42Mount Horeb, United States
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My self-summary
I am more than a bit obsessed with American Players Theatre in Spring Green.
And I'm a bit of a Anglophile,well...more than just a bit!
Quotes I like:Take the ART out of Earth and you get EH!/ "That's the way it crumbles, cookie-wise" ( Baxter in the Apartment)"My suitcase is packed w/all of your heart beats....'(dead man's bones-former band of Ryan Gosling)"TOTES MY GOATS!!!"(I love you,man)/"love is there if you want it to be-you just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty+hidden away b/w the seconds of your life...if you don't stop for a minute,you might miss it."(Cashback)/"explaining freedom to angels is like teaching poetry to fish."(Castiel on s6 Supernatural)/"Ghost began to be drunk on the music...." (from Lost Souls book)/ "really,your name is Alonzo?...I always wanted to say... Allons-y, Alonzo!"-10th Doctor(s.4)
My ultimate dream is to sing in a band and help other people somehow with their sadness,loneliness and pain like music has done for me. And to also bring happiness somehow to others with other forms of art would be lovely.
I am an artist-really love acrylics,photography+working w/ink/'s hard to resist mixed media.
I am passionate about music,art,archery,theater,swords+swordfighting,movies, archeaology, romance,poetry,prose,kind/passionate men,kissing,animals,comedy,etc...
In Love with Britain. would love to travel to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Peru, Norway, Russia and...
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an artist in many senses of the word-poetry,art,music,prose.etc.I am always out there looking for: new friends/old friends/love/inspiration/beauty/yummy cupcakes/excellent films/ great literature/a great kisser/wonderous, beauteous scenery.I have wanted to be part of an archeological dig so badly ever since I was pretty young.
I’m really good at
I know,this section seems a bit self-righteous,right? But here goes anyway...
Creating art+poetry.
Being weird.
Film knowledge.
Being a feline fanatic >^,,^<<
Singing alto.
Dancing(not so great at Hip hop though)
Honesty(,and I require that in friends and a partner too)
The first things people usually notice about me
Well here's some guesses:
Nice cheekbones/eyes(?)
I look younger than I am(some tell me that,sweet)
I am nice but pretty shy when you first are getting to know me.
I talk about movies and music a lot.
My somewhat sexy voice?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I know-way too much info here:
Some artists I enjoy: (just discovered) Alex Maleev/Jon Ascher (Portland graphic artist) /Whistler/Chagall/Edward Gorey/Susan S.Boulet/JW Waterhouse/Jock(Green Arrow)/Klimt/(more later...)
Books:the Cypress Hallow Yarns ( so far )/ the Fault in our stars/Warm Bodies/Life after Death(autobio of Damien Echols)/Velvet/Hunger Games Trilogy/Lost souls/most Jane Austen/Graphic novels /Under the Greenwood Tree/Jane Eyre/Stardust/ The Conquest of Happiness/poetry/Sookie Stackhouse series(True Blood)/Nerd do well( Autobio. of Simon Pegg)/more than a few Nicholas Sparks novels/etc.
Most recent films I liked: Dunkirk/Spiderman:homecoming/Before I Fall(Logan Miller is a recent discovery for me)Paterson(super awesome)/Goodnight for Justice (trilogy so far)
Movies:(film geek all the way): In a World and the Crow are forever faves/love Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Joss Whedon stuff(and his tv shows too)/most with Chris Evans/some time travel/Horror-comedy/many love stories/Duplass Brothers/a lot of Sam Raimi/Simon Pegg ones( especially Shaun and very recently Man Up)/films of J.C.Calciano/some Bollywood/the films of Eytan Fox/most Tom Tykwer/Danny Boyle films/many superhero films/Tim Burton/Spielberg/many dance films/a lot of Indie films/Foreign....
Music:Ryan Adams/John Mayer/Imagine Dragons/a lot of PUnk/Florence+ the machine/Beastie Boys(RIP Adam Yauch <3)/Snow Patrol/Civil Wars/Lucas Cates( Sconnie fave)/Grace+Tony/Brett Eldredge/Jonsi/LOVE Sia!/Goth/Replacements/Mat Kearney/the Strokes/30 Seconds to Mars/the Cure/need some pop music to lighten up life(aka One D)/Mood Area 52/soundtracks/classical/blues/Bhangra/Gavin DeGraw/Jeff Buckley/danceable tunes/Swing( and other 20's-40's tunes).....
Food:Italian/Thai/Indian/self-proclaimed chocoholic/catfish/garlic mashed potatoes/Pirate's Booty(caramel or veggie)/coconut ice cream/Euphoria Oregon mint truffle-mmmmiss it now!
TV: The Walking Dead(a little obsessed)Chicago Med./Downton abbey/Black Books/a Place to call home/Pure Genius/Stargate Atlantis/Sanctuary/PBS cooking shows(+ travel too)/Vikings/Ms. Fisher mysteries/Community/Being Human(US+UK)/Mindy project/MASH/Robin Hood/Supernatural/Queer as Folk(both)/Globe Trekker/Primeval/Veronica Mars/Moonlight/Doctor Who/Torchwood/The IT Crowd/Dawson's Creek/Teen Wolf/Legend of the Seeker/almost anything about archaeology &/or Native American past,present,future/
Six things I could never do without
1)a nice warm bed.
4)film watching
5)love,passion+chocolate(ah...yes please)
6)all my senses
7)and.....of course an artistic outlet.....
PUNK music,miss the live shows like when I was younger.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The sadness that is so prevelant in this world from all the ways humans,sometimes purposely, hurt each other and animals too.
I think about if I will ever find someone special to share my passions and life with.
Music and how it saves.
Art in almost all its forms+where to find inspiration day to day.
Sexy sensual people and other inspiring things like poetry, nature and films.
How much hidden beauty there is + could be in the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
With my current work schedule fridays are my "Wednesdays"/watching a film/creating.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I tend to like men younger than me but I don't mind guys my age or a little older(NOT IN YOUR 50's OR OLDER!)I'm a proud Sconnie but I don't like having the accent.
You should message me if
-If you are wanting a person to date or potentially to date,MONAGAMOUS-MINDED and honest only please!
-If you are funny,sweet,possibly creative or open to art and creativity in the world.
-You at least like cats a little,no haters please!I just don't understand men that hate cats(or other animals either!)
-I prefer honest,kind,funny,compassionate,respectful men with nice eyes.
-You are an open-minded funny person that has some similar interests like movies,creativity,good live music,having fun, and the like.I'm totally into the idea,of course,of making friends on here too but we are both on a dating site so some dates would be excellent also(depends on our type of connection/chemistry).
The two of us