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Aside: 3/23/2017

Along with millions upon millions of others over the decades, I've personally been on The Westminster Bridge in London....(numerous times).

The world is more connected than some would have us believe!!

Stay Sane. Stay Connected.

The World Is Nothing More Than Continually Repeating The Same Activities.. The Only Difference?... Who Is Doing The Repeating...and In What Year!!

The "O Positive Blood" Of A Donor In One Country, Will Indeed Save The Life Of An "O Positive Blood Recipient" In Another... Regardless Of Gender, Nationality, Religion, Race, Ethnicity, Wealth, Sexual Orientation Or Political Affiliation!!

On The Westminster Bridge Yesterday, The Fraternity or Sorority Did Not Matter, Nor Did The Size Of Their Paychecks, Or The Sophistication Of Their Chosen Professions.....(the descriptions prevented nothing).

I'm reminded of a quote I read some years back...

....."Those for whom you go to war, have the best credit ratings!!"

Talking Heads....are just....TALKING HEADS!!

Be friendly and kind to all you meet.

Use soft words.

Keep your wits about you and you'll be none the worse for wear ( as my friends in Great Britain say).

Cognac And Coffee!!

Be Well

Aside: 8/22/2016

Success "is" simply a current, non-ongoing, positive feeling 'of now'.
Success can only be experienced, "in" a particular moment or instance.
Success, in other words, can best be described as 'History' or 'Past Tense'


We finished the project and received three awards (History).
We received rave reviews for the report (Past Tense).
I received a A on my thesis (Done and Done)...

.... And.. If success is measured in monetary terms, we lose twice; First because success is History and secondly because, there are only so many houses, cars and coats we can buy (or go in debt to buy).

If life's "ups" are called successes...then by extension, life's "downs" must be called failures; NOTHING could be further from the truth, for in the end, there is no such thing as success or failure, both are figments of your imagination....they are, but two descriptions, out of millions, at various points, we'll use to describe this thing called.... "LIFE"!

Chasing 'Success'?...

....Watch out for the the traps... The traps of trying even harder to duplicate the same 'temporary' feelings, compliments or outcomes, generated solely from 'external stimuli'....(even propaganda no less).

What happens if the feelings don't come, the compliments are not received or the outcomes fall short of expectations (yours or theirs)?...

.... (Indeed, the emperor has on no clothes!!!).

Again, most things in life we call 'successes', are one time only events, happening in some succession, over the course of our lifetimes....and not all of them will be 'winning positions or have successful outcomes'... The 20th Birthday, The 25 Year Class Reunion, The Graduation, The Trophy From Some Competition (1st Place or 10th?) ...



Living Consciously? : A state in which I could leave The Universe happily fulfilled....

Success? : I can't take any of that stuff with me....BUT....One day I hope to have this conversation with a wonderful lady, sitting across from me at a lunch table, having just completed a parachute jump.....or two!!!) :-) :-)

Be Well!

Aside: 7/5/2016

I will not pay to see who likes me; And neither should you.
So... Here's the deal.... Drop me a note and within a very short period of time, I'll drop you a note right back. Deal? (And...If you visit my page, I'll visit you right back. Deal?)

There are some amazing people on this planet... You and I are but two of them.

Let's see where it goes... It only takes one (Right?)


Aside: 5/18/2016

Note: "Congratulations Niece On Getting Your Masters Degree In Counseling! Signed - One Very Proud Uncle!!"

Now for The Aside:...

1. Of course you are not my niece if you are reading this on OKC, but one day, the way privacy issues are coming to the fore, she might just see this post, so I'm letting her know... 'just in case!! :-)

2. Secondly, I can honestly say, she's received and adhered to some of my best advice.

Am I a savant... NO!! Do I know everything?... NO!! ...

....But one thing I'm really good at is finding the shortest distance between two points... and for the average woman, who wants to write her own success story... The "right" college degree 'and' "access to a career where it can be used" is the ticket! (after all, what good is a degree if it leads to not working?)

3. For men, it's a bit different, we can always go blue collar if need be... maybe work on a ship or offshore, hit a drilling rig or play a professional sport (if we are good enough). (... Yeah I've heard all the stories about women being able to do the same things as guys and vice versa... I just find these rules never apply when having to lug a sofa, washing machine, dryer, dressers and beds up two flights of stairs!! :-) ... )

....but I've digressed!!!

So the natural question is ..."What advice did I give her"?
Well basically it's the same advice I've given to anyone who'll truly listen...

1. There is a huge difference between honesty and truth. One can honestly believe the earth is flat; Truth is the earth has never been flat. Truth beats honesty all day. Make decisions based on the truth, not another person's honesty.

2. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! If it works for you, continue doing what works for you.... (the other person's opinion is just this, 'their opinion').

3. Regardless as to what anyone says, sometimes you have to be a bit lucky. If luck comes take it and make the best of it. ....But.... Sometimes unlucky stuff happens, take this too; Just keep living, it all works out in the end (if you remember #2)

4. You owe no one anything (not even fantastic uncles), but remember, no one owes you anything either!!

5. Bad things sometimes happen to good people.. Keep your head on a swivel, always be aware of your surroundings, especially familiar surroundings.

6. Have fun often, relax, rest and party.... All work and no play "will kill you"!!!

7. Never offer a deal you wouldn't accept, if you were on the other side of the desk.

8. Always insist on being you, but protect the rights of others to be themselves as well.

9. Money means nothing, a friend means everything!!

10. Don't rush the relationship stuff.. 9 times out of 10, the right person just happens along. Just seems to always work out this way. ....The best things in life always happen when we are not looking for them.

Jack & Coke!!!

Be Well

Aside: 4/25/2016

Some Things In Life Are Literally Once In A Lifetime Opportunities!!!
Saw Him Perform Live!!!
Prince RIP!!!


Q: How far would the typical man travel just to see if she was the right person?
A: Where ever she is on the planet!!!!

Q: How far would the typical woman travel to see if he was the right person?
A: ... Uhm?????

Here is the conundrum; If the relationship is all important, what does distance have to do with it?

For this reason, I NEVER look at 'distance' on OKC... It's about the lady not the miles.

Personally, I've been all over the world; And the world is a pretty cool place...Seriously....It has some problems here and there....But... all things considered, I wouldn't complain.

So if you are quite a distance from me, don't worry about it... That is what airports are for!!!

Surprise!!.... A Tall Glass Of Water Tonight, With A Bit Of Lemon
(Meetings Tomorrow)... Haven't had one of those in a while, been vacationing (again).

Be Well


Aside: 4/9/2016


Cheer Up!!!
It's nowhere near as bad as it looks!
It's all deceiving you!!!..... (It's a mirage).

Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy!!!
(The other energy I won't mention so as not to mess up your Karma) :-)


Stop watching so much "Propaganda On TV"...That person is in front of a camera, reading what was put on the teleprompter by their superiors. What they are saying is not by choice. It's live drama and their notes are the scripts.


Get out and enjoy the Cherry Blossoms or something.
Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger...Then connect!!


