42Cork, Ireland
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My self-summary
2013: this profile is basically dormant. There's really not much point in messaging me.

Half Dutch, half Finnish by parentage, Irish-ish by upbringing. Geek, cat person. Confused polyglot - this thing doesn't let you list enough languages (missing from my list are German, Irish and Latin, but it's not like I use them, and I can barely get by in them anyway, so... *shrug*).

No hablo español muy bien, pero he visitado Cuba una vez, unas años despues, y he hablado con mucha gente en español sin muchas problemas. Si mi profil en ingles está mucho dificil a comprender, enviarme un email, y nos podemos discutir todo!

Bonjour, s'il y a quelquechose en anglais sur mon profile que vous ne comprends pas, vous pouvez m'emailer en français et demander un traduction! À bientot!

Ik ben half 'n nederlander, half fins, en half iers. Te veel halven? Welkom bij mijn wereld...

Någon dag hittar jag tid att skriva nåt på svenska också, men till dess får man gärna maila mig på svenska, eller finlandssvenska ännu bättre :)

I am godless, commie, and subversive
What I’m doing with my life
2013: this profile is basically dormant. There's really not much point in messaging me.

(date unknown): I want to travel more - a lot more; thus far I've only really covered northwestern Europe and some of the US, and would like to go somewhere more off the beaten track. I also hope to go euro road tripping soon. Wanna come?

Long overdue update (2004): I went to Cuba. That place rocked, even if my trip turned out to be a comedy of errors. Damn US embargo...! I hope to go there again soon, before it turns into just another Caribbean spring break resort.

Even more overdue update (2007): So, I've finally finished college (comp sci... sigh) and I still don't know what I want to do with my life. Any ideas, anyone?

More 2007: Well, those nice people in the Mathsoc paid for me to go to Bulgaria with them. This rocked, especially when things got a bit random towards the end. Yay! I wanna go back there now... :/

Yet more 2007: Yay! I finally graduated! It only took me 6 years! Now, if only they hadn't announced me in absentia. And then re-announced me - as the female version of my name. And then handed me somebody else's degree in social sciences, instead of my own one in computer science... though on the bright side I did get to swap it for my own degree shortly afterwards.

January 2008: In a moment of insanity I bought a completely ridiculous bright yellow monster truck on eBay which I (jokingly, I think) refer to as my midlife crisis present to myself; next project is to turn it into a camper for a big mad European road trip. This should be fun!

April 2008: I've decided the road trip will begin late July - early August, take several weeks, and cover perhaps 15-20 countries, hopefully including Bulgaria as I'd like to see it again.

Think I might take 5-10 days driving there (sightseeing along the way), 10-20 days exploring Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania and thereabouts.

All change. How much of this can I fit in in a month? Starting from Ireland: France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, and back to Ireland.

Hmm. I might hold off on the really hot countries until Christmas-time, and concentrate on the colder countries for now.

Oooooh! I just found out about CouchSurfing - that sounds like fun! Squee!

Yeah, I know I could use okcupid's journal thing for these updates. However I started doing this long before okcupid gained the journal feature, and I'm happy to stick with putting my very intermittent musings on here.

October 2008: Right, big mad road trip on hold: quitting work and starting a masters in maths. Watch out, UCC!

January 2009: Okay, so the world went a bit arse over tit after I started my masters, and I'm a lot poorer than I was expecting to be. Roll on, grant! Trying to come up with a plan for after the masters. Given my interest in mapping, I'm thinking I might see if I can go do some sort of postgrad type thing in GIS or some related subject.

March 2010: Been back in the "real world" (i.e. in gainful employment) for a while now, but still trying to get the masters finished when I'm not at work or generally procrastinating. I've discovered that moving house twice within two months (long story, involving a landlady from hell) results in an awful lot of procrastination opportunities (and much confusion for the cats, too)... so now I live walking distance from work, in a lovely small town not too far from Cork! Yay! The sillymobile is out on loan to a friend who'll actually make good use of it.

October 2011: and now it looks like I'm moving to the big smoke, with a much smaller sillymobile. Bike superseded by gimpstick though, at least for now :/

January 2012: cancel that! Just started a job in environmental research - and I get to stay in Cork! Yay!

