42Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
What can I say? I am intense (trying to knock that below 11 with the move to Canada), aware, warm and funny (just unclear on the haha vs weird) and see a lot of beauty in the world. I don't hide from the ugliness either, or rather, don't pretend it's not there. I desperately try my best to take care of everyone within range. When the inevitable hits the fan, I relax. this composure in a storm is responsible for a fair bit of my self-confidence. I'm jewish and it is a part of my identity, well, in the ex-Soviet way: atheist, scientist, etc. Spent a helluva lot of time in school, and, luckily, there's so much more to learn. Outdoorsy, and I love to play, but not with people. I make my best effort to be like Horton, and saying what i mean and meaning what i say. The words "I love you" mean something and everything, and I will never go far in a relationship if it's not there
What I’m doing with my life
Got to Canada in December 2016 for a job but lucked out in a few other ways. I am a test engineer/systems engineer/instrumentation scientist. I know nothing about everything, as opposed to knowing everything about nothing. I had built a lot of things and will build more. But I will go further in everything with the right girl near me, and she will get further in her pursuits with me by her side.
I’m really good at
over-analyzing things. going on tangents but coming back very quickly. napping
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have to feel a strong connection to something (well, music/movies/books, this is less important for food) for me to like it. it seems that for music and movies, mid-seventies is the time period i'm particularly drawn to. maybe the same would be true for literature, but i tend to read mostly non-fiction.

Nashville (definite #1), M, Rashomon (not so much for the subjectivity of truth, but for the humanity of the characters), Paths of Glory, Barry Lyndon, Manhattan, The Player, Blood Simple, Clerks, Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction, The Conversation, Adaptation, 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', Dog Day Afternoon,Hudsucker Proxy, Blues Brothers, Slap Shot. My favorite documentary is 'The Bridge'. TV: Cheers (to me, Sam/Diane is the most authentic love story told on screen, movies included), Newsradio, 30 Rock, Barney Miller, Twilight Zone (some favorites: 'five characters in search of an exit','the hitchhiker', 'the grave', 'the after hours', 'the passerby', 'a passage for trumpet',"come wonder with me". Outer Limits "Borderland" and "The Inheritors"

Russell's "History of Western Philosophy", "Guns, Germs, And Steel", "Little Prince", Saint-Exupery, , "War and Peace", "The God Delusion", "Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind", " The Guns of August", "Japan's Longest Day", "Inferno", "The Unfolding of Language". Favorite childhood author was O'Henry

Let there rock: Deep Purple (Pictures of Home is my favorite song along with Lazy it always gets lost behind Smoke on the Water on that album), Dire Straits, NIN, Concrete Blonde, Hound Dog Taylor, Doors, GNR (Don't Damn Me is one underrated song), Queen. Simon/Garfunkel and the Russian guitar bards, Vysotsky, Okudzhava and Nikitiny for my more lyrical side. "i Chimgan osveschaet dorogu moju, i bezumno prekrasen soboju..." In fact, Pictures of Home + Okudzhava's 'Francois Villion's Prayer'+ "Ballada o Bor'be" by Vysotsky, with its 13-year-old-like idealism and romanticism, describe a big chunk of how i feel (we left ussr when i was 13, so it's a breakpoint). Flamenco/classical guitar too, Paco de Lucia, Sergio and Odair Assad, and their sister Badi, she's just magical, find a youtube clip of her, you won't be disappointed
Six things I could never do without
-confidence that i will find the right paths and get to where they lead
-being able to step back
-hope that i will find her and she will find me when we are both ready
-ability to see a lot and feel a lot, without anything fading away
-long walks
-my car
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why do people feel more comfortable with narrow view points, making enemies out of a large fraction of the world, as opposed to seeing some validity in other opinions. This does not seem like an evolutionary advantage. Basically, why are there no bell curves in areas where one would expect a bell curve

Are the deer here larger than normal or were the deer in California too small

Johnette Napolitano's ..Can we promise love is it all too much and do our old souls still believe it... crosses my mind at times
You should message me if
You want to go to places that locals would be too smart to go to. And people who end sentences with prepositions don't bother you. Much.

You are looking for a relationship where each can be themselves to the fullest. Where, while two become one in one sense, each becomes even stronger in being an individual. Where we are responsible for one another, and yet are more free to be ourselves in the world knowing that someone who knows us well will stop us from falling and catch us if we do.

And if you want to build a home with a person who, despite the rantings here, doesn't take himself very seriously, and who puts his heart fully into everything he does.
The two of us