27Spokane, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Megan. I take pride in being eccentric. My socks never match, and often my shoes and earrings don't either. I'm the crazy writer chick in the corner of the coffee shop, writing novels on a typewriter wearing a top hat and sucking on a pipe (empty, lol). I have a wacky sense of humor that anyone I end up with has to understand, if not *actually* share. I find really strange things amusing :P I'm a Christian and my church is really a second home to me.

I play piano and organ (along with French horn, trumpet, handbells, a bit of guitar, etc.), and I love music, especially Broadway musicals. Beethoven is my hero and role model. I'm not happy unless I'm involved with kids in some capacity, though I'm not too interested in having my own. I'm not terribly athletic, but I will do almost anything just to be able to say I've done it. I have a thing about being able to prove I'm tough, so if I'm given a challenge I'll do everything I can to overcome it (even if it's something like eating an anchovy...I hate sea food, heh).

I also have had major depression for eight years, including a past of self-injury. I have some pretty severe scars on my arms that are obviously from self-injury. I need someone happy to balance out my life, who can understand my problems but help me see the positive side to things. I will most likely struggle with mental health issues for the rest of my life, and I need someone who can handle that.

As for what I'm looking for: I hate cooking, I have a cat, and text-speak makes me want to gouge my eyes out with rusty sporks (though I'm completely okay with emoticons). I WILL complain about period pains and you WILL empathize. Willingness to grow facial hair is a definite bonus.

I'm really new to this whole online dating thing, and to be honest I've never even been on a date, much less had a boyfriend. So just know that I'm a complete idiot when it comes to relationships XD

I'd love to hear from you if anything I've said sounds interesting. I'm super lonely, been wanting a relationship for a while but I'm so socially awkward that it's just not happening naturally. So here I am, doing something I swore I'd never do, hoping something good will come from it :)
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently a part-time nanny for two different families and just landed a job at an emergency foster care center in my city. When I'm not working, I spend way too much time goofing off on the internet. I also write poetry and novels and practice piano. After having to leave my master's program, and moving four times in 2011, I'm glad to finally have a place of my own to settle for a little while, and after rushing through school (and life in general), I would be completely happy to continue what I'm doing for the next couple of years. I hope to go back and finish my masters in the not-too-distant future but for now I'm just enjoying being able to relax and focus on improving my life instead of worrying about the future.
I’m really good at
I have played piano for over fourteen years and took up organ a few years ago. I'm a decent poet and have written several novels, though most of them are at some stage of revision. I'm really good at connecting with kids. That seems to be the one thing that keeps me happy and the one area that people usually comment on.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually the only thing people notice about me is that I'm the awkward girl standing in the corner trying to be invisible. Also I have long hair? Haha. Once I get talking to someone one-on-one I can carry on an intelligent conversation and throw in a joke or two, but otherwise, in new situations I pretty much stay in the background until someone comes up to me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I love love love poetry. My collection started out with Emily Dickinson; she was the first to really draw me in. I also love Martin Espada, and as I speak Spanish I enjoy reading Pablo Neruda and Jorge Luis Borges in their original language along with the English translations. Other than that I have lots of textbooks on random things; I'm obsessed with ancient Egypt around the time of King Tut, so I have a couple of books on him, as well as Henry VIII, and books on the lives of composers. I don't do much light reading anymore because I can't stand the writing style of most novels, and no matter how good the story is I can't read it if the writing is bad. I like suspense and stuff, and I completely hate romance novels.

Movies: The ones I can watch over and over are All of Me with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin; Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland; Hello, Dolly; National Treasure; Tangled; The Incredibles; Mamma Mia; and all of the Harry Potter movies (I'm totally a Harry Potter geek). I'll watch pretty much anything besides war movies and westerns. Lately I've taken to psychological horror/thriller movies, especially ones about serial killers, or the ones that just mess with your head (not so much the slasher type).

Shows: Assuming this means TV shows, the best show in the world is Castle, because one of the main characters is a writer and I feel like an insider cuz I get all his writer jokes, and because the characters are amazing. I also watch Body of Proof, Wipeout, Mythbusters, The Jetsons, SpongeBob, The Fairly Oddparents, 48 Hours Mystery, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Face Off...my tastes are pretty diverse :P Oh oh oh and Invader Zim! Best cartoon EVAR.