Yes a ton of people lost their lives today, some place and probably for no good reason... True!!!; However, the aforementioned notwithstanding, if you are reading this...Then guess what?
It did not happen to you!! (Nor to anyone in your immediate vicinity!!!)

Be grateful for this.

Pass some cheer on to the next person 'now'; Who knows what a bit of kindness can prevent.

The world is a tough tough place for a lot of people right now; A friendly smile or conversation from you could take them a very long way... (just don't expect them to tell you).

STOP!!!!!!! **&&^^%%$$##@@

......... And Be Well!!!!

Thanks for visiting my corner of the OKC Planet.
Leave a note if you wish... I'll get back to you as soon as I can.. Promise!!!


Aside: 2/8/2016

Took Off For 2 1/2 Months!!

Followed The World News!!!

Caught A Few Glimpses Of The World's Humanity (More Like The Massive Lack Thereof).... And Came To A Really Poignant Conclusion:

If One Hears The Word "I", More Than Once Within The Space Of Less Than...Oh... Let's Say... "10 Minutes".... 'RUN' (Don't Walk) Away From This Person (Or These People) As Quickly And As Expeditiously As Possible!!!!

If One Hears THE WORDS "I" Followed By Any Negative, Such As "Don't" , "Won't", "Can't", (or any conjugation of same)... Just Exit Stage Left!!!

Do not be polite.

Do not use an acceptable excuse.

Do not say "I" have to leave or, "I" have to take a call or, "I'll" go check on the guests...etc...etc...etc.

"LET THE I'S HAVE IT!!!!'.... They deserve to have a conversation by themselves (which is exactly what they are doing).

Question: "Have You Noticed How Many Times You Used The Word "I" Today?

This is a very good exercise...

Self-Centered-Ness Is A Contagion Flying Around!!!...Do Not Become Infected!!!... Too Many Are Just Full Of It!!!.... LITERALLY!!!

Aside II: True Story.... I thought we were having a conversation. The Super Bowl was on!!! The kind ladies spoke of themselves using "I", not less than 40 times within an hour and the gentlemen weren't much better (they were actually trying to keep up). FOR WHAT PURPOSE???

I left the party.

They were so into themselves, nobody noticed I'd left. .... GOOD FOR ME!!!

Glass?... Done!
Ice?... Done!
Cigar?... Done!
Hennessey.... Poured?


Aside: 11/17/2015

A Fantasy Is A Fantasy; Matters Not Whose Fantasy It Is

It's Pure Fantasy, To Think That Sale Is For The Absolutely Last Sweater or Flat Screen TV On The Planet (Will They Not Make More?)

It's Also Pure Fantasy, To Think Politicians Have All Of The Answers To Highly Complex World-Wide Problems (They Don't)...
re W
....Ladies The Gentlemen Emperors (Though Some Are Women) Have No Clothes!!! (Most Men Know This)....This Goes For Hillary and Bernie, As Well As Others In Positions Of So-Called Power.

Their Power Is Simply That You Trust Their Words Over Your Own Common Sense...

.....To Listen, And Then Expect To Be Treated Fairly By Those Paid Not To Serve Your Interest (Management, Politicians, __________(Fill In The Blank).........Is Again .....Fantasy!!!!!

Ahhhhh....Cafe Mocha!!!

Be Well

Aside: 10/22/2015

One's Word Is Only As Good As Their Ability And Diligence In Keeping It!!!

Things Don't Always Go As Planned....This is OK.... But This Doesn't Mean Stop!!!

Keep Going Until Your Words Become Reality, Regardless As To How Long It Takes.

The World Is Full Of Those Who Speak With Absolutely No Intention Of Following Through.

These Individuals Are Not Your Competition; For Without Realizing It, They've Lost Before Getting Started!!!

Rum & Coke!!!

Be Well

Aside: 10/4/2015

Efficiency; Getting the most done with the "least amount of effort expended".

Relationships ARE NOT efficient!!

Relationships = Work (and a lot of every day, mundane questions)...

.... Like:

How is your day going?
Why are you so excited, share the news?
What did the doctor say?
What time is the party and what time are we leaving?
Which hospital is your relative in?
Where are you, so I can call the towing company then come pick you up?

But these questions are the glue...and gluing requires real work.
Gluing gets your hands dirty.
Sometimes glue gets on you and your clothes.

I take great pains NOT to list characteristics of who I'd like to meet...Why?.. Because it's just work; And I''ve never been afraid of gluing....

I guess you can call me the quintessential glue guy (Super Glue..Not Elmers).

The Following Is All True..... I've met Prime Ministers, Parliament Members, Started Companies, Consulted, Negotiated Large Contracts, Lived In Resorts, Been To More States Than I Can Count (And Lived In More Than 7), Been To Different Countries.....

.... And through all of it, so far, I have not been fortunate enough to meet one single person who uses the same glue I use....

....See I use SUPER GLUE not STICKY NOTE ADHESIVE!!! (The question is what type of glue do you use?)

Looks? Uhm? Give it ten years.... Then talk to me about Looks!! :-)
Perfect Weight & Proportions??? Give it ten years...Then let's hit that scale together!! :-)
Good health? Have a major surgery due to some idiot hitting you while drinking and driving... Then tell me about Health!! :-)
Money?.... Lose your job, get laid off, have a major financial emergency (Like A Hurricane, Tornado or Flood ruining your house while the insurance company says your policy doesn't QUITE COVER "THAT"), get down to the point of deciding what to pay, "mortgage/rent vs more pressing concerns like FOOD..or a CHILD'S MEDICAL NEEDS!!....Then tell me about Money!!! :-)


I'm looking forward to the day when I can have A Super Glue Conversation!!!...

.... So far?? .....Sticky Note Adhesives (too many variables, loop holes, side doors, one way commitments, exit strategies, dinner tabs, drink tabs.....and it all seems to boil down to is "Men As Commodities"....What we drive. What we can buy for someone else (not ourselves generally). Where we live (when most upwardly mobile professionals are going to move more than five times in their careers... So where you live now is NOT REALLY RELATIVE). And Finally... How Mu$h We Make!!

OOOOOOPS....Women might want to stay away from these games...Why?...Men LITERALLY invented COMMODITY TRADING!!!!!!..

....LOOK FOR THE SUPER GLUES INSTEAD (Just a thought) :-)

See here is what smart men know... IT'S ALL IN THE NUMBERS!!!

Basically, there are more women than men! (I didn't make this's in The Census). So MEN need not be in any kind of rush. Men need to have more patience. Men need to look at "The Glue" not "The Glutes".... Note: Ladies I said MEN....not TROLLS!!! :-) :-) :-) TROLLS are losers, who know they are losers...They were losers before the internet was ever invented...So no..Not TROLLS. :-) :-)

Godiva Coffee w/ a splash of Hennessey,
.....and this cigar!

Be Well

Aside: 9/28/2015

I've been really busy...just living... taking it slow. Hope you've been doing the same.

