49Bratislava, Slovakia
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My self-summary
I'm a poly person with a lovely partner in the US, and a (Slovak) ex wife, who lives in Slovakia with our 2 kids.

I also moved to Slovakia in 2011 (from the UK) to spend more time with my children, but have been travelling here since 1997 and have had property in the country since not long after. Annoyingly I dont speak Slovak as no-one could be arsed to help me learn and I had no sensible options in the UK. I am slowly correcting this :)

My primary partner, and I, have had, on occasion, other partners although at the moment neither of us have any other.

Primarily I am just looking for friends although, being poly, other options may arise in time :)
What I’m doing with my life
Working stupid US hours for an American company and finally getting to learn Slovak, as well as spending much missed time with my 2 kids.

I'm also gradually working to get fit again after a serious accident left me with a shattered hip and unable to do much exercise for many years. Luckily, time has allowed healing and I am now able to do considerably more, including decent exercises and walking long distances which, as an ex climber/mountaineer/hill walker, I am unbelievably happy about. I have been able to restart my natural tendency to walk at night and, last week, found myself in Austria after a nice moonlight walk from Bratislava :)
I’m really good at
*grin* All sorts of things, except that filling in descriptions of myself is not one of them so you might never believe me unless we start talking !

A computer Scientist by profession so have an interest in all things Computer (except for games! ) and electronics.

I can turn my hands to most things and, having grown up as a dairy farmer, and renovating old houses and working on new builds, can do pretty much house and farm related.

I love cooking and have occasionally worked professionally, which was enough to tell me that that was not the life for me. Most people seem to be rather happy with my food :)

I'm also pretty good at listening to people and try hard to not snore when I fall asleep on them !

I'm not so good at playing the whistle or pistalka, but I am enthusiastic - I rarely hear anyone complain, but that could be because they have all run away and are hiding with their hands over their ears...
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a red-head and tend to have an evil twinkle to my eye. Probably because i am busy planning my bid for total world domination :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to write down. My tastes are so eclectic....

But I'll give it a try :)

Books: anything with little substance :) Text Books, Biographies, Histories, etc. Fiction of all shapes and forms, although I do tend to switch off mentally with sloppy romances and idiotic hard core macho stuff goes the same way. Its nice to read something that was both written by someone with a brain, and who intended to assume I had one as well. I suppose that description also needs to be applied to the editors and publishers, too :) recently my ebook reader is giving me an opportunity to revisit hundreds of old classic texts that are now available on the internet :)

Music. Most genres as long as it is actually really music, and has something recognisable as a rhythm that is distinguishable from the knock of a knackered old tractor engine!. I love all kinds of folk music and have an especial place in my heart for English folk ballads, in all their dark and gory glory. Rock, metal, folk-rock, folk-metal, new-age, jazz, classical, etc. I'm not such a fan of some of the tripe that started in the 90's and is still with us today. 'Music' that is marketed as an anthem for a 'lifestyle' image or other frippish rubbish that has no discernible substance of its own is usually right out the window as far as I am concerned :)

Shows: I don't watch too much TV but do like drama with comedy in it. Eureka, NCIS, Bones, Castle, are a few of the current ones. Most have such impact on my life that I can barely remember them until someone mentions them and then a little light comes on and I sound like some doddery old guy reminiscing about something in his decades distant youth :)

Food: Pretty much anything that is actually real food and not manufactured in a factory from chemicals that make it pink. I also love to cook and try to learn from new dishes I encounter.
Six things I could never do without
My loved ones (including my friends)
Air, water, food and toilet paper!
Something new to experience and learn
Sunsets and nature
and fingers, since I seem to have had trouble counting this list :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lfe the universe and everything. And Chocolate (even more so now I am getting myself fit again after recovering from several years of disability - not much chocolate is passing my poor lips at the moment...)

I am a computer scientist and love learning. Everything :) i love art, occasionally write and do bardic perfomances and occasinally terrify the local wildlife with my píšťalka, ocarinas and tin whistles.

I love cooking, art and philisophical discourse.

I am also a shaman and need to keep my connection with nature current.
On a typical Friday night I am
In, or out, with friends and family or reading and studying.

Being in Slovakia full time seems to be rubbing off on me and I do tend to go out a lot more than I used to :) Perhaps its just that the beer is good and the company is good :D

I'm still trying to find a decent folk music scéne, however...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a complete collection of Danger Mouse DVDs...
You should message me if
You think we may have interests in common and feel like a chat :)

And especially if you know where to find good folk music !!!!
The two of us