I’m really good at
Let's see... I tend to be good at sciencey stuff (at least I hope I am, as I work in science) and less good at artsy stuff... *sigh* that said, apparently I'm really good at listening to people, which doesn't really fit with the science geek image. Oh noes, failure to conform to stereotype! Get in the car!! There are lions!!! (Forget Norway.)

Oh. Being random. That's it.

Relating to kids - a friend of mine reckons I get on so well with her two year old "because I can come down to her level with no effort". Which I think is a polite way of saying I'm still a child :-)

I was pleasantly surprised when my salsa instructor told me I didn't have three left feet as I had thought. Yay! Update: but that was before I became semi-dependent on a crutch to get around.
The first things people usually notice about me
Possibly how woeful my sense of humour is :)

"Omigod it's so small and cute!" - about the laptop I'm using. What did you think they were talking about? - I don't get this one so much any more since netbooks became popular.

I lost a finger as a result of a cycling accident (hence 'minus1'), but apparently people don't notice that as much as I would expect.

At the moment I'm semi-dependent on a crutch to get around. I can walk without it, but slowly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

I tend to read non-fiction (pop sci, social commentary) slightly more than fiction. I'll exclude reference works, because listing them would make me look insufferably geeky. Not that I'm not insufferably geeky, you understand, but I don't let it permeate right to the core of my being. Or do I? Who knows. Anyway - I'll start by listing non-fiction authors: Dawkins, Hofstadter, Wolfram, Chomsky, Moore, Pinker, Klein; Bryson, Palin (Michael, not Sarah). Yes, I'm a godless pinko commie subversive. If that's a problem, move along now.

Now if that lot hasn't made you run away screaming... in fiction I tend to like old SF: Adams, Asimov, Harrison, Heinlein. Pratchett's discworld stuff can be good light reading too but I've never been fanatical about it; Holt and Sharpe are fun too. I also like detective/thriller fiction - Brookmyre, Evanovich, Hiaasen, Doyle. And then there's the ones one just doesn't know how to categorise, like Lewycka or Gaiman.


In no particular order: Life of Brian. Blues Brothers. Cruel Intentions. Empire Records. Most Bond films. Habla con Ella (Talk to Her). My Life Without Me. Goodbye Lenin. Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain. Delicatessen. Belleville Rendezvous. Pirates of the Caribbean. Kill Bill (vols 1 and 2). It's All About Love. Chicago. Bubba Ho-Tep. Secretary. Love Actually. Yeah, I know, that's an eclectic, even inconsistent, assortment - nobody said I was sane :) I want to see more Almodóvar films. update: Yay! HMV had €60 off the box set!

Let's continue... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (even if it did seem a bit Memento-meets-Groundhog-Day). Memento. Lupin 3: Castle of Cagliostro. Twelve Monkeys. Brazil. The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen. The Fifth Element. The Ninth Gate. Leon. The Big Lebowski. Fargo. The Ring. Shrek (1+2). Ice Age (despite the *major* continuity error!). Monsters Inc. Shaun of the Dead.

Don't *ever* see Las Horas del Dia (Hours of the Day). That is the worst and most boring film I've ever seen in my entire life. Look it up on imdb for more... mind you, I thought Annie Hall was almost as bad, and lots of people love that...

Oh, Fahrenheit 9/11 was good, if worrying and scary. Some time I must see Bowling for Columbine, and Roger and Me.

TV series

I don't watch TV per se (I don't have a TV - yes, I'm such a rebel, me. Or maybe life just seems simpler without it), but I do like to buy used (yes, I'm a cheapskate) box sets of some series such as CSI, the X-Files, the Simpsons, Futurama or Family Guy to watch over dinner when I don't have time to watch something longer.


In honesty, not really that bothered about music. I can't think of anything I really like from the last decade or so. My current mix CD for the car has Beatles, Queen, U2, Guns n Roses, Cardigans, Tom Lehrer, Dire Straits and Pulp. I must confess to a secret liking for anything really crap and earwormy (Kenya, Kenya Kenya Kenya!)


