62East Longmeadow, United States
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My self-summary
thoughts and observations from other dating sites...and this one...
Now, I've seen it all...someone put up, as one of their pics, a plate of lasagna! Not a motorcycle, not a dog, a plate of lasagna!
I have a good mind to start taking pictures of what I'm cooking, I should put up a big picture of a prime rib end cut!
Can you see that profile?
Medium well prime rib looking for a new York Strip.
Wants to simmer in its juice, but NOTHING SERIOUS!
If you are looking for a sweet potato on the side...MOVE ON!
Yup, that will be my profile.
i'm liable to get IMed by a pastry chef...(maybe that wouldn't be so bad...)
I love the question on here; do you have a car? !!!
The next question should be; do you have running water?
Indoor plumbing?
ANOTHER UPDATE....On the order of "expectations..." re we setting them too high? An nvitation to dissapointment? In other words, if everyone truly expects a: "spark" then why not call AAA,?
Or bring some jumper cables with you, to the "coffee" or the "walk in the park..."
I expect a "spark" from a wall socket, but not necessarilly from someone else...perhaps that takes more than one meeting...unless we are meeting in a LIFETIME movie.....
A new POF peeve.....
Woman who show up in your Wants To Meet You page....you contact them, and they don't answer you!
What is that?!?
Is this the internet dating equivalent of ringing your doorbell and running?
Trick or treat!!! yeah....pfbblltt
Another update;
Why the pics of sunsets, the water, panoramas etc.?
I want to see YOU!
If I want a vacation brochure, I can talk to my travel agent.
Why are there people other than you in your picture?
Unless they are all coming with us on a date, I don't need to see aunts and uncles and cousins!!!!!!!!
(fine for a Chevy Chase film, not for me!)
I've seen pics on here so badly lit, I can't tell if I'd be dating The Shadow!

Ok, I can appreciate the anti couch potato thing....but let's look at some of your schedules.....

morning-get up, work out, run Boston marathon

mid day-parasailing, sky-diving, hike 20 miles, design world's fair, upholster living room set, deliver quintuplets.

lunch-afternoon-work out, change oil, wallpaper house, groom horses, snow rake roof, bunji jump, and write tone poem.

afternoon- hit gym, wax cars, snowmobile, quick ride in submarine, wine tasting in Napa Valley,
paint house, pilates, spinning, yoga, elephant safari in Nairobi.

You know what?
I'll be on the couch .......

Okay--can we all agree that we love the beach??????
It hardly tells me anything about you!
Soil erosion is a serious environmental problem, and now we know its cause....SINGLES!
And in your pictures...why are you so far away that your features are not even discernable!!!??????
It's like the headshot you are using was captured on satellite radar!
And why-why-why-the pictures of the dogs and cats and horses??????????? I know you love your pet!
i love my dog!
You can't date a dog or cat or horse.
It breaks at least three state laws and maybe one commandment!
You'll also get hate mail from PETA!
Thank you for letting me blow off steam---we now return you to your regularly scheduled profile;

witty, engaging, gentleman, classy, sophisticated, and simultaneously outrageous and low brow--depends entirely on context and mood. Mannered, conversational and determined not to let silly convention interfere with a good time. More of an emphasis on spirituality than organized religion, Care about heath and fitness, but not to a ridiculous new age extreme! Addictd to films, music, theater, laughter, and fine dining. Enjoy a drink or three to put a nice glow on the evening, deplore alcohol excess. non smoker, but do not condemn those who indulge. Wildly opinionated, yet not judgemental. Figure that one out! I have been described as the social equivalent of whitewater rafting! Enjoy limos, and dressing to the nines(ever wonder what the nines are? why not go all out and go to the tens?)--and can also value sitcoms and a bowl of popcorn, on a comfortable couch with a comfortable woman. Really appreciate a cold martini followed buy a warm embrace Cheers! me

I am witty, unpredictable, and interesting
What I’m doing with my life
Moving forward with my career--busier than a shot glass at the Kennedy compound
I’m really good at
conversation, evoking laughter, spontaneity, entertaining.....being an all around good fellow. language, vocab, words, phrases
singing, acting, stand up...not to mention KISSING! Important to me....not being egotistical about the skills, it'w what i've been told...and...who am i to argue? :)
The first things people usually notice about me
A mix; a mild and pleasant demeanor laced with an acerbic and dark side......they duke it out.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
most bios or auto bios, my list of treasured films range from the classic, to the forgotten, to the utterly esoteric, and as a life long film freak, would be scary long to enumerate here, and would create tedium quickly!

Music; again, so enxtensive, so many genres, Boradway, jazz, swing, film soundtracks, standards, great american songbook, pop, oldies--you name it
Six things I could never do without
coffee, romance, TCM, TVLAND, music, a well crafted martini - served by a well crafted woman
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the past present and future
On a typical Friday night I am
dividing my time between pursuing base empty hedonistic pleasure and eternal happiness
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
brash funny veneer guises extememe sensitivity and vulnerability
You should message me if
you can fill every sense with excitement, promise, adventure and mystique or you can buy me a drink
The two of us