37 Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
idealist seeks collaborators for subverting the establishment, bar stool philosophizing, creative endeavors, adventure, and general low-key mayhem.

i'm a west coast gal who somehow ended up in the south. i ask myself, every day, what the fuck i'm doing here. sometimes you make a major life decision that doesn't work out the way you'd planned, and then you have to keep making other decisions stemming off that first mistake like branches on a tree. regardless, i'm in grad school for social work, which i love, and i have an amazing dog and lots of opportunities for camping. i pretty much hate everything else about being here- the weather, casual racism, religiosity, and most of the people- but hey, it's not forever, and steel only hardens in the fire.

i recognize that reading people's profiles can be a lot like reading the ingredients on a box of processed food and trying to imagine what it tastes like; nevertheless i'll do my best.

i'm an introvert that plays the part of extrovert well (INFP, if it matters). friendly and easy to talk to. unafraid of risk. literate. often mistaken for younger than i am. largely incapable of small talk. craves authentic human connection and intellectual stimulation (and sometimes, pizza).

i'm sensitive to the cruelty and suffering in the world. awed by the beauty and humor occasionally demonstrated by humans. a big soft, wet, gooey heart, but i won't show it right away. striving and wondering if i'll make it. am i a lion disguised as a mouse, or a mouse disguised as a lion? is enough ever enough?

i'm constantly in a state of trying on new things, and have my fingers in many pies. some of my previous incarnations have included: skateboarder, tomboy, riot grrrl, goth, druggie, long term hitchhiker, lumberjack, activist, spoken word-er (?), athlete, burner )'( , sexpot, health nut, social worker, spiritual seeker, woo woo new ager, martial artist, atheist, and a few things i can't mention online. i have a lot to talk about, but i generally prefer to listen. i already know my own story.

i thrive on genuine communication about shit that matters; it is the air i breathe. the older i get, the more apparent it becomes to me that conversation is my religion.
"when two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, god is the electricity that surges between them." -martin buber
What I’m doing with my life
grad school. if you've been, you know there's not much room for anything else.
also: powerlifting. leveling up!

likes: kung fu flicks, puppies, a good piece of garlic bread, puns(!), sunrises, backyard fires, stand-up comedy, warm mud between my toes, bubble baths, endorphins, sharing a laugh with strangers, morning sex, zombie movies, waffle cones, pink monster trucks.

dislikes: too-cool-for-school people, pickles, apathy, rules, "authority", evangelists, a punch in the face, callousness, endangered species poaching, class warfare, aggressive spiders, shitty drivers, shitty roommates, dog shit on the sidewalk.
I’m really good at
writing. choosing the slowest line in any retail establishment. steering a car with my knees. making others feel comfortable. wrestling dogs. saying it like it is. processing your shit. meeting people. sneezing several times in a row. not judging others (you would be surprised). tending to people who have been overlooked. kissing. communicating fully yet kindly. laughing at inappropriate times. dancing to phat beats. being good to others. defying propriety. not getting offended. dipping my hair into whatever i'm eating. being your wingman. finding the word you're looking for. cooking dope meals. finding the shoes i want cheaper online. coming up with the perfect retort 4 seconds too late to work it into the conversation. handling my anger, and yours too. massage. being present. getting distracted. communicating with the insane. looking extra fly when i wanna.

i'm really bad at:
math. dealing with bureaucracies. spelling "bureaucracy" (i have to look it up every damn time). juggling. keeping my big mouth shut at critical moments. keeping plants alive. smiling on cue for the camera. being patient with automated phone systems. remembering names. remembering MLA formatting. remembering your birthday. giving a shit about pop culture.
The first things people usually notice about me
i hold nothing back. what's the point of speaking at all if you're not going to be completely honest?

if you've noticed i've looked at your profile several times but never messaged you, i'm not a stalker, promise, just a queer with a bad memory. "she seems interesting, and sorta familiar, i wonder where i've seen her? oh right, on here. for the 6th time. shit."

on a side note, a boy i once dated said i was "like a fucking unicorn," shaking his head in awe. i think what he was referring to was my intriguing mix of feminine and masculine qualities... i am the type of lass who loves to sew, cook, care-take others, and has a hearty feminine lust for sensual pleasures, and at the same time i will drink you under the table, throw a football around, chop cord wood, and back you up in a bar fight. i guess the word for that these days is "non-binary." i like it, although for the last year i've definitely been more moc.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books! i'm a nerd, and i used to read a lot of them. lately my attention span has shrunk to about the length of articles.

tv- the walking dead, american horror story, the leftovers, black mirror, GOT, obsessed with westworld. some all-time favorites are orange is the new black, sons of anarchy, true blood, heroes, the office, family guy, the daily show, lie to me, strangers with candy, wonder showzen, archer... you get where i'm coming from.

movies- what can i say? i watch a lot but it's hard to thrill me. old ones are best for plot development; i quickly tire of trite dialogue and poor character development, explosions, CGI, and special effects. i consume horror like teens consume cheap beer, so i've probably already seen any horror movie you might suggest we watch. also: musicals. i want to live in a world where people randomly burst into song and spin around light posts.

music- i like almost everything (no heavy metal, christian, or contemporary country, thank you very much).
i'm a little obsessed with philip glass. someday i hope to marry a woman who plays the piano. i could forgive a multitude of sins in exchange for a little musical talent.

food- i eat. lately, a lot of sushi and pizza. i'm also a helluva cook. if i like you, you'll see.
The six things I could never do without
alone time. social time. music of all types. books. nature. healthy food. my vixskin outlaw. that's seven, but i'm a rebel, baby.

(runners up: the interwebs, my sense of humor, my homies).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how do we just get humans to treat each other decently? that's the bazillion dollar question, right... the one that would solve all the world's problems.
the collapsing dollar, the future of the united states, what i'm going to eat for lunch, the creative process, women, social justice, how i can best be of service, money, DIY stuff, what i should've said instead of what i actually said, police brutality, the world bankers, boobs, my next tattoos, human motivation, the nature of reality, the nature of evil, science, god, sex, what i should be doing instead of this.

(or should that have read "sex-- what i should be doing instead of this"?)
On a typical Friday night I am
these days? at home eating takeout while watching netflix with my dog, with my laptop open on the coffee table so i can pretend i'm doing research.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have little concept of personal privacy.

unless you're the nsa.
if you're the nsa, piss off!
You should message me if
what i want:
1) friends!! you should message me if we're over 70% match to one another. here's what i've learned in my several years on okc: regardless of if there turns out to be sexual chemistry, if you meet in person someone who's over 85 or 90 percent match, you have an instant rapport and an awesome new friend. and who doesn't want more awesome friends?

2) sexy connections...?
i've dated a lot, and honestly, at this point i'm looking more to "court" than to "date", although i wouldn't turn away a meaningful casual relationship if one found me. however, i am very picky (at this point i just know what works with me and what doesn't) and also busy.
i have a weakness for intelligence, brunettes, tomboy femmes, and also glasses. so obviously a smart brunette tomboy femme with poor vision would be the holy grail in my book.

*note: i'm monogam-ish... i only do open relationships, because life is short and connecting with people is fun. but when i find someone i like i am (mostly) satisfied with them.

be forewarned... poor grammar and spelling are anathema to me! (hiss!!!) if you don't know the difference between their, they're and there, stay away!