40Downey, United States
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My self-summary
*the following profile is just a large collection of random thoughts collected over a period of time. some stuff may come off as redundant for that reason. if you have any questions OR complaints...just ask me.

I'm a pseudo-intellectual in the midst of a renaissance. going from safe into the realm of uncertainty. one thing is for sure, you won't find anyone quite like me.

I'm an ex-introvert that gets enjoyment from the smaller things in life. I'm looking for a partner-in-crime to enjoy things even more. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and I have a love-hate relationship. old cars are always a way I find new excitement. I love all sorts of movies but will never call it "The Cinema." that just sounds very douchy! I still get a certain excitement, nay...a euphoric feeling from reading a great book.

my pictures don't give me any justice. I'm even more goofy-looking in real life, but if you look into my eyes I'll have you. (lil cocky?)

I came to the online dating world simply cause I've come across the same thing over and over again. hopefully I can meet the exception to the rule.

I'm a Prince Charming who is looking for his damsel who is NOT in distress. are you a super hero?

soy feo, pero soy hombre bueno. sigo luchando, sigo pensando positivo.

I am ambitious, trusting, and huh

soy feo, pero soy hombre bueno. sigo luchando, sigo pensando positivo.
What I’m doing with my life
"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure."
-Mark Twain

after "ONLY" turning 33 years old recently, I've decided that I'm going to do more with my life that will make me happy (crazy idea, I know.) did to much with the just existing, now on to the living.

Remember when I said I don't really like talking about myself? THIS question is very high on that list. my job is not who I am, its just a way I get paid. my job is not a status symbol, and neither is my automobile.

le tengo que dar tanto gracias al Jiu-jitsu brasileno. estoy mas calmado gracias a esos brasilienos, pero nunce se lo digo, hahaha
I’m really good at
Ich spreche eine bischen deutsch.

I'm really good just laughing at myself. why take things so serious all of the time? people who can't laugh at themselves but say are very, VERY confident are just fooling themselves. if you you're someone who can't laugh at yourself, I feel sorry for you....afterall, we're on an online dating site, COME ON! I'm really good at anything I set my mind on doing. except this online dating thing. maybe going to a pay site will be better?
READING. as simple as it sounds, reading is a way we learn. knowledge is power.
eventhough I haven't done it in such a long time, I love to cook. being cuban of course I can cook cuban food but I can cook almost anything. I've prepared lots of food from all over latin america, parts of asia, and few places in between. email me and I'll be more specific about this part.
As much as I'm confident in my cooking, I'm going to start baking more. why do I have so many friends who are diabetic? haha

Y que hablo mas de un idioma.
The first things people usually notice about me
Ich Spreche sehr bischen deutsch.

My eyes, that I speak spanish, my willingness to laugh at the smallest things and even laugh at myself. laughter is such great medicine.

I'll always have a smile on my face. I'll smile even larger if I eat food that is delicious, its completely involuntary. if you haven't eaten something so good that you don't smile...I feel sorry for you. good food = joyous moments.

I find the smile of children to be very infectious. there view of the world is pretty awesome. kids are people, too (so I've heard.)

I'm so deep in thought sometimes that I sorta...kinda...stumble over my own words sometimes. I may ramble on, but its just one of my lil foibles that just seems to make me AWESOME!

Si, yo hablo Espanol. es uno de los idiomas que se.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love Moby Dick my first copy I ever bought of that book is so completely destroyed, it was practically a safety "BLANKY" the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe still blow
my mind. stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes the hamster wheel of my head go into overdrive...and yes, I did love Sherlock Holmes I've really enjoy alot of Robert Downey Jr flix
over these recent years...Kiss Kiss, Bang BangGarden State (I have such a thing for Natalie Portman) Iron Man just to name a few.Simon Pegg and Will Ferrel are comedy geniuses. Japanese samurai and gangster flix are so awesome. Fight Club is a good movie, even better book.
who needs drugs when you have music?? I could listen to almost anything...Jimi Hendrix and The Doors to classical stuff the next thing. as much as I find a thrill with music
I don't own an Ipod whats the point in having your entire music library on your person?? if there is anything I like more than music, it has to be food. being cuban of course
I have to say [cuban food]] first...and thats ok with me, haha. being in So Cal, how can you not have a fave Mexican food joint??? a good cheesecake can be almost as, if not better than mediocre sex. a lil over a year ago I was introduced to 7 layer dip
and fell in love almost immediately. I could go on n on about food...but I'll just end my love of food with OREO's ...YOU'RE WELCOME!!!
Six things I could never do without
(1) ANYTHING that will get me thinking about everything. (2) cars (3) friends (4) people watching (5) Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (6) You?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why must I always have a "THING" for the smart,passionate,caring and all around put together RIGHT woman who always seem to have a "THING" for the complete a$$hole thinking they can change him?!?!? and as of lately I've found out they're catholic, too!!! Dios, AYUDAME!!!