Music: Broadway, baby! I love musicals. My stand-out favorites are Evita, Phantom of the Opera, and Les Mis. I love the Broadway version of Lion King way better than the movie. Other than that I mostly listen to pop/rock, English or Spanish, and in certain moods I like jazz. Anything but country -_-

Food: Potatoes! I could spend my entire life eating potatoes. And lasagna has kind of become a thing, there's a story behind it. I can manage some Chinese but mostly I'm an all-American cheeseburger girl. Oh and Italian is good too.
Six things I could never do without
Coffee. Love the stuff. It's my main 'comfort food' (though yes, technically not food). When I'm poor, I will buy coffee instead of food. In school I spent hours and hours studying in coffee shops. Whatever mood I'm in, coffee always makes me feel better.

Music. Whether playing it or listening to it, it always moves me emotionally. When I don't have access to a piano it kills me and I become obsessed with finding one, and then I'll just play and play for hours. Sometimes I go to church just for the music and leave before the sermon, haha. And I'll go out of my way to see someone brilliant perform.

My little brother. He's 4.5 years younger than me and he's my best friend. We can talk about anything and we have a lot of fun together. Our main bonding thing is to go to the dollar store, buy a ton of candy, and sneak it into the movies. We watch a *lot* of movies together. After a rather tumultuous relationship with him growing up, I treasure every moment now that we have such an awesome bond.

Kids. I get (even more) depressed if I don't have contact with kids on a regular basis. They always make me so happy. I love watching children learn and grow up. I love playing with them, hearing their stories and what comes out of their imaginations. Being with kids forces me to be okay because I have to stop wallowing in self-pity and think about someone else. And, after many, many years of taking care of kids, it's something I feel very confident in, both in the way of emotionally connecting to kids and managing crises. I'm currently working four different part-time jobs, and all of them involve kids XD I'm addicted to children. In the not-creepy way.

Writing. If I didn't have my writing I don't know what I'd do. For a lot of people, writing is "cathartic" or a way to work through their angst or whatever, but for me it's different. For me, the thing I love about writing is that I get to create something completely new, and I get to immerse myself in that world and get away from real life for a bit. When I'm writing novels, I know each character all the way through, and I'm good at putting myself in their positions and writing accurately. When I write poems, though a lot of them are about depressing or tragic things, I still think that poetry can take something horrible and make it beautiful. Out of all types of literature, I think poetry says the most with the fewest words, so it's a challenge, and incredibly satisfying when I create something I'm happy with.

My church. Not just any church, *my* church. It's the church I grew up in, and in my early college years when I had empty time during the day I would stay there and do homework. I was actually given my own desk for a while, and my name was added to the 'in and out' board for employees :) I became staff when I was thirteen as the kid's choir accompanist, and I'm heavily involved with the children's ministry, as well as music. I love the building itself; it's 125 years old, and I like to go there when there aren't many people there and practice piano in the sanctuary in the light of the stained-glass windows, or wander around trying to get up into the towers and other places I'm not supposed to go ;) I just figured out how to get onto the roof so that was exciting. I know the building inside out, and with my love of the building as well as the staff who work there during the week and the people I've known all my life on Sunday mornings, my church really is a second home to me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The meaning of life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Recovering from a full week of babysitting by lying flat on my back watching cartoons on my computer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm joining an online dating site? Haha.

I can't sleep without my "rag," as my old roommate called it, which is just the middle third of an old cloth diaper :blush:

Umm also I shave my arms? Lots of people find that weird but I've been doing it since I was thirteen so I'm pretty sure it's a habit that's staying for good.
You should message me if
You have a wacky sense of humor and won't be embarrassed by me doing weird things like singing in public or making a spectacle of myself, especially if my crazy younger sister is involved.

You will grow an epic mustache, since I can't.

You can accept that I have pretty major mental illness and think you can handle it. I have good days when I can seem relatively carefree, but I also have days where I can't get myself to get out of bed. So if the good outweighs the bad...I guess we'll see, haha.
The two of us