Q: If you are chasing success; What are you going to do when you catch it? b. What exactly did you catch? c. What exactly are the benefits of such a catch?

Q2: Has your year gone exactly as planned? Yes? No? How so?

I never plan... (At least not in the 'it has to get done or else' sense of planning). With me it's more, 'If it works out, great..And if it doesn't work out, that's great also.

Living is an art. The best times I've ever had 'were totally unplanned'. It's probably just me.. I've heard several individuals say "Their life goes exactly as they've planned it". Uhm? Either they planned to 'roll with the punches' or 'they plan ex post facto'... :-)..

Anyway.. Stay positive. Make the rest of the year as eventful as possible.

Glass!!... Ice!!!.... Cruzan Rum and a bit of Coke!!!.. Ah!!!

Aside: 9/2/2015

Just Random Thoughts.... (No Big Deal & In No Particular Order)

a. It's been a busy summer. That's a good thing.

b. No time for the profile, had to take in all of the mundane human stuff happening in the world...And of course it's a pattern.. The weather is warmer, so folks have fewer inhibitions...Not saying this is a good just is.

c. Don't look for logical answers to any of this; Whether it's politics, crime, the stock markets, climate change, the election that doesn't happen for another 14 Months or propaganda masking itself as the news... Use common sense..There is a big difference between truth and honesty.

d. No OKC, I'm not paying you to see who likes me, nor would I expect someone else paying, to see if I like them. Get over it. All we have to do is send messages.. (Messages are free.. Remember?)

d1. This is horrible marketing 101...Maybe you ought to "not" try reinventing the wheel here and notice last month FaceB*** reached 1,000,000,000 people in one day. That's 1 with a B. Uhm????... And isn't Faceb*** free?.... I wonder how many people would pay Faceb*** every time they wanted to "Add A Friend"??.... (just food for thought).

e. If you visited my profile... My sincere thanks and I will be sending you a message as soon as I can come up for air.

In the meantime, I'm taking off the rest of the day... I have a new drink recipe I want to try. If it works out, I'll be serving it to a few friends on Labor Day (More on that...As In Labor Day... in Episode II)

Be Well


Aside: 6/28/2015

The Longest Journeys Require Early Starts;
If The Journeys Are True, You Can Follow Your Heart!

Note: I've Only Found One Exception... If the right person comes along, your journeys turn into a lifetime of fun!! :-)

Life is ALWAYS sweeter when you have someone to share it with!!

Touch Of Ice!!!
Tonight it's CIROC with a bit of fruit juice! :-)
Be Well!!

Aside: 6/27/2015

To become really good at 'ANYTHING' takes a minimum of 20 Years;

To be recognized as being good at whatever 'THIS ANYTHING' is, requires at least 20 years of being given the credit for doing 'THIS ANYTHING';

To be given public credit is THE TRUE TEST as to whether "the organization" deems 'YOU' the expert (or NOT) :-) ;

Learning curves come with the territories;

So as a general rule, don't get involved with ANYTHING if you can't see yourself doing it for twenty years and wanting to become a publicly recognized expert at it;

Life is much much much much much too short to play this game;

Now.... Just in case you have not gotten started, AND you want to be an expert teacher, parent, consultant, politician, business person, chef or underwater basket weaver... It's simple ... Add 20 years to today's date...


The time you are wasting doing too many 'ANYTHINGS' (that you are not going to stick with) is time you will never get back;

Some 'ANYTHINGS' in life just can not be undone... AND;

These 'ANYTHINGS THAT CAN'T BE UNDONE' are going to chew up 20 Years of your life regardless!!!;

Test my thesis. Pick any person you deem an expert. Do your research on their curriculum vitae and notice how long they've been at their game.

In the world of business... People love APPLE products....Apple was started April 1st, 1976... They've now been making consumer products for 39 Years.... Classic Experts!!!!

If you choose your ANYTHINGS very very wisely, your 'ANYBODY'S will take care of themselves!!!

Godiva Coffee w/ Cognac!!!

Be Well


Aside: 6/19/2015

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal." - JFK

Aside: 6/9/2015

There's only so much electricity a car battery can produce over time.... And after a while, this battery is kaput!!!

The Body Is Not A Battery!!!!!!

Why are we doing all of this rushing?

Why are we expending such vast amounts of non replaceable energy?

Who are we impressing..... Really.. And more importantly, does it matter if they are impressed??

What is this big deal requiring 'no sleep', 'long hours', 'no quality time for family and friends'...and... 'less pay for more work'??...

.... Oh I get it!!!... That certificate hanging on your wall, printed on less than 5 Bucks worth of embossed, gold edged paper, basically spelling out how productive you have been, in that, you are soooo good, the company let five other workers go and the work still gets done!! .... NICE!!!

Slow down. Enjoy the ride.

"You only live once".. is true!!!!.... Remind yourself of how true it is, while you are sitting in 2 hours of traffic every day.... expending your life force for a check, but not smelling the flowers along the way.

This is not a morbid conversation. You are alive now to make a change (if need be)..

...Your body only has so much energy!!.... Conserve It!!!

Now where is that Cruzan Rum???
Got Em!!!

Taking Off Today (And Might Take Off Tomorrow Too) !!!
Be Well

Aside: 6/1/2015

Life Is Not Always About Making The Right Decision;
Sometimes You Just Have To Work And Make The Decision Right!

No One Knows The Future, Not Even The Most Successful (Whatever That Term Means)....

...However, The Aforementioned Not Withstanding Regarding "THE MOST SUCCESSFUL", Please Consider The Following Premise....

..."Could It Be The Harder They Work, The Luckier They Tend To Be???"... (Now that's a thought).

Jack & Coke!!

Aside: 4/14/2015

WHEN IS CHERYL'S BIRTHDAY? ... (This tricky math problem went viral a couple of days ago)

Here's my answer.... DON'T WASTE A MOMENT OF TIME WITH IT.... GOOGLE IT!!! :-) :-)

I once heard.... Education isn't knowing the answers, Education is knowing where the library is!!!

While the public is chasing answers to math questions, Politicos are trying like crazy to figure out if the world is going to "HE Double Hockey Sticks In A Hand Basket!!!"

Now which are more important:

A. Math Questions?
B. Nuclear Proliferation?
C. Climate Change?
D. The World As We've Come To Know It?

If the adults on the planet continue treating our true responsibilities as we are doing, there will be no world for 15 year old math whizzes from Singapore to live in!!!

There's that word 'Cognizant' again :-)

Coffee And Chocolate Time
Be Well

Aside: 4/08/15

Be Cognizant.

Using desperation as motivation is a recipe for really bad decision making; Everything takes some time, but desperation, by it's very definition, means 'TIME' is restricted.

Good decision making requires 'TIME'.

Situations are always fluid!!

Rigid decisions DO NOT apply to fluid situations... (This is a paradox).

The decision you make, may not in fact, be the correct decision.. Adjust.. Augment The Methods Chosen.. Move On.. And Quickly!!

Throwing resources at a problem is not always the proper solution.

