41San Mateo, United States
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My self-summary
True story behind this profile is one of my friends after her heartbreak created one and wanted me to help her fill out her profile.. I created one out of boredom or curiosity and so I could help her "look" Several years later she is engaged and despite threats I haven't deleted this thing...yet. I do often deactivate it in frustration from the same spam from same user over and over. I say that with all my online social media things truth be told but this the most cause it is all too strange to me. But if you are seeing this, hey must be feeling social again

I have a love-hate relationship with these websites and filling out these profiles. Right up there with the inane nature that a job interview these days. Or maybe my own memoir or campaign speech. Pick me pick me. Remember me. Ohh shiny.. So what the heck am I doing here? My masochistic tendencies mixed with being an adrenaline junkie, will always lead me to try try again.. Maybe someone will break through the mind numbing monotony and disappointment.

and yes I picked this moniker after Spider-Man. She is my favorite though Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley, Jessica Rabbit would suffice. Or maybe Cherry Valance when I rock it old school. And kids I teach call me "Anna" or Daphne of Scooby Doo.

I can play the role of the hermit and social butterfly. I love museums, movies, thrift stores, coffee, comic books/graphic novels, anime, pop culture, anything and everything music, tattoos, dive clubs/bars, fashion and so on. Although these days I am more prone to being quiet and my idea of a good party has changed.

Bay area born, raised and educated with ties to the peninsula, the city, the south bay as well as Santa Rosa.
I currently live in Foster City. I love the coast from Pacifica to Santa Cruz the best. I love mini road trips, especially to Sacramento/Davis. I feel so at ease and at home there and the drive is lots of fun. I go there a few times a month to visit good friends, to get away and for food and shopping. So also welcome and open to friends in Sac and Yolo

I am quirky, quick-witted, and stylish
What I’m doing with my life
trying to to take it day by day. Sometimes second by second. It is a rat race and I have to try and stop it all at times. I am one of those people that does not want to be defined by their career. Life is too short. Did the school and college thing, and my over-achiever mentality wore me down. Friends, family and memories are what it is all about. I am trying to translate a lot of the negative into positives in my life.

I am working as a teacher's aide and other contract work in mechandising, as I search for full time work. Bit of a challenge but am getting by and will get where I need to be in time, I hope :) I had been working in biomed and clinical research/development, till I was laid off of that job. Figuring out where literally and figuratively I want to go next. I am contemplating a certificate in Autism studies from UC Davis Extension Online, just need to work out funding. I enjoyed clinical work, but my original plan in life had been to work with kids so come first circle. If a job working in research to help a cause related to kids I suppose that would be dream job.
I’m really good at
Staying up all night thinking about everything and nothing all at once.
Have crazy dreams I really should write down and channel my creative energy into using them for work.
Laughing for hours on end for no reason. I am good with the one liners and other silly things
Talking about baseball non stop. I am a virtual encyclopedia.

Doubting myself. Making people laugh. Tripping over my own feet as though drunk although very much sober. Speaking in lyrics, movie quotes or book excerpts. Eliciting the deer in headlights look with my sarcasm. Feeling all at once 16 and 80. Throwing together a stylish ensemble. Showing off my vocabulary.
Losing myself staring at the stars/moon/ocean

running and be a fitness bad ass!

going on adventures with enthusiasm of a child

Being forgiving and kind, even when some don't deserve it

having lots of energy and living a lot "younger" than my technical age

Being a kick ass faithful friend and person. I am pretty humble but I am loyal as can be, and if you are good to me in slightest I will see you through the hardest of times.
Not sleeping and updating silly profiles like this at 2AM. sighs
The first things people usually notice about me
I have redhair....or auburn to be exact. I look younger than my age and a fun sense of style. Cute lil tattoos. I have a picture of one of them on here. It really is a medium penny red I get bored and make it darker or lighter but yes I am a redhead
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Joe Meno, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac, John Steinbeck, Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, Oscar Wilde, Dave Eggers, Aldous Huxley, Shakespeare, and the list goes on. Also a proud comic and Graphic Novel geek. And sometimes for fun, pop culture teenagey junk. Don't hate.

Fight Club. Walk The Line. Ghost World. Pretty In Pink. The Breakfast Club. Party Monster. Spiderman. Laurel Canyon. DeathProof, Breakfast at Tiffany's. X-Men. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Spirited Away. Nightmare Before Christmas. Reality Bites. Requiem for A Dream. All of the Batman movies. A Christmas Story. Pulp Fiction. The Goonies. Neverending Story. American Pie/Wedding.. Mission Impossible. Rushmore. High Fidelity. Boondock Saints. Star Wars. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Empire Records. I Heart Huckabees. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Ghostbusters. American Psycho. There's Something About Mary. A Clockwork Orange. Say Anything. Suspiria. Some Kind Of Wonderful. Little Miss Sunshine. Good Will Hunting. Can't Hardly Wait. Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, Princess Mononoke. MILK. Anchorman. Superbad. Rum Diary.