Ooh, now we're talking. I'll eat almost anything, with the exception of the more heinous forms of fast food; I particularly like Italian, Indian, Indonesian (not that one can get it in Ireland), Chinese,... at home, though, I try to err on the side of healthy eating.


Questionable Content (link), xkcd (xkcd), Lesbian Pirates (link), Ugly Hill (link), Cyanide and Happiness (link), Pearls before Swine (link), Dilbert (link).

Yes. I know. Okcupid doesn't ask about webcomics. Go on, live dangerously. Volunteer something extra on your profile, today!

Six things I could never do without
Again, in no particular order, and excluding the obvious basic necessities, just in case that isn't clear, and possibly also in case you hadn't realised quite how pedantic I can be:

(Lol-)cats (also known as the forces of chaos, particularly Kali).

Communications media, particularly books and films (both of which I have a massive backlog of to catch up on) and naturally the internet (on which I waste lots of time and hence am losing all hope of catching up on my backlogs) so I can keep in touch with friends, most of whom seem to have moved very far away from me... I would like to explicitly exclude the medium of television from this list. I didn't even bother hooking up the antenna when I moved house; I use my projector pretty much exclusively for watching (too many?) films.

Love, and sex - why do those two sometimes seem inextricably intertwined, sometimes like two sides of the same coin, and sometimes like they're not even part of the same universe?


Computers (even though I hate them).

Good food.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

Okay okc, this question used to be something like "I'd swap my brain with" and I had "one that was less prone to ADHD..."

I guess now I'll go with "something I wasn't thinking about 5 minutes previously" :)

Oh - you wanted a serious answer? Let's see... the past, the present, the future; what to do with all my stuff when I go road tripping (possibly trying to make this coincide with not having the overhead of having a house to pay rent on).

I moved house recently and discovered that I have over 30 crates of books, and a ridiculous amount of electronic gadgetry. I think some of it may have to hit Freecycle. You're not getting my crate of travel books though, or the crate of maps.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn vs the Flying Spaghetti Monster

On a typical Friday night I am

Meeting couchsurfers or kinky people; working; sleeping; or mapping the planet (is it valid to give multiple different "typical" answers?).

More recently, I hitchhiked due to boredom and randomness (well... it was slightly more complicated than that).

update: ...and then I joined the polluting masses and got a car. Much guilt ensues, but damn it's liberating not having to rely on Irish public transport.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I'm always naked under my clothes.

The largest sexual organ is the brain. It's true, you know.

I don't get much of a kick out of bewildering people, on okc or elsewhere. Honest.

I have a very strong sense of karma and social conscience (and I'm working on getting more assertive/activist about it); I'm not at all religious - I'll grant that religion has a purpose as a social construct to encourage people to "do the right thing", but I think in most cases it singularly fails in this...

My cats like to watch people showering. It doesn't bother me, but freaks the hell out of some of my couchsurfers...

Superficial people bug the crap out of me. If you judge people by something inconsequential like whether, oh I dunno, their jacket matches their socks or something... don't bother messaging me. Really.

Similarly, if you live your life according to the wishes of some invisible friend, then really don't bother. This especially includes Jesus freaks.

At the top of my profile it says I'm bi - consider that an approximation.

I have a few kinks.

You should message me if

...you're awesome!

...you feel like it.

...if you know why lions would make me think of Norway rather than, or as well as, some other country like, say, Kenya.

...if the length of my profile does not intimidate you.

...if you're curious about the surprisingly vibrant and welcoming kink community in Ireland - ask me about fetlife!

...you're fishing for your complement.

...or if the above line amuses or enrages you :)

...you're a grammar Nazi (extra points if you care to point out deficiencies in my grammar)

By the way: "message me" doesn't mean woo. Messaging implies message content. Capiche? Update:They added woo-blocking! Yay! Isn't it great? (Hmm. My okc profile may be showing its age somewhat here, given that it's now years since okc added woo-blocking. It's evolving continually, honest - my profile that is, not the woo-blocking. (Further edit: they've now renamed woos to winks. I'm still blocking 'em.))

The two of us