There is always addition by subtraction (works for drying clothes and carpets)...Why could it not work with your caseload/s?

There's 'Critical'.
There's 'Important'.
Then there's 'Critically Important'.

EVERY assignment, errand, paper, appointment, meeting or thought (whether coming from you or someone else) CAN NOT be Critically Important.

If you are living, your day to day decisions are not 'Life or Death'. You are living!! Where does death come into the picture?

Why the rush?

Why the urgency for someone else to rush, just to fulfill your agenda?.... (and the reverse is also true)

Should your requests, supersede "their personal life choices" as to how they choose to utilize "their own time" on this planet'?

This is why, when someone rushes me, for whatever reason, I wait a minimum of one week before deciding :-).

They made the request on a Sunday.. I'll get back with them the following Sunday, and in the meantime, I do a fantastic thing... "I LIVE" :-)

Kindness doesn't require an appointment. "Expectations" require appointments. ..The doctor expects you to show up at "9AM Sharp".... The Meeting is at "3:30PM".

My life IS NOT a series of appointments!!!

My life IS a series of choices!!!.

A happy life comes down to simple things.... Can you choose to skip that meeting, that appointment or that errand and still be in total control of what happens to you, when it happens and how it happens? ...

.. This is the best mental place to be.

Not sure? Test where you are... Start saying "NO" more often!! :-)

Note: And if your answer has anything to do with "but I need the money", feel free to contact me for a major discussion regarding 'Your Mindset', specifically as it relates to 'The System'...

.. Of course, for this discussion to take place, "I'd" have to have the time. Uhm??. Let me look at my watch!!!.. I have all day every day!!... I'm good on time... And yourself?

Starbucks it is!!!
Cigar it is!!!
I'm taking off today!!! :-)

Be Well

Aside: 3/28/


Everything you wish for... Do!!
The moment you move in that direction... Your wish will start to come true!!
2015 is one quarter done.
Don't take it so serious;
... Go out.. Have Fun!!
There are really only two things one learns in life....
1. What To Do
2. What Not To Do
My big "Not To Do"?... "Negativity".. I don't do it... I go the other direction immediately.

My big "To Do"?... "Live Minutes With Meaning"; The hours, days and years will take care of themselves.
It's not how you handle the plans that work out;
It's how you work out the plans that don't.

Ah!! .....
Shot Glass!!!
Today it's Tequila!!!

Be Well

Aside: 3/24/15

Ask the question no one is asking; Get the answer no one knew existed.

Get the answer no one knew existed; Add to the human knowledge base.

Add to the human knowledge base; Extend human kind's time on the planet.

Don't accept propaganda, opinion or dogma blindly. Inquire. Study. Expand. Daily.

We are only the sum of our own experiences; If you constantly dwell in a pit, your outlook has to be 'Pit'-iful (pun intended).

The world is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful place, but not for everyone all the time.

It is what it is.

But you can make a difference... Looking for answers that help others is the key...And it doesn't have to be with money.

Money is very finite and has it's limitations.

Person to person is always best, but you have to put yourself out there to help in this manner; There are risks, but not to you.. The risks are on them for not listening.

Forget about not being an expert. Experts probably know far less than they're admitting to; Fortunately for them they talk a lot, which gives the impression they have the subject matter fully understood ... Not always so.. As the saying goes "Even a broken clock is right twice a day"!!

Levity ...
(Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the aforementioned. I just like the site.)

Hope you enjoyed The Equinox

"NOW" Go For It!! ... There Are No Do Overs!!!

Ah!!!... Godiva Coffee this morning..
Now where is my cigar??... Got it!!

Be Well!!


Aside: 3/20/15

Pledges? - Normally disappoint the pled-gee (It's never their idea).

Following Orders Blindly? - Good if you are a team player, but the weakest link always gets the blame (or the ax). "Never" take orders or advice from anyone not willing to get their hands dirty with you in the trenches!!!

Following Orders Blindly II - Always ask .."Why aren't they doing this themselves? Why did they ask me to do it? ... If you are better at it, they'll take the credit. If you are worse at it, don't worry... you'll get the blame (after all someone has to to lose the gig...right?)

Inquisitive About What They Think (Whoever 'They' Are)? - Well Uhm? How about figuring out what 'YOU' think... Really think... And having the courage to act on it?

Their judgement? - Who cares?

Your judgement? - 99% of the time you are making the right decision (for you)!!! The other 1% of the time... Heck.. You are an evolved adult... Don't worry about it... There will be other decisions... No decision is fool proof... Move On!!! :-) Besides, since when are their decisions 100% accurate??

Self Sufficiency is 'Self' Sufficiency.... Not 'J.O.B.'
J.O.B can be T.A.K.E.N. A.W.A.Y.

A word to the wise....

Phones Off.....
Computers Off........
NCAA March Madness.....



Aside: 3/13/15

"Beware the Ides of March"

Me? Superstitious? Really?... Not in the least!!!.. I just like the saying!!! :-) ; However, it never hurts to be careful "every day", not just March 15th!!!

Pineapple Juice
Pineapple CIROC!!.... Ah!!!


Aside 2/11/2015:

"For Everyone Who Doesn't Have A Valentine"

Cheer Up!!....

The Very Best Valentine You Can Ever Have...
..... Is Looking At You In The Mirror Each Morning (Everything else "IS THE SIDE DISH, NOT THE MAIN COURSE") !!!

..... Ah!! Jack And Coke!!!



Aside 2/2/2015:


This was a typo but for some reason it struck me as looking like it was 'French' (no rhyme nor reason...just how my mind worked at the time)!!



AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!.. The problem!!!! :-)

As it turns out... the explanation was simple.... I didn't put a space between "so" and "it's" or between "it's" and "quite".

"SO IT'S QUITE" funny how sometimes moving too fast (in this case typing too fast), caused this 'word' (tongue in cheek) to look totally different from how it'd be viewed normally....

... And life has tendency to be 'just this way'...

... Rush, Assume What You See Is What You See And That What You See Is In Fact Real Assume The Same About What You Hear Then Voila Nope Just A Rush Job That Could Have Been Avoided With A QUICK SLOW DOWN I.E. A SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CHECK!!!

Note: (Run on sentence with little punctuation was done on purpose!!)

Ah!!! Godiva Coffee And My Cigar

Be Well

Aside 12/29/2014:

Dear Newscaster,

It'd be really nice if you'd talk, just a bit, about all of the good things happening in the world!

There are so many positive people, doing positive things; They're the glue that keeps the planet humming along 'In Spite Of' (and not just during The Holiday Season).

Thanks In Advance

Ahhhh.... Remy XO & Two Ice Cubes

Aside 12/16/2014:

Everything happens for a reason.
Nothing is coincidence.

Humans make choices; Therefore humans supply the reasons...

... But... All choices have consequences... Some good, some not so good... Some immediate, some delayed... Consequences nonetheless!!

