40Göteborg, Sweden
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My self-summary
I spend almost all my time in the real world. and that is were i am at my best.
I am quite content with myself and my life and have no ambitions to change anything.
One of my favorite pastimes is to browse around on peoples profiles, its so fun to see the diversity. If you are wondering who is reporting your pictures that obviously are not of you, yes that is me. Im that kind of guy.

My proofreader is always on vacation.

Ny tid ny stil
Igen har jag blivit uttråkad och sagt upp mig på jobbet. Alltid skönt när jag lyckas med de besluten.
Jag kommer vara på avslappning och dyk i Thailand fram till April, sen kanske jag kommer tillbaka igen.
What I’m doing with my life
working(social and motivational training for disabled people )
tinkering with appliances(sometimes they work better after, sometimes not at all)
hanging out,
and a lot of other stuff that i switch around because variety is very important to me
I’m really good at
nothing, I am just extremly allround
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
zomg how ever will i sort it all out, well ill just start mentioning some and fill in the rest as it appears, if you find any common nomination below, do not hesitate to throw me a mail.

(well i practically always been reading a fantasybook since i started reading and since after highschool i just try to read anything new in the genre i havent before)
Pratchett,Ben Elton,Robert Jordan,The secret story,The Dice Man,roald dahl, Unni Drougge,Franz Kafka,Linda Skugge,Linda Goodman,E A Poe,Douglas Adams,Eddings,Carlos Castanedas first few books before he totally zones out, Shahname,Paulo Coelho,The Game,Neuromancer, Röde orm,Intensity, U Leguin, I enjoyed the Narnia series when i was a kid, russian and french classics

Anything made by Kubricks,Tarrantino, David Lynch, Luc Besson, Tim Burton. Anything starring Jack Nicholsen, John Travolta playing a bad guy or Nicole Kidman when she is allowed to express herself. Old chinese kung-fu movies. And all Jim Carrey and Jhonny depp movies are always nice to. Ghost in the shell, battle royal, boogeyman, blood in blood out, the danish gangstercomedys starring Kim Bodna, Marry Poppins, STAR WARS, Last supper,alice in wonderland(chesirecat is still one of my rolemodels), Indiana Jones, Any Monty Python at any time, 12 Monkeys, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Slipp Jimmy fri, Apocalypse now, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Torkel i Knipe, Fat pizza, Remember the titans, inside man, Bladerunner, Romperstomper

Listening to psytrance, ska, dance hall, carribian music of all sorts, rock, pop, punk,kalle baah,Nationalteatern, NENA, dilba, suicidal tendencies,tenacious D(jack Black is a supergenious) bloodhound gang,fria proteatern, classic, Björck, Cornelis Vreeswijk, jazz of all sorts, some deep house,Aneela and other Bollywood tunes, some commersial heavy metal like metallica/disturbed/system of a down, GMS, The guess who, Psycopod, jävlaranamma, Portishead, Goldfrapp, Void, Manu negra, Tricky, Sandy, De lyckliga kompisarna, House of pain, Kapteeni-Äni, Imperiet, Nationalteatern, Rammstein, Don Omar, Arash, , Sean Paul, Samiid Ednan(when i feel for some heavy joik), the knife, Latin kings, Afshin, Lady Sovereign,Tom Jones, Beastie boys, and i like most combinations of said genres,

OK since the invention of torrents i acctually have started downloading some series that i enjoy: Simpsons, Vikings, Homeland/Hatufim, In Session, Sopranos, Nip Tuck, Star Trek, trailer park boys, south park

I love seeing musicals and live theather of all sorts aswell.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
legalization strategy, neurochemisty and how little we know

(and in some extent how a serious fun sciencesite like thespark could ever transform into an ordinary internet sexpraying datingsite like okcupid)
On a typical Friday night I am
or doing situps to awesome music( well the situps havent really been valid for the past years ofcourse, but i still like to live in the makebelieve fantasy that i do), sometimes friends crash my place and hang out, rarely i go out to my local club, sometimes if there is a private technoparty i hear about on my freenights i dance until sunrise.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im not very private, but just to mention something:

when i was in my early twenties still studying courses at the uni, i used to define myself as a feminist, and although i had an idea what it meant, it got quite obviuos that the definition has been pretty watered down during the years with most performers and street people calling themself that left to right, so for some time now i have simply seazed to call myself that and i am now(just as i always been actually) an equity activist.

i like to kick leafpiles in autumn and jump in puddles in spring
You should message me if
You secretly hold your boobs while running in the dark
The two of us