36Pinellas Park, United States
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My self-summary
like to have a good time in the simplest way possible. I'm the type of guy mothers would like but, would wonder why i don't have a job. Sometimes i think i need the dad from the Twisted Sister music video for "We're not going to going to take it", or a message like Rudy got. Like in the song "Message to Rudy" by The Specials. I really don't want to get a job where im doing something I don't enjoy, and right now i dont really need the money. But i do think the songs are way more helpful than anything you find at 4 am on an infomercial.
I like to think a lot. So much so that i tend not to do any of the ideas i think of. What keeps me from this is a combination of more ideas, wanting to read, wanting to find out something new, and whatever new problem i have at the time. Im really shy at first. Not because im stuck up or dont like to talk to people, but because i worry way too much what people think. I worry that if i talk to someone about something that i want to talk about ill be bugging them and it mades me go into a fantasy world where i daydream. Once i feel comfortable i come out of my shell onto the unexpecting people and make them laugh, become friendly, funny and I entertain them. But sadly that doesnt happen enough. When it does happen people help me come up with ideas and i laugh alot, which is the best thing in the world! Because no matter whats going on, laughter is an escape. I love to create stuff but alot of times i dont think its good enough and im too busy thinking.

One of my interests are comics. The comics I love most don't have superheroes in them mostly, but are about almost everything else. What I look for in a comic is what i look for in all stories: mostly something that will take me to another world, and/or ones with good characters. I also listen to alot of music, maybe too much music because if I listened to every band I liked it would be way too long of a list. I spend alot of time reading about lots of things. I love playing videos games, any game with 2 player co-op mode, besides sports games is fun, but i really don't spend much time playing them.


I am silly, friendly, and a clown
What I’m doing with my life
What most people would consider nothing. But i still have fun Besides that i try to hang out with my friends when i can.

last year, I took photography in college. It was hard and it was a pain in the ass until I learned to use the darkroom as an outlet to be social and spread my craziness upon people. like peanut butter, and bitch about how the developer wrecked my life (im going to take it on the jerry springer show)

im baby siting for my sister so she can study to be a medical aistant
I’m really good at
being lazy, rhyming words, being insane, learning slow ,useless stuff, playing some 2d video games , being goofy , siting in bed reading, making mix cds sometimes
The first things people usually notice about me
maybe the weird things i say if im not being to shy im pretty tall too
Six things I could never do without
comic books, music, my friends, music videos, the internet, human contact
I spend a lot of time thinking about
girls, my interests, my troubles, whats wrong with world, capitalism
On a typical Friday night I am
just another night to me
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i love some girls hair way to much and want to press my face to it. I also want to brush it
You should message me if
if you want too

well if you like me,your your a girl with short hair, you want play some nes or other old video games, you like to talk about thinks in a very random way

aim: Mouw J

The two of us