38 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Indie music geek
Love to go to gigs or just the pub. Watch bad movies (maybe with zombies. Or something serious more serious, quite enjoy going to the filmhouse for more highbrowness). Enjoy nothing better then a bad joke or pun (the more groan worthy the better) (this really isnt selling me very well).

Live in Leith and love all that it has. From the comfy little pubs to the places to eat and just the general mad sights that you see. People that live in Leith seem crazily overprotective of where we live, even though it is indeed full of nutters. But in a nice friendly way.

Good nights out are either:
Chatting and talking nonsense with friends
Going to watch a film, either deep and engaging, or full of explosives where your mind doesnt leave first gear. If only Amelie, George Romero and Bruce Lee had a love child. Not sure how that would work with three people. Especially as one is fictional and one is dead. Sure George could help with the dead one though.

Small dark clubs, a band that no one has heard of and less then 200 people (after that they have clearly sold out). Ideally with all the tall people sent to the back of the venue so that I can actually see the band. Venues with no stage for the band to stand on mean I might as well be listening to the radio.

Music wise, I was reading the Skinnys list of best Scottish albums of the decade and I don't think I disagreed with any of it. Although I reckon Frightened Rabbit should have been above Primal Scream.

A pub quiz which I know nothing.
Going to a cealidh. Mixing boozing and mad dancing is always a great mix. And the exercise usually mean no hangover. Usually :)

Like to go out to eat, just need someone to take along :) Good pub grub, italian, japanese. All is good. Although I'm always disappointed by Edinburgh curry. Used to live in Leeds and must admit they do it better.

Really cant stand Celeine Dion. To the point where I think I have spelt her name wrong.
What I’m doing with my life
Work in an office making stuff for mobile phones. All day I type 1s and 0s. One day I will find some to invest in my genius startup idea (once I have it).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Frightened Rabbit, Eagle Owl, Death Cab for Cutie, Vaselines, Wannadies, Johnny Cash... in fact just look at my page:

Books:Catch 22, Kurt Vonnegut, HG Wells, Douglas Coupland, an fairly unhealthy comic book habit (Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Ed Brubaker, Robert Kirkman)

Movies:Brazil, Clockwork Orange, Time Bandits, Grosse Pointe Blank, Spirited Away, Amelie, Office Space, anything by the Coen brothers