49 Quincy, United States
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My self-summary
i'm not all that Impressed or Depressed about yer ...
color, church, school, salary, staff or status.

where you came from, what you did before - doesn't often turn me off, or on. what does is who you are Inside, Now. what you're doing, now. who you want to be, and what you want to do, in the future. and how you see yourself getting there. (also, i am fluent in strategy and cheerleading.)

what i want are...
witty, tasty, satisfying conversations - about psychology, philosophy, politics, or conceptual art. laughing, interrupting conversations. and also long, comfortable, silences - while sitting side-by-side on the seawall, or working on projects together or separately. dancing, in the kitchen, in the middle of tiling the backsplash all afternoon. exploratory, gentle, loving, and playful, and passionate, enthusiastic, sex. romping through and camping out in the woods. looking up at Times Square, and looking long at MOMA. chasing the unicorns. speaking our own special language.

i am
an artist. very liberal - but Pragmatic. 1,000 years old, &about 5. superstrong in many ways, sensitive and a bit fragile in a few others. extremely persistent. rather full of opinions, but most of them have become pretty detached. unusually frank, but consciously working to be kind. more prone to silence, but extremely talkative regularly. very assertive, but patient in lines. now a more visual and broad-scale systems thinker, but still occasionally sweating the details in debates among the intelligentsia.

i come with
- a 100-year-old beach cottage full of wood
- an independent adult son fully launched
- a cart of baggage - mostly processed and passed on, but some carry-ons will persist in being toted
- an approach of negotiation, communication, & cooperation
- america's largest future institution
- 5 identical sextuplet sisters and 2 second cousins twice removed
- a calm and peaceful demeanor most of the time

i seek someone who is
Kind. not angry very often - and not quick on the draw of irritation at perceived slights, either. able to relax, open up, be honest & vulnerable - and also to banter. committed to personal growth. at least somewhat into arts & culture. generally liberal. Giving. pretty damn smart (but it's just as groovy for me to banter with folks in the top 10% as in the top 1%). most of all - i'm looking for somebody Ready for a real Partnership, and Able to treat a partner like an equal, and a cherished friend.

(also - living within 1.5 hours of boston, or, actively planning to move here. single. not actively parenting kids under 12)

i have chemistry with men who are
rather slender (hot to me: tennis, runner, ballet build, to a bit bigger. barack obama, david bowie, leonard cohen, anderson cooper, lance armstrong), & free of facial hair most of the time.
What I’m doing with my life
leading an art cult to help usher in the New Utopia
*note: not a real cult
I’m really good at
creating win-win situations
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
star trek. it's a wonderful life. defending your life. the little prince. sinclair lewis. Edith wharton. Andy warhol. Louise bourgeois. sushi. sake. whisky. dark chocolate. red wine. taco trucks.
The six things I could never do without
Science, Sex, Psychology, Culture, Exploration, & Games.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
emotional service animals
On a typical Friday night I am
somewhat atypical
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
it's challenging to be an interactive public artist when you'd rather avoid the public
You should message me if
you would like to fall in love. you can sincerely relax, be open, be yourself, and have playful fun with a woman. you avoid being defensive, lecturing, or controlling. which means, in most ways, you treat a female lover a lot like you'd treat a male brother. you are ready for the next stage of life. you fit the description (above). you can start a conversation. like if we were in person, at a cocktail party, that conversation? *hint: neither form letters nor physical compliments are good starters

(please no: S/M lifestylists, married, poly with a primary, conservatives, cops, current/recent military, permanent beards, hillary haters)