Unhappy?.. Choose Happiness!!
Down?... Choose Up!!
Tired? ... Sleep In!!
Still Tired?... Sleep In Longer!!
Hungry? ... Eat!!
Miss someone?.. Call them now!!
Not tuned in?... Pay better attention!!
Still not tuned in?... Tune out!! ( There's no interest. Don't fake it).

The battle you are fighting is the battle within; The only thing you "can't change" is the skin you're in.... You are only human...

...Stay Positive!

... A Glass
... 2 Ice Cubes
... & Godiva Chocolate Liqueur it is!!!

Aside 11/24/2014:

It's a classic blowout!!!

The Score?.....
Home Team - 20 Points
Visiting Team - 6 Points

No kidding. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

It's the game you never really watch, but you are subtly forced to play it everyday (whether you like it or not).

The game is called "DEFIANT ZONE 1"

Ladies and Gentlemen.... In this locker room!!!!....
..... The Home Team!!!!!....

..... ""The Synonyms For Defiant!!!!!!""

"aggressive, audacious, bold, challenging, daring, gutsy, insolent, insubmissive, insubordinate, mutinous, obstinate, provocative, rebellious, recalcitrant, reckless, refractory, resistant, resistive, sassy, truculent"

And in this locker room!!!!.... The Visiting Team!!!!
.... ""The Antonyms For Defiant!!!!!!""

"acquiescent, obedient, respectful, submissive, submitting, subordinating".

"DEFIANT ZONE 1" is not about success, failure, money, power, status.

"DEFIANT ZONE 1" is about ' the mental mindset'.

This mindset is internal and defines how you... 'choose' ... to live your life 'minute by minute', 'day to day', 'week to week', 'month to month' and 'year to year'....

When the chips are down; And the proverbial S* hits the fan!!!.... "Which team are you "really" on???"

...Here's the answer 'rhetorically'...

.... If you are reading about them in the newspaper, watching them on tv, talking gossip about them in the salon, discussing their antics in the office, listening to their speeches, reading their books, practicing their dogma, taking them seriously when they tell you how you should be doing your job or assignment better.....

... Hint!!!.. You are in the visitors locker room!!

... Now .. To be fair and unbiased... Everyone doesn't want to live defiantly....

....Some just want to get along, cause no ruckus, keep their heads down, not be looked upon as being 'too' selfish, be a team player..etc...etc.. etc...

.. Until they get laid off, fired, not promoted, etc.. etc... etc... (Ask the unions in Wisconsin about this one!!)

Of course this is all just my opinion.... I might just see the world through a strange lens. ...but... so did... Earhart, Susan B. Anthony (amazingly some don't know why she had a U.S. Quarter named for her... a shame really), Einstein, Edison, Bell, Your Bosses....And every politician walking the face of this planet.

Truth? ...They wouldn't change positions with you if you paid them. They are the STEPPERS.. not the..... (made up word alert) STEPPEES!!

Steppers live defiant as a matter of due course ; Maybe, just maybe it'd behoove some to live likewise. (Ask the teachers in Vermont about this one. They met the rules changers face to face, toe to toe and won!!!)

Some have called this "Following Your Own Path"...

But... In the end, the home team knows, "You can't get stepped on, if you are not laying down!!!"

So count them... 20 (supposedly bad terms) vs 6 (supposedly good terms)

Uhm???... If deviance is such a bad thing, why aren't 'obedient', 'respectful', 'team players' getting the press, getting the raises, getting golden parachutes and getting the sweetheart political deals???? (.... I think I'll ask some low wage hourly workers this question.)

.... Seems things are not always as they appear!!!!

Ah!!!!!! .... I think I'll order this huge cheeseburger loaded with everything, fries and that Tall Corona!!!

Live Defiantly... & Be Well


Aside: 11/8/2014

Today, I cashed my 312th "consecutive lottery ticket" of 2014!!!! .............. "I woke up!!!!"

Ah!!!!... Coffee & Godiva!!!!

Be Well!!!

Aside: 10/26/2014


This is just "my" opinion. There are 7 Billion people on the planet. So there are 6.999 Billion other opinions... And that's OK!!

The Most Important Thing To Know ....

..... in all The Universe is.... "Your Self"; And understand, "Your Self" changes over time... Physically, Emotionally, Educationally, Financially, Mentally, Etc.

These changes are for the most part 'outside' of your direct control... But...

.... Change is good.. Even if the outcome is negative...As long as you learned from it; Not learned as in never to repeat the mistake (other mistakes will come, if not the same identical one), but learned as in knowing you had the ability to pull through, and you can pull through again!!!

A tree that never grows we get rid of!
Flowers that never bloom we uproot!
Children that don't develop according to standard,we rush to the doctor!...

...In these areas, we look for, and expect change!!!...... Why do we treat ourselves and those closest to us differently?

Do we not 'want' them to grow, accomplish, fail, learn and thrive as bonafide 'beings'?... Must everything others do have to meet 'our approval'?

... And how do they become these beings, if we smother them so much 'with whatever we smother them with'... That they never get a chance to 'Know Themselves"?

The "Self" you were ten years ago is not the same "Self'" you are today, though there are a host of similarities.

If you "don't" truly know yourself - "The Future Self" becomes trapped within decisions made by "The Present Self", which is trapped in decisions made by "The Previous Self".

If "Your Present Self" is not who "Your Past Self" envisioned you to be, 'do not compound the headwinds by insisting on moving in that same direction'... Make a change now... "Your Future Self" will appreciate this..... The energy you've expended getting to this point 'is' exactly that ... 'expended'.... You did not waste time!... You learned!.. And the energy you are about to expend will be exactly that... 'expended', regardless as to the direction you now choose to take!!

Why live as if all your expectations must come true?... (They don't!!)

Why posture as if others must live up to your expectations?.. (They don't!!!)..

.....And if they truly know "Them Selves"...They won't listen to you tell them who they need to be, any more than you should listen to them if they attempted to do likewise!!!

The best gift you can give anyone, is "Your True Self That Day"..... And Vice Versa!!

Your North Star... Is .. "Your True Self"!!

If the world had more individuals who knew themselves, we'd have far fewer crowds of followers, far more crowds of leaders and a far more congenial planet on which to live.....

Ahhhhhh... Chilled Glass!!!... Jack & Coke!!!

Be Well

P.S. - Remind me, if you wish, to tell you of my 'totally' wasted shopping trip to a store in Knightsbridge, London, UK!! ... It was a wonderful 'Knowing Myself" moment.

Be Well II

Aside: 10/18/2014

Some time back, "The Atlantic" put forward a proposal.... A Citizenship Exam (Just out of curiosity, some might just want to take it).

Of course we acquire citizenship by birth, but some become naturalized citizens.

If all who were born here had to pass the test... Would we?

Use your search engine: "The Citizenship Exam"

Ah!!!! ... Coors!!!...Frosted Mug!!!... Cigar!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Aside 10/16/2014:

Tired of getting hit???..... First thing to do???...... "Get Out Of The Middle Of The Road!!!!"

