37Irving, United States
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My self-summary
I am a fun-loving, laid back, chill kinda guy.
Briggs Meyers: INTP (note: this is the closest any assessment can assess me, I am actually a very dynamic individual that is more than meets the eye, ..someone who absolutely can NOT be judged by a physical cover. I am definitely a unique individual, in a class all its own. ) My personality type is most closely related to as half beta/half sigma with a mysterious air filling in the gaps.

Raised in the suburbs and grew up in a military town, but streetwise and have been down many hard roads in my lifetime, so strife is the backbone of my soul.

Im very artistic, love to draw and write my own novels as spare time permits. I would love to meet someone who also has artistic skills, not necessary, but would be cool.

I love video games and am somewhat of a nerd when it boils down to it., the cool type of nerd...not the uncool type. If youre not a gamer..or dont appreciate games to some degree, or loathe video games, Im not your guy.

I can be very romantic and affectionate, Im very touchy feely once a relationship has been established. My heart is the hugest part of my body, and ironically my heart has taken the most damage and seems to be only held together with rubber cement, glue and masking tape from enduring scorn at various times in my life.

I like all kinds of music, but classic rock seems to be my staple, and like old school rap as well as some country and some pop, and other kinds here and there.

Van Halen is my favorite band. If you loathe them, move on, we will clash. You dont have to be a die hard fan, just have some level of appreciation for them.

Some info on me: no children, never been married, nonsmoker, hardworking, drugfree. I am a nice guy who values simple pleasant times together, and believes in treating someone with respect.

I am marriage minded and believe in the integrity of the relationship. Its really hard to find that special someone these days. Its takes a lot of time, patience & communication for the relationship to foster. A lack of qualities or devotion to the relationship can slowly tear at the fabric of the relationship. I dont tend to be superficial when it comes to getting to know someone.

I dont pretend to be someone im not, I dont try to go over the top to impress someone everytime and paint myself as someone im not. Im me and im true each time. I want to be your lover, but more importantly..Your best friend.Someone you can confide in., with arms always to comfort you, ears that always care, eyes that admire the beauty of you (both inner and exterior), and the soul of my heart that will always nurture yours.

People spend their whole lives looking for that special love, they look everywhere, sometimes even searching the world over. That very love your looking for could be a lot closer than you realize. Part of that special love, in fact, 50% of that beautiful love begins with you. Do you love yourself?, if not, how can you begin the road to love someone else? If you dont cherish and love yourself, how can you expect t to someday radiate love onto your children?

Finding that perfect love begins with you, and once you feel you have attained a certain plateau of well-being, the results will slowly pay off in spades.

You may not find your mate overnight, next week, or even next year..But you will soon enough find that one youve been looking for. Someone who respects and love themselves just as much as you care for yourself. Someone who is committed to the relationship. Someone who voices "we" instead of "me". I have been down a lot of hard roads, learning many lifelessons of love, friendship, relationships and the like. Im not perfect (just like no one is), but the lessons I have learned have built me into a better person over time.

I no longer wear rose colored glasses when it comes to looking for a mate. I dont have superficial or unrealistic requests. I look into their heart as much as possible to try to discover the true love that may reside their. For exterior beauty can fade, but the love and compassion of the heart shines on forever.

More about me: I am easy-going, relaxed in nature, yet can be wild and adventurous as well. I like to drink green tea for its health benefits. I like to work out regularly at my local gym, and wouldnt mind finding a workout partner to join me in a friendly game of either racquetball or tennis. I am also studying massage therapy and tend to be a great massuese. I am young-at-heart and am usually mistaken for being younger than I am.

I would like to become a good husband and a terrific father someday, but these are my goals and I realize that they must start by meeting the right lady. I am an avid film lover. I own over 1,000 films in my own collection, and have an active netflix subscription to boot.

I am a right-brained introvert , but has extrovert tendencies, especially in regards to my affinity of pursuing the outdoors. Nothing like fresh air or watching a tranquil sunset, or laying out under the stars on a twilight evening. I also love to cook and used to do so professionally in a fomer life.

("when the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear as they truly are:infinite." -William Blake)

On a first date I would like to just go to a local coffee shop and conversate and get to know each other.. we could also play some tennis or go bowling. i also like to go to karaoke bars as well. i am pretty flexible to anything and if the feelings are mutual we can close our eyes and let the night be our guide.

as our relationship progress, the lady would soon learn that i have a very big heart. i care a lot about people in general. i consider myself to be a very compassionate and romantic man. i like to know what she is feeling and thinking and i believe in sharing mutually these emotions with one another to prosper the relationship.

Compared to most other men, i like to talk a lot in the course of a relationship as I feel that communication is crucial to dissolving any possible misunderstandings that can form and elevate into a more dire outcome had both parties not been mutual connection with each other. I am patient and understanding and am looking for someone with similiar attributes.

I like to travel, and am looking for someone who also likes to pursue travel.

i like to cuddle and hold a girl, let her know what she means to me in my life. i am marriage minded, and dream of finding a lady with a huge heart filled with forgiveness, kindness, sincerity and understanding.
What I’m doing with my life
pursuing my dreams and goals.
I’m really good at
see above.
The first things people usually notice about me
my deep brown eyes, kindness, and sometimes humor
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hobbies: art, tennis, music, films, working out at gym, travel, reading, writing,shopping.
Six things I could never do without
You (once I find the girl Ive been searching for my whole life),Van Halen, God, Asian culture, video games, surf culture, the internet....I know, thats 7 and not 6,..but its cool :P
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the future, past, and present.
On a typical Friday night I am
either off or at work. schedule varies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
nothing. gotta get to know me first before we get to share those mutual aspects. :)
You should message me if
youve read the above and feel we share mutual accord.
The two of us