33East Haven, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Ryan, I am 32 years old, and I just moved to CT from Columbus, OH. I am out here on my own and I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would! It does get a little lonely sometimes but I am finding that I'm a pretty independent guy. I am generally a happy, easy-going guy that likes to hang out with friends and have a good time. I enjoy going out on occasion but am just as happy doing something more low-key. I am hard-working, funny, loyal, and relationship-oriented. Currently looking for friends, dates, a relationship, etc...whatever comes along. A relationship would be great but meeting new friends (male and female) would be pretty amazing too since most of my current friends are about 9 hours away! Anyone need a fun wing man or want to be mine??
What I’m doing with my life
I am a General Manager for a movie theater company that I have been with for about 15 years now and I absolutely love it! I recently got a promotion and just finished the process of opening a brand new building! Basically I got to hire and train everyone, get all the paperwork and files together, set everything up inside, etc. Good times! More recently I have been relocated to CT for my next challenge! I really enjoy meeting new people and love getting the opportunity to organize and make things better. Turns out, I am really good at my job! I'm currently working on trying to create a new position in the company where I would travel around and help other new locations during the construction process. I am just living life, meeting new people, and hoping to find someone awesome! Could that person be you??
I’m really good at
On a professional level, I am really good at being organized and multi-tasking. I am really good under pressure and think I have excellent problem solving skills. On a more personal level, I really enjoy making people happy and definitely go above and beyond for anyone in my life. I also enjoy making people laugh! Great sense of humor is required! Seriously...We're not going to click if you have a stick (that's STICK, not di...never mind) up your butt or care too much about what other people think to just relax and be goofy. Life is too short to take things too seriously all the time!
The first things people usually notice about me
My heart that is always stapled to my sleeve. Only half serious haha. I know this is a pretty boring answer, but I guess I would say my eyes since they look like they change color depending on what I am wearing. Sometimes they are really green and sometimes they look brown. I know they don't REALLY change color, so calm down!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I won't lie...I'm not much of a reader. I loved all of the Harry Potter books... I also enjoyed the Dexter books and like reading about government cover-ups. I also enjoyed Tina Fey's Bossy Pants...I think she is awesome so naturally I really enjoyed it!

I like all kinds of movies (I mean, I do run a movie theater!) but can watch any kind of horror movie (the gorier the better and anything that makes me jump out of my seat or grab onto the person next to me), action, sci-fi, and anything with Meryl Streep (shut up...she's awesome!). I also like comedies and I'm not ashamed to admit I love a good chick flick. Tell me you didn't like Mean Girls...I'll wait patiently over here until you're ready to admit it haha.

My music taste changes but its mostly pop, indie, some hip-hop/r&b or anything that is fun to dance to. At the moment, I am currently obsessed with Bastille. If you haven't listed to their acoustic stuff, do it!!

I have your typical white boy rhythm (but on occasion I look like I know what I am doing haha -- I just like to have a good time!) but I love to dance, especially after a few drinks. Trust me, I'm a good time! I also enjoy pretty much any kind of live music. You'll catch me at an open mic night every so often to see some great local talent.

I love to cook and am actually pretty good at it, however I don't cook as much as I would like to. Cooking for one gets pretty boring so come on...give me someone to cook for! I like trying new things and putting twists on my favorite recipes too. When it comes to what my favorite food is, I'm pretty boring... I LOVE pizza, burgers, and just about anything with BBQ sauce haha!
Six things I could never do without
Sleep/naps (even better with a plus 1!)
Roller coasters
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Work! There is not one day that goes by that I do not have to answer some question or make some decision at work, even on my days off. It's nice feeling needed though haha. What can i say, I'm a self proclaimed workaholic...give me a reason to stop! If I am not thinking about work, I am thinking about how much I hate being single. Or pizza.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out, watching movies or playing video games, or having some drinks at a bar. If you're lucky, maybe you could be out doing one of these things with me sometime. If you think my Friday nights are lame, take me out to show me what you like to do!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm afraid to open my eyes under water...
You should message me if
You are still interested after reading about me and seeing my pictures, DUH. I don't really have high expectations for what is going to come from having this profile. I just thought I would see what's out there and maybe I'll meet someone great! I'm a grown up though so if after a few conversations, meetings, etc you aren't interested, say just wasn't meant to be! I'd also like to add that I'm actually on here to meet know, meet and hang out with new people. Crazy, right? If you're up for hanging out and making a new friend (or seeing if there is a spark), send me a message!
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