27Greer, United States
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My self-summary
I'd really rather interact with you and let you form your own opinion of me than let just a few sentences sum me up, but for your convenience (and begrudgingly mine) I'll be a doll and give you some bits.

My name is Morgan. I'm honest and kind, prone to snorting when I laugh, strong-willed and indecisive, nurturing and unforgiving, creative and logic-driven. I enjoy conversation that stimulates my mind, people and situations that challenge me, and pride myself on my ability to adapt to what life throws my way. I'm hopelessly romantic, though I'll never admit to that in person, and a brat in some ways (honest, remember?). I enjoy treating those I love, and those I don't know, with all of the respect they deserve, and doing random acts of kindness that leave someone's day brighter.
What I’m doing with my life
I moved to Greenville from Buffalo about a year ago and am still getting accustomed to the South. I'm spending my time exploring this new and different atmosphere, reconnecting with family after a long while apart, making friends down here, and reorganizing my life with a more me-centric approach.

I work in logistics for a small company contracted to GE, my workplace is amazing and I would venture to say I'll be there for a few years. Ultimately, I am a creature that finds it hard to settle down, however, so it isn't likely that Greenville is my forever home, though it depends.
I’m really good at
Making others laugh, being that person my friends turn to for a good listener and maybe advice, video games, a fake British accent, over-analyzing situations, reading people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most likely my breasts, but in my ideal world it would be my eyes.

Oh, in conversation? That I reassure people constantly when we're talking. That I'm perceptive about people's behavior and mindsets. That I laugh at my own jokes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read, and will stick my nose in just about any book, though there are few books I love enough to read multiple times, those being Memoirs of a Geisha, The Princess Bride, The Handmaid's Tale, and anything my boy, F. Scott, has written, but most specifically The Great Gatsby.

Movies are another broad spectrum for me. I do have to say that my favorite type of movie is horror. I will go see just about any horror movie, and my Netflix instant queue is full of terrible scary movies. I'll watch most movies though, whether they be fast or slow. To give you an idea of things that I prefer: Lost In Translation, Her, The Nice Guys, The Witch, It Follows, Marie Antoinette, Cabin In the Woods, anything that is found footage (It's a guilty love of mine. They're shitty, I know, but I can't help it.), Starship Troopers, Fargo, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, Old Boy, The Handmaid, He's Just Not That Into You, Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals, Eyes Wide Shut, Snatch, Lucky Number Sleven, Seven Psychopaths.

Music is a bit more narrow. I will listen to what someone puts on the radio regardless of what it is, but when I get in my car I'm usually playing pop music, instrumental music, or indie.

If I mention not liking Game of Thrones, will I be crucified? Because I'm not a fan. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first book and the first season consequently, but there are too many issues for me to enjoy it as a whole. I do enjoy some TV, though! It's Always Sunny, Trailer Park Boys, Firefly (it won't ever die in my heart), American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Flavor of Love, Mr Robot, Black Mirror, and some other things that I'm sure I've forgotten.
Six things I could never do without
A proper bathroom
My cellphone
The blood of virgins
Chocolate milk
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Relationships and people. Whether I want tea or coffee for my daily fix of caffeine. What fun things I can do once I've got all of my work done for the day. Where I want to be in the next five years, and how the hell I'm going to get there.

Also, how the hell I'm an ENFJ on the Myers-Briggs.
On a typical Friday night I am
As generic and stupid as this is: either hanging at home usually hunting for something new to watch, or out at the bars enjoying the people. It could go either way, and both are just as fun in my opinion.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to dress up and roleplay (LaRPing). I create, manage, and play on collaborative writing sites. TL;DR I'm kind of weird.
You should message me if
If you're looking for an adventure or someone to share some fun, heartfelt banter with. If you'd like to do both, I'd make one hell of a sidekick.

If you'd like someone who you can feel comfortable with. Comfortable to a crazy degree, like you've-just-taken-your-pants-off-after-getting-home-from-work comfortable.

If you don't mind that (if we go out to dinner or coffee) I'll rearrange everything on the table within reach because I'm nervous.

If you're looking for someone quirky but sincere and maybe just a bit enigmatic.
The two of us