30Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
Whew...hard to compact one self into a paragraph. Lately I am busy as hell. I like to spend my free time hanging out with the humans that I get along with, and discussing politics, philosophy, or history - especially history. However most of my time is focused on work and school right now. This does not preclude me from wandering around uptown and downtown Minneapolis just because it is fun, though it really should. Love the bars and shops there, even if they are far too indie for my taste. I play a few of computer games, most notably right now a certain Left 4 Dead. Woohoo zombie apocalypse!

I am ambitious, affectionate, and amiable
What I’m doing with my life
An amusing question, given that my goals have turned a complete 180 degrees. Last time I filled this out, I had just started at university and was working on a Chemistry and Chemical Engineering double major. Four years, a boatload of cash, and an Associates in Engineering later, and I am now working in security and back in school for Law Enforcement/Homeland Security. The juxtaposition makes me laugh a little every time I think about it.
I’m really good at
Science and being a nerd, really. I occasionally try to pretend I'm not a pointy headed intellectual, but I am. I used to do exceptionally well at memorizing structrual formulas, reactions, dynamic mechanics, and other very nerdy chemical things. These day's I am getting pretty decent at understanding emergency response command and control structures.

It turns out I'm rather handy at the whole "catching people doing things they're not supposed to be doing" thing. It makes me very sad to say it, but its a lot more fun and exciting to provide the valuable service that is security and order to society than it is to do fundamental research into the way the universe works. This makes me sad because the fundamental research probably benefits humanity more.

Also, I'm talented at bathing regularly and reading fantasy novels, and on more than one occasion building and painting model armies.
The first things people usually notice about me
My physique and my choice in fashion. I'm a pretty tall guy (6 foot 1 inch), with short dishwater blond hair (if it is not all shaved off), and I have a few highly prominent tattoos. I'm pretty hard to miss.

On top of physical notice, I've got a loud voice, sarcastic bent, and I'm usually not afraid to step on anyone's toes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Queue up GIGANTOR list. I'm one of those boring people who just lists everything. I guess all I can say is deeeeaaaal with it.

(Books) George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" would probably be the second best fantasy series I had ever read, if he would ever get up off his magnificent posterior and finish the fifth book. I love Glen Cook's "Black Company" series more than any other book series ever written. Glen Cook has the blackest humor ever to be scrawled on the pages of a book. L.E. Modesett's "Saga of Recluse" was excellent, and of course the "Hobbit" is a classic. Also, I'm a big fan of anything on European history (from the present all the way back to classical antiquity). And last but not least are Marx and Engel's writings.
(Movies and TV) Ah ha! It changes! Dr. Strangelove is once again the best movie ever created by man. Or at least right now it is. Also, the Resident Evil Trilogy, because I love the zombie apocalypse.
(Music) KMFDM will always own the musical world. Almost anything from the Industrial genre is to my liking, but I also enjoy Rock, Metal, Techno, Rave, Goth Rock, and Classical. As far as a list of bands and composers: KMFDM, Rage Against the Machine, MDFMK, Tool, Megadeath, Dropkick Murpheys, OhGr, Tim Skold, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, Power Man 5000, White Zombie, Combichrist, Assemblage 23, Bach, Brhams, Strauss, Wagner, Orff, and Motzart.
(Food) My family went all vegan on me recently. And as it turns out vegan food is really quite delicious if prepared right. So, I eat a lot of vegan food now. Alu Gobi and naan (I think that's how it is spelled), enchiladas, lasagna, and stir fry. Yum.
Six things I could never do without
KMFDM shows. Perhaps the greatest things ever to happen on this frozen soil. Really, I'm not even exaggerating. At all. O.K. a little.

I don't think things would go very well for us biological organisms if you were to remove our heat source, what with us liking temperatures above one degree kelvin. Thus nuclear fusion is pretty high on my list.

Family and friends are good to have around. I am an extrovert and I like being around people as much as I can.

This series of tubes we call the "internets." Because they aren't like a truck. Makes perfect sense right?

Work. I really enjoy the focus of working. Plus, I work with a lot of awesome people.

That's only five. Oh well. Tough shit I guess.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, world relations, and history. Those three things are almost never off my mind, and I think they're all fascinating and intriguing. German history is something that I always ponder. World relations interest me because of the delicate ripples every major action a nation takes has on the rest of the world's governments.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping before I go to work at the asscrack of dawn on Saturday? Seriously, I'm in bed before 9:30PM, and that's only if I stay up waaaay too late.

That is unless there is a KMFDM show in town. In which case I am at First Ave rocking out at the greatest show EVER, like I was so very recently.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's not much to need admitting...I don't have any real secrets to keep, and I don't keep much private. I suppose the most private thing I could comment on would be that I like going to tattoo parlors just to look at the tattoo's people are getting, even when I don't intend to get one my self.
You should message me if
You like tattoos and the people who have them? Or just because you're bored. That is a pretty good reason too.
The two of us