41 Traverse City, United States
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My self-summary
I'm honest, sometimes to a fault. Always in a state of trying to make myself better. Enjoying life in whatever way possible. I enjoy a good debate, while at the same time don't want to argue all the time! Love getting outside, challenging myself and making the most of it.

I am interested in learning more about green practices, sustainability, natural living, cooperatives, machinery, engines, electricity, solar energy, ideology....

I am a musician -- have played clarinet for as long as I can remember, dabbled in many things, most recently Celtic (yes, I know, not the most traditional of instruments for that genre. Shock) -- love to sing -- along to the radio, karaoke, with others....music truly is the universal language.

I am interested in meaningful conversations with others -- to expand my point of view, to share my experiences, to move forward in my quest for greater knowledge

In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know I'm poly and have a HUSBAND. However, if you know what poly means, none of you are excluded by this fact - from friendship, romance and everything in between! I'm fascinated by the many ways to be poly; I like the aspects of openness, honesty and courage in those you're involved with. That being said, if you're curious or especially have been doing it for a long time (successfully!), I want to talk to you! Don't be shy!

Michiganwriter and I are still very committed to and interested in the poly lifestyle. We would both like to expand our 'family' - to meet like-minded others with whom we can explore spirituality, sensuality and an unbridled enthusiasm for life. If any of what I have written above and below grabs you, please do write and say hi! I promise to respond.
What I’m doing with my life
I work as a deck officer on a Great Lakes freighter. We carry iron ore, coal and occasionally stone. It is a different type of job than many people have, especially being female (though I do not dwell upon nor consider myself different based on my gender). I work with a bunch of guys. It's no big deal and much easier in many ways. I am happy with my life aboard ship and enjoy my time away. At the same time, getting home is a welcome distraction. This means that I am gone for a couple months at a time. Anyone that may potentially be a serious partner for me must be willing to deal with this aspect. Being gone is hard enough without getting a bunch of codependent, whiny, poor-me episodes; acceptance and respect for my chosen profession are non-negotiable requirements!

In my life I have traveled more than some; I very much enjoy the thrill of a new adventure. That being said, meeting someone new, who widens one's perspective or shines new light on the current reality, can have just as transformative an effect as a trip to the Amazon or two weeks backpacking through Europe. I have a somewhat restless soul and I'm always looking to be transported. Whether this is a mind shift or getting off a plane in Iceland - I crave the rush of the unknown and unexpected. That being said, I have not been to Iceland. However I HAVE traveled to Germany/Austria/Switzerland (with my 10th grade German class), Australia (as an exchange student w/ AFS), spent a semester in Ireland at the University of Limerick and also worked at the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii. A good start, but I am by no means finished!
I’m really good at
Getting people to tell me their life story without trying. See the above music stuff. Being open to new experiences. I'm told I am a good listener. I can read a recipe and produce consistent results, but some people think following recipes is for sissies (I think they're very helpful guides!). Kids love me, most animals as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am not afraid to say what I think, or the things that other people seem to be thinking but are afraid to say. It's not uncommon for me to use the 'shock value' approach (but always with other people's comfort level in mind....to a point). My outgoing nature. And perky..... personality
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Gray's Anatomy, Anthony Bourdain, Parenthood, Private Practice, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, Drop Dead Diva, Brothers and Sisters, GILMORE GIRLS, Two Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Restaurant Impossible, Castle, Law and Order SVU, NCIS, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black

NIN, Sarah McLachlan, Sheila Chandra, George Winston, Joss Stone, Daftpunk, Massive Attack, Dave Matthews, Drop Kick Murphys, Altan, Slayer, Supertramp, Donovan, Nick Cave, Swell Season, Delhi2Dublin, Joel Mabus, Josh Turner, Steppin In It, The Ragbirds, Julia Nunes, Metallica, to touch on my eclectic tastes. If it's done well, I'll probably enjoy it.

sushi, Thai, vegetarian, Italian, Chinese..... I'll pretty much try anything once!!

Just as I like well-crafted music, so too as it relates to writing. Currently reading 'Thd Silent Lure' - a murder mystery/thriller - I will have to get an official list of good books going, but for now it's all about entertainment. Mine.
The six things I could never do without
- soul connections
-time spent outside
-coma-like sleep
-people who challenge me
-water - ocean, lake, stream
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what's going on in my immediate reality -- do I like it, am I happy with where I am, what I can do to improve -- others around me who I care about who may be having a hard time. Where I want to go from here....what I'm going to eat later....
On a typical Friday night I am
there is no typical -- having friends over for dinner and enjoying conversation, food, drinks.......having a fire outside.....going dancing/seeing live music....meeting up with friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a tiny obsession with petting bumblebees as they are distracted while feeding on nectar. The looks I get from other people while engaging in this guilty pleasure amuses me to no end.
You should message me if
Mountain Dew or some other type of soda is NOT on your 'i can't do without' list. You're looking to be challenged by someone, you like sweating your ass off in the pursuit of the summit of a large hill or the completion of an important task, you're not afraid of the honesty that simmers deep inside, you're open to discover parts of yourself that have yet to see the light of day, and are not bothered by intensity (better yet, stimulated by it!), and finally, are able to articulate your point of view without being threatened by someone who might disagree and/or ask for clarification. You are not in some way threatened by an 's' at the end of a word and compelled to insert an apostrophe every time you see one. I'm beginning to wonder if there were a couple years there during which all the English teachers were in collusion and agreed to teach the rules of grammar incorrectly for fun. It's the only sane way to explain what I'm seeing.
One other note - in case this has escaped your notice - I'm happily coupled but still very much POLY. If you put in the time and do the work, there IS someone there for you. I'm quietly hopeful and boundlessly excited; in the spirit of full disclosure I feel I should be honest. I am interested in talking to everyone - that being said, I am not exclusive. If you're willing to be fully open and share me, the sky is the limit. Please don't be bashful - if you feel compelled, by all means, say hello!!