33Bartlesville, United States
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My self-summary
I'm Mike. I'm a generally laid-back guy, if something doesn't matter much to me I'm not going to fight about it, but when it comes to things that I believe in I'm steadfast in my beliefs. I have what I've come to believe is an above-average level of morality, integrity, and honesty, so you don't have to worry about me lying to you or cheating on you, I've had that happen to me, and refuse to put anyone through what I had to. I do what I believe is right, even when it isn't the easiest path.

I've never been an extroverted 'people' person. I'm a close-knit friend person. I like hanging out with 1-5 friends for board/card games, a camping trip, movies dinner whatever.

I'm a man of integrity with kind instincts but a devious sense of humor. I can be serious while still keeping it fun, and making jokes along the way. I will teach you many things, and also be prepared to learn from those that know something I don't. I don't take myself too seriously, and often make fun of myself lightheartedly, but understand I know my true worth, and I learn the value of others.

I guess I should say I'm a bit of a geek as well... I enjoy fantasy and science-fiction books and movies. I'm also a bit of a computer gamer (not WoW) but not at the expense of hanging out with friends, I'll almost always do something with real people before I plop in front of the computer (the 'almost' depends on what we're going to do... going to get wasted drunk isn't something I care for)

Nothing else is really coming to mind, but I'm willing to talk and answer questions, so if there's something I didn't explain well, just ask.

I am very sarcastic, stubborn, altruistic and moral
What I’m doing with my life
I just got out of the army (5 years, spent in Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Colorado Springs). I've recently moved to Urbana, Illinois where I am now going to school.

I'm an assistant scoutmaster at my old Boy Scout troop, doing my best to be a moral and responsible role model for growing teenage guys. So my monday nights, and one weekend a month I spend teaching them and doing my best to guide them to be better men.
I’m really good at
Well... I guess thinking things out. I'd like to think I'm intelligent which kind of gives me a slight advantage when 'picking things up' and trying stuff out for the first time. I guess I could call myself a 'jack of all trades'. I find it easy to be 'good' at things, but I rarely seem to 'excel' in any of them. I seem to be a person that others like to come to for advice (that they never seem to follow...but wish they had) I think I have better control over my emotions than other people, and can think through even difficult situations. But don't let that fool you into thinking there isn't more than meets the eye. Still waters run deep.

I can admit when I'm wrong and change my opinion when proven so. However that also means I expect to be heard when I'm right and require more than a "no you're wrong" or "shut up" when trying to convince me I'm not. Such lines of defense only prove to me that the other party isn't only wrong, but knows it and refuses to be admit the fault.

I'm apparently good with dogs and kids... Whenever I go over to a friend's house and they have a dog that 'never likes anyone' it always seems to like me.

I'm also apparently a really good 'pseudo' or 'adopted' brother. Most of the women I know really like me as a friend and consider me their best 'guy' friend. But I just never seem to be the actual BOY friend. Don't get me wrong, I like having good close friends, but it would be nice to be the one someone snuggled up to for a change.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've rather long hair for a guy. It's just a thing I did after I got out of the army, where I had to get my head shaved every 2 weeks for 5 years. So I'm growing it out as my way of giving the army the finger... I have no idea how long i'll let it grow, but I'll cut it whenever it becomes inconvenient.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Like Epic Fantasy books;
The Lord of the Rings (I actually read the books way before the movies came out, I'm not "hopping on the bandwagon")
Robert Jordan's : THe Wheel of Time
Terry Goodkind's: The sword of truth
C.S. Lewis':The Chronicles of Narnia
Read quite a bit of fantasy and sci-fi in my time. Back when I was like 10-12 I used to read books intended for adults, and still read before going to bed each night.
I'm also idly working on writing a book of my own. I have quite a few ideas, but seem to be missing something to be able to actually finish it.

Just for a few examples
B) I own like 500 dvd's (where most of my the money that I do spend goes I guess) so I guess I like a little bit of everything. I don't particularly like war movies or horror movies but most others are great. TV shows I've liked are simpsons, family guy, southpark, bones, angel/buffy, stargate SG-1/Atlantis (don't care for the newer one)
C) No rap, Country, Gospel, or Heavy Metal.. other than that it ranges from Metallica to Enya, Chicago to Aerosmith and countless others. Seriously, had 2 of my friends listen to my ongoing pandora station and they both were surprised by the wide variety, not only in genre, but in release date as well. I absolutely love good music and almost always have some playing. It was a sad day when Pandora went to subscription.

I'm not the best cook in the world, but I have mastered the art of making a few select dishes which currently include; Spaghetti, Chili, Brownies (often times referred to as 'orgasmic' =D, and various types of hamburger helper. I also have a hard time telling when I'm actually hungry... I've gone a few days without food without even realizing it... and it is common place for me to only eat once a day. I'm not picky about food... but I do have the belief that any food can be improved by adding one (or more) of bacon, cheese, or chocolate. Seriously... try and think of a food that wouldn't be improved by adding at least one of those 3... thats right, You can't do it (if you do. Message me... else I won't believe it)
Six things I could never do without
Internet- Lets face it... I'm on it right now, get online daily and surf for any knowledge I find myself lacking.... or to just play games =D
Music- Like I mentioned before I love listening to music. If you can sing or play an instrument I've got a weak spot for that.
Love- Something I think everyone needs in their life. If we didn't neither of us would be on OKC right now would we?
Movies-Great entertainment that doesn't cost a lot of money and lets you be someone else or go somewhere else for a while.
Friends- At the end of your life it isn't so much what you did, but rather, who you did it with.
Honesty- I cannot stand lies... The world would be a much better place if we were incapable of lying or deceiving in anyway. I hate lies, and do my best not to do it.
(not in order)
And, perhaps most importantly--
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Uh... various things I guess... I wanna write a book, but I'm still working on the concept and where I want it to go.
Past mistakes (gotta learn from em) and where I'll be 5 years from now
sometimes trying to understand people.
How it is that we've populated every cornor of the globe, broken the sound barrier, landed on the moon, created computers that can sit on a pinhead and cured almost every ailment that plagues humanity... but apparently we can't make cough syrup that doesn't taste absolutely vile.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm normally just hanging out with my friends, either at the movies, or eating out, or even just chilling n watching a movie. A couple of friends and I get together every week or 2 to play board games... which half the time turns into us just chilling out and having a fun time bullshitting. I really don't like large crowds (bars/malls, especially at Christmas, etc) I used to volunteer with a local boy-scout troop and miss hanging out with those kids.

One day a week I hang out with friends at my place and we play board games and 'shoot the shit' while we make fun of each other for stupid little things.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm looking for a new best friend since mine just moved out of state. So feel free to message me if you just want to do something fun, don't worry about awkward forced romance. I prefer women more than men as friends and can do platonic relationships. If something comes from that, great! But I'm not really looking for casual sex.
You should message me if
1)You want to come over and spend hours talking about nothing while playing board/card games with friends.
2)You have figured out a type of food that would NOT be improved on by adding either cheese or bacon or chocolate.
3)You're a nice girl looking for a nice guy that doesn't mind giving you his coat when it's raining, opening the door for you, or cooking dinner.
4)You're looking for a guy that can actually be "just a friend" that isn't just waiting for a chance to get you drunk.
5)You're looking for the other half of your soul and think I might know where it is.
6)You're sick of idiot guys that ask "what color are your panties" or "do you put out" or "can I watch you shower" in the first 10 minutes of talking with you. Seriously some guys have no respect.
The two of us