36 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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My self-summary
Below are some of the thoughts I've had on life, an amalgamation of external information and my thoughts/personality reflecting my perspective(s) on life.

Just like if we only have one emotion like happiness all the time, we don't have something to compare it to for it to exist. Everything needs an opposite to exist. The best example would be light. It is brightest when it's darkest. From this logic, we need people to exist and for us to know who we are, and the more different they are from us, the more we see who and what we are.

If you ever wondered why you rather someone tell you something is plainly right or wrong, black or white and not explained to you that truth is a spectrum, look back to when you were a kid. Your parents raised you teaching you hard lines of right and wrong. Imagine the task they would have had if they actually attempted explaining to you the spectrum to truth to any situation. But I do think we should give kids much more credit to understanding complexities than we do.

Truth is a spectrum. Pick your point. Just don't assume it's the best spot and you can't change it.

Everyone should be their own inspiration. Everyday look at yourself in the mirror and say you fucking inspire me! You are your own scale. You set your own standards. You'll find happiness in having your own scale for being successful. Never judge yourself based on someone else's scale.

If reincarnation is true and we do live many lives, who is doing the experiencing or living? Is there one unique individual experiencing all those different lives? If so, who or what is that consciousness? Would that consciousness then be living a certain kind of life, the life of a consciousness living these many lives? And does that mean it has to live out more of those lives to actually be experiencing reincarnation? How deep does the rabbit hole of consciousness go?

If life is an emergent amalgamation of our 5 senses, our senses are limited. Our eyes see a very limited spectrum of wavelengths, our ears hear a very limited bandwidth, sane goes for all our other senses. Isn't then this version of life we are living a tiny window of what life actually is? I wonder how would the sensation of life be if we could observe and process creatively the full spectrum of all possible inputs from the physical world?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a freelance cinematographer, here's some of my work.

and a recent one,

Filmmaking, documentaries, human rights, photography, cooking, philosophy, dancing, reading, writing, swimming, martial arts (MUAY THAI BABEH!!), cycling, drawing, painting, chess, jumping, flying, movies, watching the stars, smelling the flowers, squeezin furry animals till they make some sorta noise, actually anything at all. I love stuff from quantum mechanics to origami.
I’m really good at
CReating, visual design, coming up with crazy ideas, adventuring!
The first things people usually notice about me
Many say I'm weird. Though that has not been happening much since I'm kinda a social snob and can't stand most people.
The six things I could never do without
Traveling, freedom, choice, independence, creating, learning and experiencing new things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The meaning of my life.
Finding that one true love (but oh boy im so jaded).
What to create next.
Getting off my ass and doing something worthwhile!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Life is a fucking adventure!
You should message me if
any reason at all!