28College Station, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Devon, and I'm awesome. :) Really, though, I'm 22yrs old and a senior at Texas A&M. It's probably safe to say I'm unlike any girl you've met. Trust me. I love sports, rock music, hate shopping, enjoy video games, and built my own desktop back at home. I love technology and science. Biomedical science rocks my world (yay anatomy/physiology). Learning is a passion of mine, and if it weren't for the crazy cost and exams, I'd want to be a student for life...ha ha. I love cars and know a decent amount "for a girl," and refuse to drive automatic transmissions. I do like being in the kitchen, though...but no sandwich for you.

I love running, finding new ways to exercise, to play sports, and animals. I have tattoos and piercings but remain fairly non-freak looking, depending on who you ask. I know how to be professional and I won't have the piercings forever.

I tend to enjoy the little things in life. Things don't stress me out too much and I rarely ever get angry. I have a way of stepping back and seeing all sides to a situation, usually, which helps with resolving conflict.

I do not smoke, rarely drink (e.g. wine or a margarita with dinner is about as far as I go), and eat pretty darn healthy, especially for a college student. I'd rather spend 100 dollars on healthy groceries that will last 2 weeks than dropping it on alcohol for a weekend. Some people I know think this is crazy. But hey, at least my liver likes me!

Importantly, I love Jesus. There are many, many reasons to back this up.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a senior Health Education major. I'll be heading to nursing school next spring, hopefully. I would love to be a part of a Life Flight (helicopter) team, eventually. I'd also like to get my Master's in Nursing.
I’m really good at
I tend to be pretty witty and sarcastic and have been voted "best sense of humor" among certain friend groups. I love making people laugh, especially in unconventional ways.

I'm also a great listener, conflict resolver, and advice giver.

English, spelling, and grammar. I enjoy using them the way that I was taught. It escapes me why this is now RARE. ^_-

Other random things:
playing volleyball, riding/training horses, meeting the parents, taking exams, writing, having intellectual conversations, cooking, organizing (kind of OCD), driving, memorizing, sudoku, thinking about really odd/weird things...list goes on.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, my laugh, or my hair since it's two-toned occasionally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - anything by Kathy Reichs or James Patterson, the Circle
Trilogy by Ted Dekker, the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander
Dumas, and of course...the Word of God.

Movies - Psychological thrillers, comedies, action...occasionally a
romantic comedy. Not so much chick flicks. I love the Dark Knight,
Finding Nemo, the Horse Whisperer, The Holiday, etc.

Shows - Dexter, Everybody Loves Raymond, the Big Bang Theory, How I
Met Your Mother, Bones, Raising Hope, Reba, and a few others.

Music - I LOVE music and listen to pretty much all genres. My
favorite, however, would have to be rock. I love rock music and
going to rock shows. I'd list my favorite bands, but I don't think
there's enough space... one of my favorite hobbies is finding
new/undiscovered/underground bands.
Six things I could never do without
My two cats
Technology, sadly
A kitchen (I love to cook)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...really random things that leave me wondering if I'm the only human "to think of this." From how things work/became discovered (such as gunpowder), to pretty deep, philosophical thinking. My mind and I get along fairly well.
On a typical Friday night I am
...roaming around this town with friends, watching a movie, or hanging out at this little Eurasian wifi cafe set behind the strip of bars and clubs here. I like to hang out with my friend (who owns/runs the place) while people watching. This usually ends in the same observation... drunk people do stupid things.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I lint-roll my sheets every night before going to bed. Yep.
You should message me if
you agree to the following:
1. You will not proposition a booty-call. I won't even reply, so spare yourself the time it takes to type :P Have some respect, man.

2. You are competent in the English language. This includes basic knowledge and use of grammar.

3. You are funny! I am sarcastic, witty, and love a good bit of banter during conversation. Go on. Make me laugh.

4. You are somewhat intelligent. This is not to be confused with college-educated, having multiple degrees, etc. I've talked to many intelligent people who never obtained these things.

5. You allow me the opportunity to laugh at you if you ask a question that I somehow answered on this page already, showing that you did not even bother reading through what I wrote before replying.

If you message me things like "how was u nite" or "WATS UP" or don't even attempt to add some punctuation to your message, I'm either not going to respond to you, respond to you pointing it out, or will add your message to a growing list that I'll add here as a demonstration of what not to say to me, ha ha.
The two of us