Whatever the perceived problem is; "Do" something positive about it!!!

*Talking about it?... Passive!
*Reading about it?... Passive!!
*Thinking about it?... Passive!!!
*Listening to others talk about it?.... Really Passive!!!!
*Getting someone else to do it?... That's Not Passive, That's Lazy!!!! :-)
*Do nothing and let others deal with it???... Politically smart and exceptionally passive!!!!! (After all, it's not on you, you did absolutely nothing!! Right?)

"Nothing" happens until you make it happen!!... Doing something positive is always the answer.

The method may not be the most efficient, least stressful or simplest; But, doing something beats doing nothing any day of the week..... There are no perfect answers!!!

Ahhh!!... Baseball Tonight, Cardinals vs. Giants ... Hot Dogs.... Chilled Glasses.... Budweiser.... Limes.... Hot Dogs Loaded To The Max!!!...

Aside 9/26/2014:


This has been a very interesting few days 'to say the least".

I had to sit back, relax, sip on some coffee/cognac and just observe!

It's amazing what appears clearly when one just does nothing for a moment.

It seems television cameras, elevators, alcohol, gossip tv shows, television cameras, celebrity life, marital privacy, money, television cameras, big business agendas, compliant media, unenlightened consumers, television cameras, some police officers with guns, fourteen soapboxes, aggressive race car driving, hypersensitive law enforcement public relations offices, television cameras, over reaching school boards, questionable parenting styles, climate change, political gamesmanship and unengaged citizens ARE NOT A GOOD MIX!!

Eye's Wide Shut!!!

Some are seeing only what they want to see.
Some are hearing only what they want to hear.
Some want to hear and see nothing.

Here's a truly honest solution:

TV/CABLE NETWORKS & PERSONALITIES - Stop talking, posing and posturing for the television camera. There are over 300M Citizens in The USA with opinions. We'll have a true conversation when each can get "Television Camera Time"... Besides, the talking heads are reading from a script!!!...

NEWSPAPERS - Quit with The Op Eds; This is just one person's 'opinion' anyway!!!... And it's probably a person we've never met!!! Uhm??

ATTORNEYS - Stop the blaming, this is what courts are for... And by the way, if you cared so much why aren't you working Pro Bono? As in free. Secondarily, why is a local attorney who lives in the area never quite good enough? Uhm?

BIG BUSINESS - Stop making money off of someone else's situational misery.

The ratings go through the roof, when this happens BIG BUSINESS advertisers jump into the feeding frenzy (they have to advertise where the eye balls are... "SCANDAL"), other members of the media want some of those dollars (after all, why should XYZ Network/ABC Newspaper get all of the loot), competitors then come up with 'THEIR SPIN' on the 'THE FIASCO OF THE MOMENT', which leads to more stories,from more media competitors, and more advertising dollars...

...Then the attorneys sue every Tom, Dick, Harriet, Larry, Curly or Moe in sight in hopes of getting a huge class action settlement....

... Or The Politicians/Public Agency Attorneys are trying their best to figure out what actions to take that will garner book deals.

.... EVERYONE makes money 'EXCEPT' the people whose stories are being told (without their permission of course).

Makes no difference what side of any debate someone is on, at the end of the day, the media companies are making a fortune from our collective willingness to view, digest, contemplate, discuss and broadcast someone else's pain!!

If the roles were reversed I wouldn't feel happy about it I'm sure.... So whoever advertises during these times, that's the company whose products I quit purchasing!!

As easily as a story is being published for someone else's gain.. it could just as easily be any of us....Heck it is us!!!...

....Don't believe me? .... Wait!!!... You are only one blog post away from being on the front page!!!!... Or if the wrong thing happens to you, at just the right time, someone with "A New Eye-Phone 6" will be waiting for you. :-)

This is not to say the issues are not real..'they are'; However, I'm 100% certain a country as balanced as The USA (with all of it's tensions) can find a better way to handle these issues.

"There are level headed, rational, empathetic adults in the room.... and sooner or later calmer heads will prevail!!!"

In the meantime, I'll do what I can to chip in, speak up and calm tensions wherever I am.

If we all did this, things would get better much much sooner.

When harsh words get us into trouble, kind words can get us out!!!

Ah!!!... Beverage Glass!! ....Ice Cube!! ....Cognac!!! ... Cigar!!!!

Have a great day.

Aside: 9/14/2014:

Personally I'm Not Watching Sunday Football Today; I'm Relaxing Instead! :-)

Being a true fan can be hard work!!! :-)

Today, I don't want to yell, scream, increase my blood pressure, increase my heart rate and elevate my dopamine levels 'watching football on television'.

There's something to be said, for a quiet Sunday afternoon listening to jazz, puffing a good cigar and sipping a double shot of Cognac on the rocks!!!!...

............. Now where is that torch lighter??? :-)

Aside: 9/9/2014:

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me
and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.

Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few and the Republic is destroyed.

- Abraham Lincoln

Aside: 9/5/2014:

"Mass" (Pass The Beer) Always Outnumbers "Class" (Pass The Champagne) ...... and in the long run eventually wins!!!

There are only 535 Members Of Congress
There are over 150,000,000+ Eligible Voters!!

There are only 35,000 Police Officers in New York City
There are 8,405,837 people in New York City!!

There are only 10,023 police officers in Los Angeles California
There are 3,862,839 people in Los Angeles California!!

Students far outnumber teachers!!
Patients far outnumber doctors!!
Car owners far outnumber mechanics!!... (And the list is endless).

"Informed Citizens" always remain in charge of their own "minds" regarding who is powerful and who is not... What they believe and what they don't.

Informed is the key word.

"Informed" - *Having or showing knowledge of a particular subject, situation, decision or judgment, based on an understanding of the facts of the situation.

If you've ever said " I didn't know that"... You were uninformed about that subject.

To be uninformed, in the internet age, is willful ignorance.

Every number I used in this aside was pulled directly from the web...and.. each number is easily verified via multiple sources.
This is called Transparency. No transparency. No truth.

Some see only what they want to see; But ignoring the sunshine does not mean it's nightfall.

Your truthful empirical senses will tell you all you need to know.

Truth is felt and can not be explained away, by pundits, paid provocateurs, blind followers and those who claim money is power (regardless of political affiliation).

The numbers of those affected are too great for any lie to continue.

The emperors have no clothes!!!

The Former Governor of The Great State of Virginia just found this out the hard way.

The Governor of The Great State of Texas may end up learning the same lesson.

To change your life, stop counting the change in your pockets and start counting the people whose lives are affected by all of the ad hoc policies promoted by those who represent you in the public sphere.. whether a politician, a minister, an attorney or a peace officer.

Your contributions or taxes pay their salaries... They work for you, not the other way around.

You don't have to worry about whether these policies will affect you...THEY WILL!!! (Directly or Indirectly)....

..... The person whose unemployment benefits were eliminated by Congress "IS" the person who asked you for change when you exited the store!! :-)

.... The company getting their favorite tax loopholes passed by Congress "IS" the same institution foreclosing on your friend's house!!! :-)

Great Citizens Make Great Countries.

