39Ketchikan, United States
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My self-summary
In love with the Modern World, Sun Worshiper, Film Critic, Jokester, Gym Goer, Thumb Greener, Mixologist, Design Geek, Soul Man, Eighties Junkie, Fresh Noodle Seeker, Untold History Buff, News Watcher, Star Gazer, Dog Scratcher, Cat Whisperer, Window Shopper, Cookie Monster, Infomercial Analyzer, Cell Phone Dropper...

Turn offs:
Hula hooping, fire twirling, belly dancing, burlesque, roller derby, sport fanatics, lower case t necklaces, flip flops, Netflix over movie theater, the Comfort Wipe

I enjoy discussing subjects most folks would not normally think about, or might laugh about.

I have a fondness for seeing movies. All kinds. I don't understand folks that don't enjoy going out to see a movie, and prefer to watch them at home.

Bowling is the only "sport" I get excited about.

I go through phases: from heavy reading to heavy TV exposure. I find infomercials hilarious, and sometimes stay up too late watching them.

I love to go to comedy shows, but worry the people I invite will not find what I find funny, funny at all..
What I’m doing with my life
Never married, no kids.

I work in multiple states, and travel.
(Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island in November)

Waiting for my Model III to roll of the assembly line.

Plan on settling Mars in 10-12 years, so not seeking long term.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
The perfect Dive Bar, Design, Film, History (Ancient/Modern), Institutional Analyses (Politics, Religion...), Human Behavior, Technology, Planets/Space, the Human Mind, Logic/Reason, Ninja Assassins, Zombies, Gene Therapy, Moon Condos, Asteroid Mining, Building Furniture, Gardening, Making Short Films/Documentaries, Irreversible Non-Linear Self-Reinforcing Positive Feedback Loops :(
You should message me if
I evoke or attract your interest, desire, curiosity, or the like.
The two of us