36 Mississauga, Canada
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My self-summary
Oh hey there, so this is where I’m supposed to type the all exciting list of THINGS ABOUT ME! Right now I am working for a leading auction company in the GTA. It’s a fun job with a lot of interesting people, some of them stranger than others. As you can see in my profile picture, we get to play with weapons sometimes. Though I’m sure if somebody wielded a sword at me I’d probably just curl up in the fetal position and cry for mommy. Wait I shouldn’t have said that.

But that’s why I take Aikido. Aiwhatwho? Its a martial art that has less emphasis on beating the crap out of your opponent and more on blending with their energy and momentum to subdue them with little harm. At least that’s what the brochure said, but it doesn’t feel that way when a 5th degree black belt throws you to the mat! But I love it, it brings a sense of discipline and confidence and is very impressive. Currently I am an Orange Belt, which is the third belt you earn. Also Steven Segal does it. Yea ok not a selling point.

I play guitar and bass guitar, so I’m good with my fingers (cough, sorry…) “omg will he sing me love songs” No I will not. Unless you’re the kind of freaky chick who likes being serenaded by somebody whose singing voice can be described as “Keith Richards like”. In which case I love you.

Also I have a slight nerd streak in me and I like nerdy/sporty woman. Also like women who are strong and confident and who are not afraid to bust someones balls and also have theirs busted too. There's a time and place for seriousness, but life is meant to be enjoyed, not grumbled over.
What I’m doing with my life
Working for the man every night and day.
I’m really good at
Do you like your men with a sense of humor? Of course you do because you are all looking for a man with a sense of humor. One of my hobbies is Stand Up Comedy. Seriously. What could be more fun than going on stage in front of a group of strangers and telling them your views on the world while making them laugh. (don’t worry my live act is much funnier than this profile.

Have you recently bought something from Ikea but you don’t know how to build it. Maybe your computer crashed, what about all those cables that came with your HDTV, where the hell do they go!? I’ll fix them all up for you die trying. I can be your free 24 hour tech support, because when something breaks I’m too cheap to call for help. I’ll just learn how to fix it myself which is good on the self-reliance standpoint, bad on the broken technology gives me a headache standpoint.
The first things people usually notice about me
People think I'm younger than I actually am. I got ID'd at an LCBO recently. Did I mention I'm 34? I'll take it lol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For music my favorites are: Arcade Fire, U2, Rush, Pink Floyd, Janelle Monae, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, P.J. Harvey, Neil Young. I'm open to any kind of music as long as it's honest and not phony. Ok I don't listen to rap or country, but I won't dismiss the an entire genre of music just because I don't enjoy it.

TV: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Dexter, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, first 10 years of the Simpsons, South Park, Boardwalk Empire, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch (pretty much anything on Discovery Channel)

Movies: Pulp Fiction, Boogie Nights, Memento, Fargo, Big Lebowski, Life of Brian, Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, Lord Of The Rings, Full Metal Jacket, Inglorious Basterds, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Spinal Tap, The Dark Night, Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn, American Beauty,
The six things I could never do without
Good Friends
My stupid phone
My Gym
A Paycheck
A Good Night's Sleep (ok that's seven things, sue me)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Entertaining ways to eliminate the Beiber problem that has taken over the world. Also, what I would do if I actually had minions.
On a typical Friday night I am
Throwing water bottles at Justin Beiber (got I hate him)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I own a Lady Gaga album, which really goes against my general taste in music. Feel free to laugh, everybody's got a guilty pleasure. What's yours?
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