Does "The Girl Next Door" truly exist in this day and age?

The best thing in life you can be is yourself.

the number 42 ?

Where to travel to....Europe...Asia...South Africa?!?!?!?

...I think to much about the damn people on here and why so many respond so selectively. this is a site to meet people...so why wouldn't you want to correspond? alot of guys are A-holes, but why not take a chance ladies???

...and as I've been spending an inordinate amount on OKcupid recently, I've been thinking about how much of a meat market this site is.

Watching (in part) the Super Bowl, I'm thinking when in the heck the Gracie Barra soccer league will start. I want to get started playing some Soccer. Yeah, I know I'm technically "LATINO," but the sport will always be called SOCCER to me. football is that thing here in LA that we just do not have.

Why the hell I am single! I know I am a G-R-E-A-T guy. sure, I'm fugly and furry...but still, COME ON!!! (j/k of course.) you should totally get in touch with me abd just find out how much of a great guy I am.

food is always on my mind. not just eating what I like, but eating whats right. (Cotton Candy is AWESOME!)

in life, we don't have as much time as we believe.

The Dodgers . Love them so, but have not been to a home game since the O'Malley's sold them to the evil fox corporation.

Will I see some other part of the world?

L-O-V-E...and how much I want it. (Bwaaahhhh, I know)

pienso de lo mejor Y lo malo en este mundo. me gusta las cosas bueno. es loco, lo se.

tambien de que voy hacer ESTE domingo, Y tu?
On a typical Friday night I am
recovering from BJJ...wanting to stay in more just so I can devote more time to reading...thinking of the latest movie that I've seen at the local multi-plex and about why I either hated it or enjoyed it so much.

I'd say in search of inspiration, but I do that in only in days that end in "Y"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you ask for it, I just MIGHT give you my real phone number. coming across so many profiles saying they're not cool with with date sites, I'm willing to go right past Okcupid and get to talking.

At a serious cuban/human rights event recently, Perez Hilton himself totally checked me out.

As much as I love to read, I really don't care to own a kindle or any sort of E-book reader. something about the tactile sensation of a book.

I'll always have a weak spot for ice cream, but am a TOTAL sucker for Coldstone Creamery...OMG YES!!!

as much as I am "MAS MACHO" I love Coldplay. I've also grown an appreciation for The Cure.

for the life of me, I'll never get polyamory. monogamy is not a bad thing.

I want to meet my wife on a blind date. my parents met that way and were happy for over 20 years. my mother was my dad's best friend.

My life is (almost entirely) an open book...all you have to do is ask.

Yahoo messenger: miguelis1

Twitter: thestraggler

Facebook: ...com/thestraggler

sigo buscando amor. no tengo lo mejor experencias con eso. voy a segir luchando.

busco mucho, pido poco

quieres mi telefono, te lo doy.
You should message me if
...if you're really interested in getting to know someone, AND letting someone get to know you, too.

if you're intelligent , caring , considerate, understand that with good times....there will be bad times. if you're someone that is inspiring and looking for someone to inpsire you.

are you simply amazing?

...if you'd want someone to have fun with. I may not fit any mold you may have, but you won't regret it.

...if you want to go check out a Dodger game.

...If you know that irregardless, vice-a versa, conversate and other such words are NOT actual words.

...If you're someone who doesn't ignore the negative, but lives life in the positive. a "cup half full" type.

You know what is an "autodidact" and can appreciate it.

If you're someone I can bring home to meet my 84 year old dad. he speaks lil english and alot of spanish. (you don't need to speak spanish. FYI)

essentially, I'm looking for a woman of substance , if thats you, I'd love to hear from you. you're amazing and its COMPLETELY infectious. the room seems to brighten just enough when you enter the room.

...last but not least, you should message me if you want. any journey always begins with the first step.

Empieza con una sonrisa. sera la sonrisa?
Si quieres un amigo. me gustara tener una amiga nueva. eso el segundo.

Me encantara mucho si sabes Y hablas espanol. tengo problemas escribiendolo, o yo lo hablo muy bien. si eres alguien muy feliz. si tu puedes contrar lo mejor en todo (o casi todo) me gustara a concerte mas.

Eres comelona? sabes de la alegria que viene con comiendo comido delicioso?

Si quieres un amigo. me gustara tener una amiga nueva.
The two of us