41Buford, United States
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My self-summary
I am exceptionally intelligent, uncannily intuitive and completely lacking in bullshit abilities. I don't lie because I'm terrible at it and I have long since given up on trying to perfect the art. Why bother? What I'm thinking is on my face anyway!

I find intelligence quite attractive, even more so than anything physical, really. And I like men who can write (as I am obviously fluent in English...That's a joke, by the way, I'm an American). Seriously, though, men who can really "talk" turn me on. I have no patience for stupidity, so if you think I want to jump into an online sexual relationship with you because I talk about sex here, then that lumps you in my "stupid" corner. I like sex and I like reading and writing about it. That doesn't mean that I'll present to anything that has a penis (although there are times.... *grinning*). And if you know how and why I used the word "present" in this summary, you just moved to the front of the line and need to contact me. Seriously.

I'm in an S&M relationship. Read: BDSM (look it up if you don't know...a little education goes a long way). And, LORD JESUS don't mention 50 Shades of Shinola to me...THAT illiterate mountain of drivel, if I hear it touted ONE more time, is liable to make me explode!!! Good GOD is there so much more wonderful S&M literature out there that is actually READABLE and has substance and a modicum of reality!! Ugh!

Okay...calming down now...

Ahem...where was I before I nutted up? Oh, yeah! I talk about sex...A LOT...Everyone is entitled to their likes, dislikes and opinions, but I'm letting you know ahead of time that I'm into some kinky stuff, so don't contact me if that will offend you!

Please note that I AM OWNED BY A MASTER already and am therefore NOT SEEKING A MASTER/DOMINANT. I am also NOT A DOMINANT, so I am NOT LOOKING FOR A SUBMISSIVE, unless you are a female looking for a Master...in which case THE ONE WHO OWNS ME would be interested in you, not me...

Please, don't contact me if you have problems with my lifestyle, religious hang-ups that are in opposition to me or what I'm doing with my life, or are so insecure in your own life that you feel aggravating me will make you feel more important. I'll just put you on my "iggy" list. I want open-minded people to write me, that's why I make sure my initial paragraph tells you all you need to know before you think you're interested in me!

A bit of an update (wow is my profile aggressive): I'm not nearly so bitchy in person, I swear (unless you're behind me naked, in which case the arching and whining MIGHT make you wonder *wink*). This profile was updated when I'd just simply had enough of the retards IMing and e-mailing me. Jeez what I wouldn't give for a world-wide class on how to follow directions!

Anywhoot, if you like to have fun, like to chat, and have any measure of intelligence, I'm the gal for a quick e-mail. If you're local, I'm semi-looking...but (per the above and below) my situation is...interesting...to say the least. If you're looking for simple: look on elsewhere! I am anything BUT simple (intelligence-wise or relationship-wise).
What I’m doing with my life
Being a slave (seriously). I have been a collared slave for over six years now, and am owned by a wonderful Master.

So, I spend much of my "life" juggling family responsibilities, my husband, my kids and the needs of Master *erotic shiver*.

When I am not traveling to see Master, I am home holding down the fort. I am the default dominant in my house (by necessity, not by choice), so I take care of everything financial, mechanical and maintenance oriented. I'm also the wife, so also I take care of the household duties (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.). Its exhausting and completely undesirable, but breaks to Master have made things much more tolerable.

Trying to figure out what it is that I lack that keeps me from just "DOING" what I do best: Writing. I could very well be a successful, famous, rich author. I'm that good. I know it and anyone who reads my fiction knows it...the problem is, I don't care for money (although having it helps), fame or prestige. I absolutely lack the desire for those things...so, I write for joy and bemoan my penniless state! Bleh. Ridiculous.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at a lot of things...but writing would be the most obvious answer for me. I love to write and I'm always asked to help people out in this arena. I can write just about anything given the right information. I've even written legal and medical documents for people using only my skills and definitions of the terminology I needed to use in the documents.

I'm really good at anything sexual and catering to the right person. I love to make my partner happy in every way possible.

I'm really good at being a mother.
The first things people usually notice about me
The way I talk. People almost always notice that I can talk about anything and that I have a wide knowledge base. I also have a very husky voice. Oh, and a very precise speech pattern that always shocks people (read here that people are surprised I'm black if they've talked to me on the phone and meet me for the first time...it seems that we're supposed to talk a certain way. Who knew!?).

My eyes. I've been told I look like a cat.

My lips. They're full and perfectly shaped.