TV: I watch and rewatch Criminal Minds almost obsessively. I think I crave the adrenaline rush. And I get to use all of my psychology and whatever else so my education wasn't a wash right? Jeopardy, Scrubs, Family Guy, and the Simpsons. Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory also

Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Interpol, Cold War Kids, Band of Horses,The Cure, Florence + The Machine, Ferry Corsten, Archer Nation, She and Him, Sublime,The Faint, Kings of Leon, James Durbin, The Killers, Lana Del Rey, MSTRKRFT, The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, Kissing Club, DJ Shadow, The Smiths, Damien Rice, Neon Trees, Joy Division, Fiona Apple, Lou Reed, Shiny Toy Guns, Jeff Buckley, DMB, Muse, The Editors, The Who, MIA, Pink Floyd, Beck, Fugazi, Editors, Ryan Adams, Tin Tin Can, Mutemath, Guns N Roses, Placebo, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Fleetwood Mac, Sigur Ros, Modest Mouse, Bat for Lashes, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day, Mumford and Sons, Metric, Pinback, Best Coast, My Bloody Valentine, Rilo Kiley, Cranes. Way too much indie 90s stuff to waste your time mentioning. Yes I wear my Gen-X cloak well

Thai food, Fresh Fruit, Japanese. In N Out now and then. Fresh Salsa, Carne Asada, Indian, Curries, omlettes, etc. I also assert that Srirachia sauce and peanut butter are food groups of their own. I am like 90% gluten free if that makes a difference, as I need to be and well it works for my active lifestyle. Sucker for a good fresh burger and blueberry pancakes as well. And sue me but McDonald's soft serve cones are one of best little things ever. That along with coffee from either Philz or Nugget Market

I love baseball and basketball Want to go to a game?

Sports in general: Teams being San Francisco Giants, Sacramento Kings and San Jose Sharks. If you are a fan of any or better yet all three let me know :D
Six things I could never do without
Coffee, soft comforters, the gym/a good run, good conversation, music, journals, friends. and cause I don't like to follow rules I will throw a couple more out there: the aforementioned Srirachia sauce as well as scented bath washes. Hey I have to pull the girl card sometimes. Of course irony, sarcasm, double entendres, Cognitive dissonance , figurative language, cats, books and someone to hug me now and then and be nice or something
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Oh please find the switch and calm my worried head. When am I not thinking.
Places I would like to visit or move to. Where time has gone. New and creative recipes for peanut butter and sriracha sauce.

What I would do in the event of the zombie or vampire apocalypse. I vote morph into a robot and marry Optimus Prime if he is still single at that point. Hey I would just be making best of a tough situation right?

Satisfying my inner adrenaline junkie-roller coasters, the tattoos, etc. etc. Yeah I have a thick skin. Takes a lot.

I have a photographic memory + journal a great deal so obviously if I like it or not I spend a lot of time thinking period
Falling in love with ficticious characters. If I could actually find a real life Spencer Reid I could die happy. Hell a weapon wielding FBI profiling genius that still has a child like quality and is cute is too much to ask right? Oh well
On a typical Friday night I am
Why must it be a Friday? How about Tuesday or perhaps Thursday. I don't drink to excess any longer. I have several sets of friends those that either still do go out to clubs or those that are all domesticated. I am just trying to be the best me I can. Whatever that means.

Watching baseball during baseball season, and obsessively missing it when it is over.

Working out/running. Beating up on the elliptical machine.

Reading and relaxing

Watching a game of some sort.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
To get myself in the right mindset for running, I listen to either cheesy pop like Britney, Christina, etc Or Eminiem-and literally make myself believe it is me against the world. Oh the dramatics to get in the zone lol

I don't like a lot of popular things such as : Sushi, girlie coffee or alcoholic drinks. I keep those last two quality but simple. I might be betraying my gender but I don't care
You should message me if
You are looking for fun activity partners. Lots of stuff I do on own, more fun with someone to keep company

You can hold a conversation and make me laugh. I will gladly return the favor. I enjoy having people to talk to, that will do so more than a couple words at a time.

You write more than a generic message that lends me to think you write every single person on here, regardless if you have anything at all in common

You love animals as much as I do. I love of course the standard pets but am in awe of things such as lions and other wildlife.

You love sports/The Giants/Sacramento Kings/San Jose Sharks as much as much as me. I am an encyclopedia of it all

You have a comfortable balance of being grounded and motivated yet still try and take time to enjoy the world with a heart of a child.

Secure/confident yet humble

I have lots of friends and such a bit younger than I am. Maybe as I am free spirited or what not. I am cool and content with that.

you're OK with space/not too clingy. I am a faithful/loyal as they come but right now, at least not right off I am so busy not in a place to spend every single spare moment with someone.

you don't have a handle or anything in your profile with likes of bae/swag/69/hotguy4U etc. Be more creative please.

What is also up with all the fakey profiles that come on here with cliche "you are most beautiful girl ever" messages that delete themselves like two days later.
The two of us