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My self-summary

As of *11/9/16* (that is to say the day after the US Presidential election), now contemplating proposals of marriage from any gentlemen of European / Non-American birth. First come, first served. Get it while it's hot, boys!


Darling, if you don't TELL me that you 'like' me, then how shall I ever know? Please use your voice. I want to hear from you


Ahem *clearing throat* Now where was I...

I am a bit of a rough and tumble tomboy who cleans up nicely into a short skirt and heels. I am a Graphic Designer and Jewelry Designer / Silversmither with a degree in Sculpture. This of course makes me quite good with my hands + it means I know my way around a power tool (whilst apparently looking rather fetching in a pair of overalls, or so they tell me). However, nowadays I have moved on to 'hammering' out a living for myself in the magical, mythical business of show, i.e. film and television. I have a creative and active mind, minus an off switch, that has a mighty appetite for knowledge and growth. Mine has been a very interesting and unusual life so far and I have nothing but the highest expectations for more of the same for the future. I truly believe that Life should be lived like a rollicking, swashbuckling farce and Love is only to be experienced with wild abandon.

A smidge more about me:
I have been most fortunate to have lived in some very interesting and beautiful places. I recorded koala bellows in the wilds and not-so-wilds of Australia for sexual communication research, the published results of which ultimately became headline news on the BBC, as well as a documentary produced by the scientific journal 'Nature'. Fascinating creatures, those teddies. I also lived across the street from the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. From time to time I get an actual physical ache of longing to be back there even though my German is absolute crap.

I managed to out wit Mother Nature into completely skipping winter one year and was once privy to a 12 hour sunset whilst traversing from Seoul to London. Sure, it wasn't like I was on the back of a unicorn with rainbow jet propulsion at the time, but still, just some of the interesting facets of my life.
Ah, good times...
What I’m doing with my life
Cartwheels in the front yard
Dreaming of a treehouse studio for the back yard
Enjoying a cuppa tea
Defying the physical manifestation of age
Not half-assing anything
Full-assing everything
Making secret garden from urban jungle
Contemplating going back in for a masters degree
Creating miniature feats of engineering in sterling silver (with a heavy hand of tongue-in-cheekiness)
Making orange beurre blancs and sage brown butters
Searching for four leafed clover
Pfaffing around
Going for it
I’m really good at
I am a reformed, yet highly gifted thrifter and a bit of a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. I can cook like a house afire, thankfully without the house actually being afire.
The first things people usually notice about me
My physicality belies nothing even close to my actual age, thanks to copious amounts of sunscreen and taking absurdly good care of myself inside and out, be it through high quality diet or ritualistically slathering myself head to toe in heady essential oils and such. Or perhaps my unique sense of style. Probably my posture from years spent studying dance and piano. Standing still, my feet are invariably found in third position no matter how much I tell them not to. I have given up on trying to change this.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, David Sedaris, Kate Atkinson, Charles Darwin, Michael Pollan, Brian Greene, Mikhail Bulgakov, Roald Dahl, Michael Chabon, Mary Roach, Spike Milligan. I am forever reading about anatomy, biology, human and animal behavior and all things science and art.

I highly recommend Miss Piggy’s ‘Guide to Life’. Words to live by...

My library card is nearly worn out from use.

Mel Brooks, Tim Burton, Wim Wenders, Jiri Trnka, Jan Švankmajer, The Brothers Quay, The City of Lost Children, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Harold and Maude, anything Fellini, Jodorowsky, Sid & Marty Krofft, Woody Allen, Jacques Tati, Barbarella, Barefoot In The Park, The Swimmer, The Littlest Outlaw, all 1950’s classic Hollywood and bad alien B movies from the same era. Flash Gordon, Better Off Dead, Dead Alive, Russ Meyer, Being John Malkovich, Spirited Away, Krull, Sixteen Candles, Slap Shot, Trog, Raising Arizona, Blade Runner, the Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I am also particularly fond of Foreign films and Documentaries.

I’ve given up watching tv, but my true loves are:
The Mighty Boosh, Manimal, Brit Coms, Mad Men, Slim Goodbody, the Monkees, the Young Ones, Bod, Flight of the Conchords, Fleabag, Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, and the 1960's Batman television series with Adam West (the art direction is mental!)
I despise reality tv with the notable exceptions of Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance, so there, I said it! No wait, dammit. I forgot Top Chef... and Chopped... Masterchef Junior... Oh yeah and FaceOff on SciFi...

The Red House Painters or anything with Mark Kozelek, Sergei Rachmaninov, Radiohead, M83, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Johnny Cash, Jeremy Enigk, Tricky, Missing Persons, John Grant, Romeo Void, Bruckner, Kate Bush, Mahler, Kraftwerk, the Beatles, Zappa, Spoon, Jeff Buckley, New Order, Elliott Smith, Neon Indian, Rufus Wainwright, Blood Orange, Boards of Canada, Gary Numan.
Six things I could never do without
1.) Stimuli (physical, emotional, and intellectual)
2.) A sharp chef's knife
3.) My turntable and vinyl
4.) My Macbook
5.) Marmite and coffee in the morning. (That’s Marmite on toast. Not Marmite in coffee. Now THAT would be gross.)
6.a) The means to see this vast, beautiful planet we inhabit (i.e. passport, visa, etc.)

6.b) Cucumbers! Um no... naughty! Slice off about three or so pieces. Drop them into a wine glass and cover with San Pelligrino. So refreshing.

*attention* - There has been a major development. I have decided to abandon coffee *gasp* in favor of organic matcha green tea. Make no mistake, this is nothing short of a life changing event. I'll be sure to keep you posted of any further developments. As you were, gentlemen...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Rods and cones
Kinetic sculptures
Living overseas again long-term
My acute Anglophilia
Why anyone would ever choose to eat fast food
The design of the latch for the secret passageway bookcase to my basement (think Scooby-Doo style) that I plan to build and the title of the book that will be tipped to engage it
How human behavior and animal behavior are one in the same
How Testosterone makes the world go round
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was named after an opera, due to my Dad being a classical music fiend. Care to gander a guess? The sound of my childhood was a little something like Brahms + Mahler blasting on eleven. However, I must admit that Opera is really not my bag. Sorry, Dad.

*Hmm... this question is proving to be impossible, so I shall now throw out an additional bone. My name is in a Beatles song title as well... That oughtta do it.

Oh, and I was drawn as the female lead character in a Malibu comic series.
You should message me if
You live and breathe whatever profession you've chosen to pursue. Passion is intoxicating.
You have a mind for academia and a physical form that is fit and active.
You are creative and ever curious of the world around you.
You are musically inclined, but have given up the band.

You’re British (please step to the front of the queue)

-- and / or --

an artist, a creator, a musician, a magician, a designer, a scientist, a madman, a genius… a gentleman and a scholar.

You have any clever ideas about that latch, book title thing.

Okay, so maybe not a magician...

*Hey, psst.... just a head's up that despite appearances, I've let my 'membership' run out, so 'liking' me is somewhat useless. Why not skip that bit and simply write me a message expounding on your most recent favorite smell or thing you ate or better yet something you cooked or your favorite art installation on the Beltline or anything that recently caused you to pause and catch yourself awash in the wonder of what it is to be alive... In other words, be a sport and write more than just 'Hi'.
The two of us