Great Citizens Make Even Greater Neighbors!!!

Be Nice, Be Informed And Be Well....

... Ah!!!... Rum & Coke!!!

Aside: 8/28/2014:

Have A Wonderful, Safe, Thoughtful, Relaxed And Positive Labor Day Weekend!!!

Aside 8/27/2014:

The world reminds me of high school; Clowns get all the attention, while those doing the right things are hardly noticed.

They say , The squeaky wheel always gets the grease; This is true, but a squeaky wheel does not a car make.

There are a lot of squeaky wheels in the junk yards of life. Sometimes it's not good to draw so much attention to oneself.

Keep your head down!!!
Keep working!!!
Stay positive!!!!


Hennessey and Sprite... Tonight!

Signed - Quietly Pouring

Aside 8/15/2014:

Everything going on in the world eventually affects me; All I have to do is connect the dots... If I connect the dots far enough back... I'll get the full history... Once I have the full history... I act accordingly in the present... Then adjust as needed in the future.

What I've found, is most of the information coming to me is propaganda 'masking itself' as 'news'.

So ... Where did I originally come up with this 'thesis'?

"By studying the history and subsequent 'so-called' progressive evolution of that apparatus we know as "Kindergarten!!". :-)

There are still two competing theories. One emphasizes 'habit formation', the second 'social education', as in developing 'the whole person'.

I have my own opinion as to which is better for children, and by extension adults, in the long run.

Suffice it to say.. "independent thought and the ability to qualitatively and quantitatively judge the information one receives, for one's self, regardless of the source, to me, is of paramount importance.

The populations of the world and the leaders thereof could use a bit of self reflection.

1 + 1 = 2 (Regardless of rhetoric or jargon). :-)

This fact, reduced to it's simplest form, and used in the aforementioned context is profound; But I could say it no better than Santayana - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Coffee w/ Brandy!!!

Aside 8/10/2014:

I read a profile that literally tells men what they must bring to the table; But the profile makes no mention of what she thinks she must bring to the table.

"He must be intelligent, trustworthy, honest, drama free, love to travel, employed etc"

The list is practically endless and essentially reads to me like "A Man's To Do List".

I wanted to write " Excuse me Ms. but you do know the man you are looking for is "A Person" not "A Machine" right? :-)

So with as much humility as I can muster, I'd like to create a 'hypothetical' (yet very informative) 'frame' for a serious relationship discussion.


Take away your savings, credit cards, investment accounts
Take away your cars, houses/condos/apartments
Take away your job, corporate management/ownership position
Take away your sheepskin hanging on the wall
Take away your family, friends and 'real life' social networks
Take away your latest fashion design or accessory
Take away your latest technological gadget
Take away your status from charitable works, organizations or foundations (is there is such a thing as charitable status..... really? How does that work? :-) )


Rhetorically speaking of course; Without the aforementioned, Who are you at your core? :-)


Without ANY of the above I'm a person ( if push seriously came to shove), you could drop into any country, any neighborhood, any condition, and I'll get along with others ... and survive.

No safety net.
No phone call home.
No cash in my wallet.
No ATM Card at my disposal.
No airline ticket in my hip pocket for the quick getaway.

Get Acquainted.
Adapt Continually.


Sometimes life in Developed Societies is no picnic, but we're taking our 'easy lifestyles' for granted...and subsequently imposing the responsibility to supply these trinkets on others as mandatory tokens of 'affection'.

Note 1: Pardon! Trinkets can't show affection. Trinkets are inanimate objects (but I digress).

'Air Conditioning'?
'A Grocery Store'?
'A Gas Station'?

What problems do we really have?; Only those we 'create'!!

We in The Developed World have given ourselves 'status'. (Notice I said, given ourselves....)

Status is a 'contrived word' whose real meaning is "I'm better than you".

Not so!!! No one is better than anyone else!!!

Status is 24 hour programming one plays in his or her own head ....commercials and all.

Note 2: Governments/Institutions play the programming in their heads as well. (But again, I digress).


My job as a man (as per The Frame) is simply to take care of me... And in my own way, I'm good at this... and I am quite happy and satisfied with 'me'... If I must say so myself, which of course I must :-).


.... If it's a requirement that a man "label himself" intelligent, trustworthy, honest, drama free, a lover of travel, well read, sensitive, giving and etc.... Just to have a conversation with a woman who states she requires such traits... Uhm?... Well the smart man is going to say....Snap out of it! Your life is your own! My life is my own! Who gave you the STATUS to determine my honesty, truthfulness, sensitivity, etc? (See "Status" Above)


.... If it's a requirement that a woman "label herself" intelligent, trustworthy, honest, drama free, a lover of travel, well read, sensitive, giving and etc.... Just to have a conversation with a man who states he requires such traits... Uhm?... Well the smart woman is going to say....Snap out of it! Your life is your own! My life is my own! Who gave you the STATUS to determine my honesty, truthfulness, sensitivity, etc? (See "Status" Above)

Our easy lifestyles somehow always find ways to worm themselves into relationship conversations.

A lifestyle does not 'a relationship' make.

A "To Do List" does not 'a relationship' make.


When the freedoms of one person or group, impinge on the freedoms of another person or group, the person or group doing the impinging is wrong!!!

Might does not make right!!!... More money/status does not make certain decisions right!!!...

Note 3: Young children have a wonderful sense of fairness; Only adults could 'adulterate' fairness!!!..... And we're doing a continually awesome job of it!!! (But again, I've digressed).

The fact that a woman, or a man, is doing well at a profession, does not give that woman or man 'the right' to 'demand' anything from a potential relationship partner.

Everyone has a right to self defense.. but the self defense we need most is not physical in nature.

You have a right to defend 'your own thinking', 'your own opinions', 'your own goals', 'your own dreams', 'your own aspirations'.... Men have the same.

No one is in charge of anyone else.

Those thinking they are in charge are the ones that know nothing!!!... The secret is "Others".

Liven Up!!

You'll only get this one chance to live the life you want.

Notice I did not say "be who you want to be". This is an impossibility, for who you are, is who you are (just as who he is, is who he is).

Who you want to be is really 'what others will recognize you to be'.... i.e. their label of you!!!

Question? Why do their opinions matter?

Oh I get it...Because they are the boss!... Because they are my relative!.... Because they are my adviser (religious or otherwise)!... Because she said her opinions matter (or he said his opinions matter).


They can't guarantee an outcome for you any more than you could guarantee an outcome for yourself... And you are listening to them why? (This is a rhetorical question of course)

"Riddle Me This Batman???"

When someone asks, Who is "JACK"?... Why can't the answer be, He's Jack!!! Why does it have to be "That's Jack, the doctor, lawyer, college student, etc"?

Try this exercise... When someone ask you who you are. State your name and stop talking!!! (The outcome is going to be quite enlightening).

You've answered the question. There's nothing to prove.

You are not your job!! ....You are not your title!!
I am not my job!!... I am not my title!!

