49Indian Trail, United States
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My self-summary
I am a software engineer working and living here in Charlotte. I know it’s not glamorous or rocket science but we all have to do something for a living.

In my free time I spend lots of time with my children (they don't live with me full time, but they live close by), I always try to keep busy doing something. Oh and I LOVE to cook.

I am full of interesting and utterly useless knowledge that will make you laugh your ass off !! I also enjoy chasing rabbits and slaying dragons from time to time :)

Some of the things I like to do.

One of my favorite hobbies is making wine.
I spend time golfing whenever I can.
I love to sit around a camp fire, I own my own home and it backs up to woods.
Swimming,the community my home is in has a pool.
Going out to eat on romantic dates.
Visiting wineries.
Going for bicycle rides.
I love to read and hang out at the bookstore.
Watching movies at the theater or snuggling on the couch with that special someone.
Going to art galleries and museums and silly little festivals that sell fried Twinkies !
My musical tastes vary widely from the Beatles (my all time favorite) to Blues, Old time Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal.
I am not much of a bar person, but do enjoy happy hour once in a while and I do drink the wine I make.
I enjoy watching sports like football, NASCAR, and Baseball.
Hiking through the woods, fishing, long weekends in the mountains or at the beach.
Holding hands while strolling along the ocean.
What I’m doing with my life
Living Day By Day one day at a time
You should message me if
You think laying on a blanket staring into a starry night is something you like to do.
You’re bold enough to try new interesting recipes from my experimental kitchen.
You get the urge to run through a rain storm with a huge smile on your face instead of just waiting for it to pass.
You want to sit around a campfire talking about everything and nothing.
You like to make out.
You think Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo were not just two nut jobs but gifted people who created some really inspired art by following their hearts. (I am not an artist but do appreciate the messages they convey to us)
You enjoy getting a text message once in a while that reminds you that I am thinking of you.
You think I will be more exciting than your ex !!
The two of us