I love you," I can't help but think "bullshit; show me." The words have become a catchphrase. "Thank you" would suffice.

Why do people follow stupid comments with "just sayin'"?
On a typical Friday night I am
In the earlier hours, there may be time for social activities. But now I'm a taxi driver. So the weekend is my money making time - busiest near closing time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It is often said,
We each have our vice.
Yet, I also affirm,
Can't a vice be nice? !

Some hold their's private,
As a matter of secrecy.
Others are more open,
For all the world to see.

Personally, I'm open;
It facilitates my play.
But, to those who are private,
One might paraphrase a cliché.

Whether private or open,
Harmless vices are fine.
If you willingly reveal your's,
Then I'll show you mine.

Now, if these verses offend,
Consider me apologetic.
But, if mutual interest develops,
I suggest we let it.

Nice Vice by me
(904) 307-2626
You should message me if
you have anything to say.

You've read this far, give me a critique; and feel free to correct any spelling errors. Your comments may help me to become a better person, or provide fuel for banter.

Also, if you're rich, beautiful, submissive, reasonably intelligent, with similar goals and objectives, and would fall in love with me and take care of me for the rest of my life, contact me before I wake from this dream.
The two of us