Men are not jobs!!! ... Men are not titles!!!

....You are who you are....but you are only as good as your ability to relate to 'others'...Not to sell others, but to relate!!

...Men are who they are... but they are only as good as their ability to relate to 'others'... Not to sell others, but to relate!!!

So before deciding to ask me 'What I do for a living', 'What kind of car I drive', 'Where I went to school'..........

.... It'd be really nice if someone just said "Hi My Name Is "XYZ".

... You know?... Relate!!!

(Here's to hoping intuitive women understand the spirit of this aside.)



Modelo it is!!!

Aside 7/25/2014:

"Visitors enabled

You have Visitors turned on, which means people can see when you visit their profile."

OK!!! THANKS OKC!!! :-)

Aside 7/17/2014:

Here's my "partial recipe" for a happy life (again, this is just my opinion)..

Always ask: "Is this really what I want to be doing right this minute?"

.. If the answer is yes, continue. If the answer is no, CHANGE COURSE IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait. Do not ponder one second longer.... You've got living to do.

There are no do-overs. You are not going to get a single minute of your life back. Period!!! There are no 'Minutes Of Life' savings accounts, no refunds, no exchanges and definitely no rain checks!!!!

"Take responsibility for saying no if the request does not suit your preferences!!".... (and follow through). :-)

Everyone talks responsibility (especially politicians we pay to essentially do nothing!!).....

....OK, I'll play... Everyone has a responsibility to "leave me alone" so I can decide how to live the way I see fit!!! :-)

Unfortunately, this responsibility for living your own life always seems to need defending!! But what will ____ think? You fill in the blank... Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Best Friend, Co-Workers (until you get laid off) and etc.

If you're always asking what "someone else" will think of "your decisions" (just my opinion), disaster is sure to come...

Here's why...

...Physics dictates it's impossible for two objects to occupy the same space at the same time; Since this is true... How can "you" and "someone else" control "your life"???
What I’m doing with my life
Living It To The Fullest!!! :-) And staying as far away from ready made family drama as possible!! Why would I volunteer to be ANYTHING other than #1? Besides, I'd much rather build my own family foundation, than attempt a repair of someone else's. Most men lie about being able to accept children other than their own! Honestly, I know the reverse, whether your children accept me (or not), is FAR MORE APPLICABLE to any successful long term relationship. . . And mom is ALWAYS IN THE MIDDLE! This is the truth!:)(Remember, I said I have 6 sisters!) So my personal preference is to not have this complication. However, if you feel your situation is somehow unique. . .let me know UPFRONT. . . Not later.:)
I’m really good at
Just about everything I touch, whether it's business, cooking, public speaking, working on cars or throwing a serious party!!!... .(not to mention writing painstakingly honest profiles)!! . . . :-) :-) :-) Voting as an experiment in finding an honest politician! (Not having too much luck :) :) :) :) :)!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Very logical. Fair. Tactful. I give straight answers if asked straight questions! Love a good conversation on just about any topic. Love to have a good time. Positive. Positive. Positive. . . . . And I missed my first calling (Comedy!); Keyword?. . . MISSED :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm open to just about anything except scary movies... I love just about any good cuisine; But I'm really careful with anything raw!
Six things I could never do without
1. Godiva Chocolate! 2.Driving W/ The Top Down! 3. A Really Good Cigar (Every Once In A While)! 4. A Great Cognac! 5. A Real Woman To Share Good Times With!! 6. Still Working On This One (lol) . . .but here goes . . . Freedom of thought, movement, and choice; Along with the willingness to properly defend and protect my personal implementation of the same. A lot of our choices are not really OUR CHOICES. Individuals in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Wisconsin (Smiles) are coming to the conclusion their life is their own. . . Propaganda Not Withstanding! The enemy is never 'others' or 'some outside force'; The Enemy IS any thought process that inhibits MY FREEDOM . . . TO TOTALLY BE ME! :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything!!! Especially Business, Geopoly And Socio-Economics. Any other time I'm trying to think of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and chilling in 'The Present'.
On a typical Friday night I am
... Susceptable to do just about anything that feels like it'll be fun. Key word 'feels'. :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If it's most private; Why would I admit it? :-). . . Oops, Key Phrase Alert: 'Willing To Admit'! . . . . I do not use the word NEED in any conversation!:) I literally hate the word 'need'! One sure way to have me not do something, is to tell me 'I need to do this or that'!:) Lol! Needs are food, clothing, water, health and shelter of some sort! Everything else is literally CHOICE! :). . . Choice is FREEDOM:)! For this reason, I'm much more accomodating if I'm simply asked nicely:). . . . I ask nicely as a matter of respect!:) If a person honors my request, this is good. . . If not, this is their choice and I don't hold it against them! They owe me nothing!:) . . The same applies in reverse! :)
You should message me if
..... You want to :-). . AND if you can be your true self!; Meaning, If you don't take yourself TOO SERIOUSLY!!! :). . . . Come On :). . . Be Honest With Yourself And Be Honest With Me :). . .Is Every Woman Who Says She's Beautiful Actually Telling The Whole Truth?:). . . Really? :). . . . Ladies, Beauty Is Not In The Eye Of The Beholder. . BEAUTY JUST IS (and it's not internal terminology, so stop misleading each other with that 'But she's beautiful on the inside' STUFF. . . It's just not true!!! :)) . . . Everybody knows BEAUTY when THEY see IT! IT'S NOT CALLED 'MAKE UP' FOR NOTHING!. . . . I have yet to hear any man say 'Hey that woman is INTERNALLY BEAUTIFUL!' PLEASE STOP! :)(. . . And in all fairness, all of the aforementioned applies to men as well). Every man knows ALL women are NOT Victoria's Secret Material (we accept and understand this; Why can't women do the same?). If a man tells you you are beautiful on the inside. . .RUN AWAY FROM THIS GUY; Because you are going to really be upset when you find him staring at THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN walking into the restaurant! Want to know who this beautiful woman is? IT'S THE ONE THAT MAKES YOU ASK HIM ' WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT? -(when you obviously know the answer). See, real men are NOT stupid. . Real Men just go along to throw fake women off. . .Real Men know, if YOU have to ask us about another woman, the other woman must have something YOU feel YOU lack! This is why real men are never surprised when women get into cat fights over weight, looks, clothes, best hair style, education, contacts, party invitations, lifestyle, money and etc. . . 'Real Men' know the women are simply weeding the weak ones out (so they think). . Then real men ignore all of it AND immediately notice the woman sitting quietly in the corner! The ONE with the self control and confidence to know she's far above such petty antics . . Oh, and when she gets to the parking lot. . . She's driving a Vette JUST LIKE OURS!. . .This is exactly why we won't watch "Housewives of ______"! INDEPENDENT WOMEN DON'T NEED OK CUPID!:) INTERDEPENDENT (as in teamwork) is what real men need (this includes me. Look up the definitions!):) Other than this, your reasoning is not for me to say:) lol.
The two of us