My shape. I'm very curvaceous. I have a small, dipped waist, flaring hips...and, due to hard work, a once-again "ass for one" (rather than "for two"). Yeah, I'd say I'm shaped pretty finely.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) I love any book about vampires, wereanimals, and Celtic, Greek, and Japanese mythology. I'm totally into Laurell K. Hamilton, J.R. Ward, Nina Bangs, Lindsay Sands and Gena Showalter at the moment.

B) I like action movies: Matrix, 300, Man on Fire, anything with martial arts or any kind japanese cinema and anime. Psychological thrillers: Silence of the Lambs, Identity, Momento, Frailty....

Favorite shows include House, True Blood, Once Upon A Time (I watch it with my daughter...I know it's kind of lame)...actually, I don't watch a lot of TV (any really, I mainly buy the box sets of anything I'm interested in and watch it that way).

C) I love all music...but I couldn't do without hard and alternative rock: AFI, Skrillex, System of a Down, Godsmack, Korn, Crossfade, Filter, Seether, Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails. I'm totally into Coldplay and Mindless Selfindulgence right now.

D) I love spicy foods, Italian, Chinese and cheesecake! AND SUSHI!!! OMG, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT SUSHI!!!? NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM!

Oh, Jesus...I just learned about Masaman Curry *hallelujah chorus* I swear to GOD, I cum whenever I THINK about it. *bowing and kissing Master's feet for ordering it*

Some of the best Sushi I've ever had and the most exquisite Masaman curry (oh, Jesus...gotta change my panties now, it happened AGAIN): Sugarloaf Mills Mall Thai Dinner and Sushi
Six things I could never do without
1) My children

2) My Woobie

3) Books

4) Music

5) Sex

6) Stimulating conversation (and not just the sexual kind).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex. I'm sorry, but it's true. Sex is always on my brain. I'm a horndog. I'm a man in a woman's body...a very sensitive, intuitive and emotionally needy man, but a man nonetheless.

The condition of my soul. I wonder if we're truly "in the last days," and if so, am I gonna make it to the next step? Seriously...I really do think about that.

Master. I'm obsessed with the sadistic bastard. Always trying to find more ways to please him.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home with my children. Online when they're in bed (yeah, I'm a loser!)

Or snuggled up with Master after the LONG drive to get to him.

Getting my ass (and other available quantities of skin) whaled on (is that even how its spelled? Maybe "wailed"...hmmm, one to ponder). It's whaled...found the origins in a dictionary!

Walking/jogging at the gym...and panting...and sweating...Tres sexy, I know, but the fat won't walk itself off. And I've lost over 50lbs!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love taking erotic pictures. I'm addicted, I think. I've even had some professionally made!

I think have a sort of split personality disorder or something...I'm a "foodie" that wants to be slender...what gives? That's how you know there's a God (and that he/she is very sadistic). How can you make someone a supertaster with hyper-sensitive, hypersensual...ummm...senses (especially taste) and THEN make her care about being fat!? ARGH!!

I think Little People are hot. No, seriously. I do.

I also have almost no ability to vomit. *laughing* I'm serious! I've thrown up maybe 10 times in my life MAX. I have been known to whine and cry and PRAY for a good up-chuck when I've had food poisoning or been really ill (well, you KNOW what happens if it doesn't come out one way....)

I've never TRULY given up my pre-teen dream of making a career as a prostitute or porn star. Really, I'm serious! *laughing* Yeah, I was twisted even at a young age.
You should message me if
You are a reasonably attractive and intelligent female in North GA and are looking for a dominant, a Master or just a cool dude/couple to hang with (yes, I am interviewing submissives and females as candidates for Master).

You want to talk to someone fun and humourous. You want someone to bite your head off for being a dumbass.

You can tell me WHY it's "monies" but not "monkies," "vallies," "vollies," "gurnies" or "journies." That shit has been bugging me! And I was a friggin' English major, shouldn't I know these things!? ARGH!

You smile when you see this: "Buckwheats. Buckwheats for everyone." Or this: "Give it a name."

You DON'T have a problem with my lifestyle and feel the need to e-mail me about it like I fucking care (Hint. Hint.)

You've seen Skyfall and thought it was awesome and cried (or wanted to, or at least felt deeply emotional). If you LOVED it because it was about people and relationships and not about explosions and stupid shit...and because that movie was not only BEAUTIFUL cinema, but REAL (emotionally).

You're a professional photographer near ATL (South or North) and can travel to take some naughty pictures/videos just for the fun of it...and me...

You've read this far and didn't skim or glaze over...
The two of us