30Lewisham, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I think you would probably understand me more by just introducing yourself as I'm extremely modest and hate to boast about my achievements- well I don't hate to boast, I just don't need to evidence speaks for itself- I'm super awesome, but single... Hmmm.

I'm not your average woman at all, but i am extremely friendly, funny- podcast worthy and kind.

I love to make friends, meet new people and hang out. I'm confident and shy all at the same time... no idea how that comes about but you will see.

I love to read and do so quickly, love an excuse to fancy dress (i have this office party thing down and Halloween is a nobrainer).

I'm honest and trustworthy, which helps in my line of work making me a very approachable person.

I have never been a size zero and nowhere in my genes was that coded in. I'm from a tall family and I'm the shortest member (bring out the violins).

I love cuddles and I will hug friends at any opportunity. I also like kisses but you cant kiss friends; makes for an awkward afternoon or evening.

Dj hero over guitar but I own both. Singstar and Lips are like having karaoke in the house but with points to score- bring on the sing off!

My enthusiasm for life is infectious, you gotta smile at the lemons, if there is no sugar, knife or jug to make lemonade (have you ever tried sucking on a whole lemon? That slice in your drink is nothing, tell me what lemonade you would want to drink that just tasted like a whole lemon in your mouth!!!!?)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a Midwife and love my job. I work with women and their families and help them transition into parents.

I plan to travel more- my passport will be abused in 2017 if Brexit, Trump and World War 3 don't screw up my plans first.

I am also ready for the next phase/ chapter of my life. I am looking for a partner to go on the journey of life with. I'm looking for love, marriage and children in the not too distance future.
I’m really good at
Baking chocolate monster cakes and cooking in general. I can also make people laugh. I'm good at smiling, reading upside-down, movie trivia and I know my way around gadgets and computers. I can also sing, hold a note and belt one out if need be- I don't want a career in music I prefer that I just do it for fun.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and my smile... besides other things.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have favorite authors: Brandon sanderson, Adam warren, Michael turner, Ross campbell, Gail carriger, Trudi canavan, Junk Mizuno, Phillip pullman, Deborah harkness and Garth nix. "The Night Circus" was beautifully written. Recently read Uprooted, about Eastern European witches and folk tales written for a modern audience- very upset that I finished it so fast, tempted to re-read it. I also read a lot of independent graphic novels.

I love action movies, and robots, it is the mechanical noise they make, kinda sounds like Dubstep. I love a good scream so horrors are on the list too. I laugh a lot too so a good comedy is worth a watch. Asian cinema- Korean production over all else, Japanese horror, Korean comedy, Chinese cinematography (curse of the golden flower) Thai martial arts are up and coming but I'm not a fan of the dialogue so I rarely watch them, Japanese and Chinese do epic period martial arts like no other, Korean sciFi is dark...( I do this movie thing very well)

As i said earlier i like Dubstep- the chillout stuff isnt my thing i like the soul-tearing-bass-mashup-hard-hitting stuff, funny thing is that i can sleep to it as it calms me down. Also getting into Trap right now as well. Korean Pop (Kpop) laugh all you want but a few groups know the formula for a good track and it helps that i can kinda understand what they are talking about too. I also like jazz, pop, electro stuff beyond the dub. If my iTunes is anything to go by I like a bit of everything. I love Lana Del Ray- take that any which way you like it means the same thing to me ;)

Ask me about food as i feel that would be such a long section i think they would not publish it.
Six things I could never do without
1-My family and ever dependable expanding group of friends
2-My hearing and my eyesight
3-A good read- love books
4-Music- I get funny after a few days without it
5-Meat... talk to me about this and you will understand
6-My Phone for the access to information it gives me at the tip of my fingers
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My life and happiness... What does it all mean?

What I can cook next, flavours, presentation, assembly, combinations and who is going to try it.

Placentas, vaginas, babies, breast, sex, sexual health... (it's my job)

I also think of pretty dark things and only my family and close friends hear them out loud... my sense of humour sometimes is taken a little too far.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging with friends, with work colleagues in the pub, out to dinner, in a book shop or hanging with my younger brothers and family in the kitchen laughing about how dark our collective humour is and how me are all probably destined for hell.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have hidden tattoos, both of which i designed myself... try and find them.
You should message me if
If you are not afraid of a woman who is bright, funny, intelligent, witty, geeky, who could probably out read you and show you a thing or two about a good movie. I am not a robot and as tomboyish as all the above sounds I am really girly- honestly I do wear skirts and very romantic.

Also being taller than me would help, 5'11/ 6ft upwards please.

Do not message me with some obscene sexual request you WILL be IGNORED, BLOCKED, REPORTED then DELETED. I am not an animal and you should not behave like one either. Needless to say I am no prude, but I am a lady.
The two of us