43Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Starting over. Haven't been active on here in some time. Spent the last couple years getting right with myself (both mentally and physically) and now ready to unleash the newly improved me on the world! (Maybe a touch egotistical, but so be it. I am damn proud of getting a handle on long term depression and losing 70 lbs, and if that makes me a jerk in your eyes, move along…)

I walk a lot. I ride motorcycles. (Yes, plural. I have 4. Half of them work. The other half I am working on.) I work in the theatre, which keeps me busy at some odd hours. I am ready to share some of this with someone again. Are you up for it?

I will update the rest of later. (Profile work in progress…)
What I’m doing with my life
I work at a job I love that pays well enough to get by. Then I work at other jobs from time to time to get more variety and some extra cash to support my hobbies. After that I ride motorcycles. And I walk my dog. A lot. Recently (having purchased a sidecar rig this spring) I have been taking my dog on motorcycle rides. When I can find time after all that, I work on the project bikes in my garage (that I built last year.)

So I keep busy. And I want to share some of this awesome life I have built myself with someone who is up for the adventure.
I’m really good at
Feeling a need to explain my answers to the questions on here. I think I've added explanations to half the questions I've answered (well, maybe not half, but it'll certainly get there...)

Also, being a bit of a perfectionist about projects I work on. This is an advantage and a disadvantage. To the disadvantage side, I will tend to put projects off, cause I know they'll drive me nuts once I start them. On the advantages side, once they're done, it's not likely I'll have to revisit them...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Still really like the Harry Potter Series. Other favored authors include Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Douglass Adams...

Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Lucky Number Slevin, most any Coen Brothers', A lot of Tim Burton's, Most of Terry Gilliam's

Shows: House of Cards, when there is a new season. The new Doctor Who is fun too. But I don't watch the tv much anymore. There's too much good stuff to do out in the world to spend much time on the couch watching others pretend to live.

Music: The Mountain Goats. Sure, there's a lot of other music that I like, but this is a hands down, unquestioned favorite.

Food: Again, with the theme of unquestioned favorites I'll have to go with Chipotle here. Like lots of other stuff too, but this is about favorite.

Other: Minnesota Frinfe Festival. Favorite. Thing. Ever. - This year will be my 15th year working for the Fringe, and I love it more than ever. Almost as much as my motorcycles… ;)
Six things I could never do without
Minor update to the top 3...

1. Minnesota Fringe Festival
2. Motorcycle
3. Light / Dark

And yes, I did just cheat by combining 2 items into 1. I make no apologies, having read a few profile with far more egregious rules violations than this...


1. Minnesota Fringe Festival.
2. Light
3. Dark
4. Seasons. 4 of them. Every Year. No, I won't move to the south with you, so don't ask.
5. Friends/Familly/People stuff, cause who wants to be alone all the time?
6. Food/Water/Air. You know, the stuff that prevents death and all...
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, as I work in the theatre, mostly these are spent working. That's not true every week, so when I'm not working I'll usually be relaxing at home. Unless someone wants to go do something, then I'm up for that too (as long as I don't have to dance or sing. It's important to know your limitations and these are mine...)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Okay, this is less private, and more just something odd...

So if you read many of my further explanations you will probably notice that I use 'i.e.' quite frequently, and possibly seem to be making a point of it sometimes. This might seem odd.

This leads to the 'admission' that I am going to make here. I used to use this somewhat interchangeably with 'e.g.' which turns out to be horribly incorrect. The thing that is 'private' about all of this, is that I learned the incorrectness of this from one of my favorite web comics, 'The Oatmeal.' Most of the grammar pages I was able to laugh and feel superior by saying that I already knew that. Then I read this page (when to use i.e. in a sentence,) and was much humbled. By a web comic...
You should message me if
Really what I want right now is someone to walk with me and my dog (you can bring yours too, if you want) around Minnehaha park and talk about nothing in particular. Having made significant changes to my own health, this is much higher on my list of things that are not negotiable as joint activity possibilities. Location is negotiable. Spending time with someone equally active is not.
The two of us