36Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
Newly single, just got out of a long relationship. Ummmm..... So here is a little about me

I am eccentric, kind, and incredibly optimistic.
I am very silly, I never take myself too seriously.
I have a bunch of piercings and a few tattoos.
I find body modifications incredibly sexy.
I’m totally a girly girl but of the low maintenance variety.
I love to dance! I’m really into electro and DnB.
I LOVE all things vintage, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era .
I am a BC chick and I am a wee bit of a hippie.
I have been a piercer for many years but decided it was time for a change so I am back in school. I love the industry and it still owns a big chunk of my heart.

My spelling and grammar are both atrocious so I'm sure there are some mistakes in here somewhere.
What I’m doing with my life
I am working my lil butt of in school. I am very passionate about my program and hope to get an amazing job when this is all over. I surround myself with people who are on a constant quest to better themselves and those who are compassionate, creative and a little out there. I guess you could say I am very spiritual ( do not get that confused with religious) I meditate on the regular and work very hard to strengthen my connection to the universe/god/mother earth/creator .... What eva you wanna call it ;)
I’m really good at
Well, I suppose conversation starting is something I excel at. Growing up I was told I talked way too much but really I think it’s a good thing. I can strike up a conversation with just about anybody haha. Though I am a Chatty Kathy I can be a great listener as well. For some reason random people are always telling me really personal things about themselves. I think it’s because I am a bit odd and they have no fear of judgment.
I would like to think my dance skills are freaking amazing! I have been told I have some pretty sick moves ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
My fiery hair and my septum bling.
The two of us