31Everett, United States
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My self-summary
Welcome to the gay dating community! Where bears go "woof" and pups go "rawr".

Hey! I'm Gibby! I'm an open minded, dorky, big hearted, goofy guy! :)

30 ~ 310 ~ 6'2" ~ Blond/Red Hair ~ Blue/Green Eyes

Bearcode ~ B5 f t+ w++ c++ g k+ s- e+ r- p q

I'm open to friendship . Open to relationships. I'd like to date for love, not date for sex. If that's with one person and we're in a monogamous relationship, sweet. If I'm in a poly relationship with 2 or more that's open or closed, awesome. Communication is the most important part of a relationship. No secrets. Be open and honest. I have a lot of love in my heart. I can share it with as many people who are willing to share their love with me. I'm open to explore new and exciting possibilities with people who want to take me to new places I've never been to. In body and mind. I believe everyone should be open and respectful to what everyone is interested in, and their views on what they believe in. That is unless, what you do harms others. 

Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are CuTe!

I'm ~not~ looking to hookup. I'm looking for very strong and mature connections. Eventually the one to call my own forever. I feel like romance is a lost art. Most guys are so quick to hookup. Their interest is more about the body, not the soul. How big someone's cock is or tight their ass is. Not what they dream about, what their inspirations are, or what they believe in. It's risky to put yourself out there and really get to know someone because they can easily hurt you. No one wants to put themselves completely on the line. And I think that's why most guys just want to hookup. There's no risk involved, at least with your feelings getting hurt. Love isn't worth it if you don't risk every part of you. If you don't put every part of your soul into the relationship. Love isn't supposed to be easy. That's why I want it. It's almost unattainable, but once I get it, I feel like it will be the best feeling in the world. Like I will be invincible and unstoppable, with my partner in crime. I will support him. He will support me. Like yin and yang, we will complete each other. If you couldn't tell, I'm somewhat passionate about romance.

I've been HIV positive and undetectable since 2010. I also have HPV. Use google. Look this up. Educate yourself. I don't mind talking about it, but I'm not a fan of dealing with ignorant questions. No, I won't play bare. No, you can't catch anything if you drink from the same cup as me. Be assured that I do not wish to pass on anything I have to anyone else and would ~never~ put you in any kind of danger. Me admitting this openly should give you a hint that I know what I'm doing. Treat me as you would treat anyone else. I may be weird, but I do have feelings just like everyone else.

I must be a diamond now, because you just gave me a hardness of 10!

That being said, I'm very much a fun loving pup! I love to bowl, play mini golf, watch movies, cuddle, make beaded jewelry, knit scarves in the fall, play board/table top/video games (although I mostly only play my N64, I don't have any of the newer systems), cook , explore new places, hike, go to farmers markets , and more! I'm not really a bar/club guy. It's just not my thing, but I'm very open to ideas and trying new stuff to do!

TL;DR ~ I'm a nice guy unless you give me a reason not to. I have no problem being platonic friends or friends with benefits. Just as long as the friendship outweighs the benefits. I'm nobodies booty call and do not wish to be treated as such. I have a big heart that I wear on my sleeve with lots of love to give to anyone who wants it. There's no reason for anyone to be an asshole to one another. We're supposed to be in the same community and support one another. There's enough crap in this world we have to deal with, so being a troll on the internet isn't going to help anyone. If I woof/compliment ya, please take it as that. Sometimes I'll be too shy to say hi and will stalk your profile multiple times. Just as I've been open and honest with you, I expect the same in return.

I have more jokes, but all the good ones Argon.

Big hugs

What I’m doing with my life
I tend to work a lot. I'm the store manager at a candy store. Although it may be crazy sometimes (what job isn't?!), I still think I have the best job in the world. I get to introduce diabetes into peoples lives with a smile each and every day. :D
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, height, and/or dorky personality.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not really a reader. I don't have the attention span for it, but my favorite book would have to be Hatchet.

My favorite movies include GoldenEye, Lord of the Rings (All), Star Wars (4-6), Ocean's 11, Anything Studio Ghibli, The Prince of Egypt, Toy Story (1-3), Shrek (1 & 2), The Wiz, Grease, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Reincarnation, Audition, Hero, The Cell, Harry Potter (All), Appleseed (1 & 2), Vexille, Dragonball Evolution (Deal with it), The Ring, The Matrix (1-3), Titan A.E., Any Classic Disney Movie, and a lot more.

My favorite shows include Project Runway, How It's Made, Family Guy, The Simpsons, ANTM, Roseanne, RuPaul's Drag Race, Unwrapped, Iron Chef (the original Japanese version), Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters, Dragon Ball Z, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Just to name a few...

My favorite music includes.....anything that sounds good! From Classical to Rock, Dub Step to Smooth Jazz. If it sounds good I'll listen to it. Some of my favorite artists would be Evanescence, Darude, Linkin Park, SHINee, 2NE1, Psycho le Cemu, Girugamesh, Hoobastank, Dir en Grey, Armin Van Buuren, Neo Cortex, Ferry Corsten, Enigma, Big Bang, Gackt, Super Junior, Daft Punk, Adam Lambert, and so much more!

My favorite food includes orange chicken, nachos, pizza, cheeseburgers, burritos, yellow curry, tonkatsu, french fries, taquitos, and a lot more. Gimme a Chinese buffet any day!
Six things I could never do without
1. My Friends and Family <3
2. Music
3. My Creativity
4. My N64
5. White noise /fan while I sleep
6. Crunchy Food /Spicy Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wondering what (this celebrity) is doing at this very moment.

Wondering where I'm going when I get lost, but then realize exactly where I'm going.... The wrong way...

Wondering why the majority of people on this site pay no attention to match and friend percentages.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working or at home doing nothing. So hit me up! I'm down for some board games or maybe even some dinner. Coffee? Tea? Sign me up for that too!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"Then it wouldn't be private!"

Haha, no. How cliché. It's pretty weird when people put that on their profiles. Saying that is lame and avoiding the question. It says "the most private thing I'm WILLING to admit" not "the most private thing about my life that I'm GOING to admit on the interwebs."

But going back to the question, I think I've already answered it with me coming out and saying I'm HIV positive, but I've never been drunk before. Drinking isn't really my thing, neither is the scene, but I do like the music (most of it anyways) and the lights!

Also the seed pods in bell peppers freak me out. THEY LOOK LIKE ALIEN SPIDER SACK BABY EGG THINGIES (ew.)
You should message me if
You're good at Mario Kart 64. Seriously I've been looking for a challenge.

Would also love a new friend to just hang out with and play board games with. I'm kinduva geek/nerd, but haven't really applied myself into any one fandom. I'll warn you that there's a lot of I haven't seen movie and tv prepared to be shocked....a lot....

But anyone who wants to message me and wants to make a new friend is more than welcome to do so! I answer to EVERYONE! :)
The two of us